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Lies, Damned Lies, and Phony Science Print E-mail
By Austin Ruse   
Thursday, 15 October 2009

You are reaching for the gravy this Thanksgiving. Your family is gathered around the dinner table in a warm moment. Your freshman daughter is just home from her first semester in college, the one that is costing you $40,000 a year. And she chirps up, “Daddy, I don’t know why you’re against same-sex marriage. My sociology TA says that studies show there is absolutely no difference between children raised by gay couples and straight couples.” Only a few months ago she was the apple of your faithful Catholic eye. And now? Sociology has struck.

This, of course, could happen to your wife, too. “Honey, they said on MSNBC the other day that studies show that gayness is in the genes.” Who knows, maybe this has already happened to you? Your dear ones and possibly even you have succumbed to one of the great subterfuges of what can only be called homosexual propaganda: phony science.

First of all, note that these assertions are in the very air that we breathe. How do they know? Studies show. One of the great propaganda successes of the homosexual movement is to main-street phony science. I mean absolutely everybody already knows that kids do just as well with gays as well as with straights, right? And everyone knows that homosexuality is in the genes, too. It’s been on Oprah.

You may be tempted to harrumph and bury your face in the stuffing. You may be tempted to reply, but what is your answer? Scripture? Big mistake. Scripture cuts no ice any more. Or how about encyclicals or the catechism? Bigger mistake. “Daddy, the Church is so discredited after the sex scandals.”

You may attempt the yuck factor, “Honey, do you happen to know what they do with each other.” You could read some of the poetry of Allen Ginsberg all about anal sex and excrement. No kidding. You can look it up. But you really can’t do that over the Butterball, can you?

So you don’t have Scripture. You don’t have encyclicals or the Magisterium. You can’t read them Allan Ginsberg even if you wanted to. What have you got?

What you have is: answers.

Memorize this. “No sociological study has ever been done on gay-raised children that is methodologically sound.” Sure, there are many studies out there. Your daughter’s snot-nosed TA can probably rattle off a dozen or more. But what he will not tell her is that none of them meets ALL of the usual professional criteria; sample size, random sampling, and longitudinal follow-up.

Large sample sizes are required to project accurately to the whole population. Random sampling is required so that the study is not self-selected and therefore biased. Longitudinal studies are those that follow a population over years, even decades. Otherwise all you have is a snapshot in time, which tells you very little. Every study invoked as conclusive scientific evidence by homosexual advocates fails on at least one of these criteria.

The most reliable study is the longitudinal type. There is one of those about the effects of gay parents, only one, but it measured only thirty-nine homosexual families. This is way too small a sample size to make any justifiable general claims. Yet this is precisely the kind of “science” your daughter is being fed to undermine your beliefs and the beliefs of millennia in our civilization.

On the question of the gay gene, know this: It does not exist. There was a study done on the cadavers of those thought to be homosexual and then compared to other cadavers thought to be heterosexual and they found a difference in the size of a part of the brain called the hypothalamus that is thought to cause sexual orientation. Notice all of those “thought to’s” and you can see the worth of this study, a study never repeated by the way.

There are lies, damned lies, and phony science, and the homosexual movement and its fellow travelers in the media are quite shameless in promoting them. Americans are a profoundly fair people and they want to be fair to homosexuals. And so the typical American will latch onto almost any assertion that seems broadminded especially those dressed up as science.

Finally, here is the really bad news. After their assertions of phony scientific evidence and after your new and purely scientific riposte, your interlocutor will likely say something like, “I don't care whether the studies are true or not, it's what I believe.” At the end of the day, with proponents of the homosexual agenda, even unwitting ones like your daughter, it comes down not to science but to the thing that is the hardest to argue with, faith. Funny, huh?

Austin Ruse is the President of the New York and Washinton, D.C.-based Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute (C-FAM), a research institute that focuses exclusively on international social policy.

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Good Counsel
written by Ars Artium, October 16, 2009
Almost all young people understand what injustice is. It is difficult to think of a practice more unjust (after abortion) than that of deliberately denying a child access to his or her mother and father. Except in cases of tragic necessity - when aloption is a great and necessary blessing - sure this is an inalienable right. Homosexual unions are not life-giving. All children have a father and a mother, grandparents, etc. Loving friendship does not require sexual intercourse.
Attention Getting
written by Dawn Lapka, October 16, 2009
When I read this article, I became appreciative of the title. I am a Human Services Provider: have been for 14 years. When I was in my undergraduate program in the 90's, the gay agenda was preached in our classes, and it was in a college with Christian principles. (A Methodist School) But nobody said it was right or wrong. It was just looked at as a phenomenon. It is an unnatural way of life. Doesn't mean I wouldn't accept a gay person, or try to help them understand that unnatural state.
Very Helpful Article
written by Beth, October 16, 2009
Thank you for this very helpful article, Dr. Ruse. I will probably use parts of it in discussing how to evaluate evidence with my freshman composition students who will be writing researched essays.
written by crazylikeknoxes, October 16, 2009
Ultimately, it is a question of principle, not science. If you think homosexuality wrong, it simply won't matter what the studies show. Conversely, it you think there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, the studies are irrelevant. I agree with the interlocutor, my faith does not depend on scientific studies. That is good news.
Anything Goes
written by Willie, October 16, 2009
Excellent piece! One of the most damnable utterance for the ears of the unwary these day is, "studies have shown." Before one should even listen to such rhetoric one should ask who did the studies. Another common statement I have heard from my own children is, " Dad they cannot help it they were born that way." Then are humans born with a sexual proclivity to bestiality? I agree effeminate characteristics may be hereditary but a homosexual they do not make. Are we now to deny man's culpability?
written by Joseph, October 16, 2009
Bishop Sheen said what was worse than sin is the denial of sin. Whether it's adultery or homosexual behavior, it remains sin, and condemned by God. Would a Loving God command us to do something or refrain from something that is not in our power to do? That is why we have free will.
Nouns Sense
written by Watcher, October 16, 2009
50 Years of language destruction has had an effect. What began as patronizing tolerance has ended with gibberish being enthroned. Standards count. The irony of faith vs faith is stunning.
Psychology of SSA men
written by Kevin in Texas, October 17, 2009
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a Catholic psychologist in Los Angeles, is one of the premiere researchers in this area, and perhaps the only major researcher with a Christian/natural law perspective. He's written much about same-sex attraction in men after counseling hundreds of them in his career, and in his talks and recent books, he makes a very strong case for the psychological roots of SSA based in childhood attachment issues w/ parents, both father and mother, and he's successfully treated many men.
The Church
written by Jack, October 17, 2009
To "Dede" Your comments are disgraceful and thankfully the Church has far greater love than you exhibit. No one should stay away from the Church. It is only through God that we will realize our faults and seek forgiveness. Christ himself said he did not come to heal the healthy but the sick. Perhaps men and women of homosexual orientation are "forcing" themselves on the Church because they are seeking a place of love and direction in a world that has rejected them.
written by Hank, October 17, 2009
What we have left is our faith and through it we must provide teaching by example. Pray for the intercession of the Holy Ghost.
lies, damned lies and pho
written by dede yebovi, October 17, 2009
What i cannot understand is why homosexuals inisist on forcing themselves on the church. Why cant they stay in their space instead of polluting the church. I think as long as they stay away from the church, they can be whatever they choose to be... its wanting to force themselves on the church that bothers me... let them be whereever they come from and leave the church alone
To Jack
written by Brad Miner, October 17, 2009
I don't think Dede was suggesting homosexuals shouldn't come to Mass, only that they ought to leave their political agendas at the church door.
written by Anthony, October 17, 2009
While I appreciate your efforts to clarify the scientific questions, ultimately these are only important if you are accepting utilitarian assumptions. Even if science could prove those claims it wouldn't matter. Our arguments are based on reason (there are not even necessarily based on faith as Mr. Ruse suggests). We need to argue that utilitarianism is not the only acceptable moral principle. By being upset about these studies we are conceding their utilitarian premises.
written by Linus, October 17, 2009
The success of homosexual propaganda is to be found in the mainstreaming of homosexuality in popular media and entertainment, poor catechesis, the absence of Sunday sermons addressing the phenomena, the desire of most people (even Catholics) to " fit in," the choke hold liberalism has on the education system, and a falling off of the Faith. We are being sifted folks.
APA revises "gay gene" theory
written by Catherine, October 18, 2009
The American Psychological Association hasn’t considered “gay” a disorder; others say it's a "gender-identity" problem. In a new statement (Answers to Your Questions for a Better Understanding of Sexual Orientation & Homosexuality) APA states: "There is no consensus...about the exact reasons that an individual develops [sexual]...orientation. Although much research has examined the...influences on sexual orientation, no findings...[prove it] is determined by any particular factor or factors."
BT (of LGBT) genes
written by Tom, October 19, 2009
I think it can be argued from common sense, with anyone possessing a shred thereof, that there is no Bisexual or Transgender gene.
Divide, discredit, conqueor. (Well, the last is just a hope.)
Homosexuality and Church
written by Jack, October 19, 2009
Brad: I appreciate your trying to redeem Dede's comments, but the later post clearly indicates Dede is not simply speaking of a political agenda.

Dede: Of course you are entitled to your opinion, but there are good and bad opinions and yours is bad. We probably agree on the fundamental issue that homosexuality is a disordering of God's design for human sexuality. But as Christians our response should not be hate and closed doors, but love and invitations to share in the healing of Christ.
To Jack and homosexuals
written by dede, October 19, 2009
Jack,call me disgraceful or whatever you like,you are just as entitled to your opinion as i am to mine on the issue.You don't realise the implication of allowing an abomination into the church. Why did God DESTROY Sodom and Gomorrah?God might be using this issue to test us as christians.See how far we are bending His rules.Also aren't such scandals in the church enough? Now we want to give it our stamp of approval.Lets be obedient.Remember it was disobedience that caused our problems with God.
Homosexual disorientation
written by Paul Hanrahan, October 19, 2009
Thanks Austin for a good article. Some years ago I was involved with HLI in bringing Fr Harvey to Australia to establish "Courage" here. I met many good people who were fighting this disorder and attended many talks and read many books. I still consider "Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth" by Jeffrey Satinover (a non Catholic Christian) to be the best book on the topic. Homosexuals need help and genuine love.
written by Austin Ruse, October 19, 2009

The American Psychiatric Association still holds that pedophilia is treatable and that pedophiles can therefore be returned to the company of children. The psychological sciences have been remarkably discredited in recent years.

Moreover, read the history of the takeover of their associations by homosexuals and you will see that their declassification of homosexuality as a disorder was less "scientific" than political.

A sad article to read.
written by Rose, October 20, 2009
From "In their 1976 statement, To Live in Christ Jesus, the American bishops wrote, "Some persons find themselves through no fault of their own to have a homosexual orientation. Homosexuals, like everyone else, should not suffer from prejudice against their basic human rights. They have a right to respect, friendship, and justice. They should have an active role in the Christian community.…"

I notice the lack here of observing the difference between gay and celibate or not.
written by Austin Ruse, October 20, 2009
The catechism also says that homosexuals should not suffer from unjust discrimination. Note that this considers there is just discrimination against homosexuals. This would include not allowing them to marry or adopt. The Church says that homosexual adoption does "violence" to the child. The Church also teaches that the homosexual act is intrinsically disordered and objectively evil. I guess Dignity forgot the whole teaching of the Church.
written by Carolyn, April 21, 2012
Do you ever stop to think that everything you believe is a form of brainwashing. Open up your mind and you will find that everything that religion espouses to rational thought appears to be abnormal. In fact it's immoral. Imagine religion renouncing science...can't we realize how truly ridiculous that is. It's truly sickening how religion teaches us to hate.

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