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China’s Human Rights Abominations Print E-mail
By George J. Marlin   
Wednesday, 07 September 2011

For over sixty years, China’s Communist rulers have inflicted untold acts of horror on their own people. Tens of millions have been murdered in the name of ideological purity, class struggle, population control – and religion.

Between 1958 and 1962, for instance, the “Great Leap Forward,” China’s radical collectivist policy, was responsible for the worst acts of genocide in the history of mankind. The government during that period deliberately starved to death over 45 million. Total mass killings since the Communists seized power in 1949 are estimated to be 70 million.

Because China is now a super economic and trading power, and a major holder of United States government debt, many have turned a blind eye to China’s human-rights abuses. As a result, China’s 8 million underground Catholics loyal to the magisterium continue to be persecuted for practicing their faith. 

Scores of priests who have refused to join Patriotic Catholic Associations, which are independent of the Holy See, are rotting in prison. China’s leading underground bishop, Julius Jia Zhiguo of Zhending, has been arrested thirteen times. Six other bishops have been under arrest for years. The whereabouts of two of them are unknown.

The Chinese government has continued to reject Vatican episcopal appointments and to appoint bishops not recognized by Rome. In November 2010, the Pope publicly condemned the illicit episcopal ordination of Joseph Guo Jincai. He said it was “a painful wound upon ecclesial communion and a grave violation of Catholic discipline.” And in July, the Vatican excommunicated another bishop ordained by the government.

Vatican attempts to reconcile relations between the underground and official government church have, for the most part, failed. Chinese authorities have been blocking Catholic websites that published the Compendium of Pope Benedict’s May 2007 letter to Chinese Catholics, which called for unity of the Church in China.

Religious persecution is not the only human rights violation. China’s most egregious policy implemented since the death of Mao in 1976, has been its coercive family planning program. For thirty-two years, the government has forbidden Chinese couples from having more than one child.

Sadly, most Western governments, including the United States, have been reluctant to criticize the program. Worse still, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has donated hundreds of millions to the Chinese government to help fund enforcement.

In August, China’s family planning became newsworthy when Vice President Joe Biden made this comment during his China goodwill trip: “Your policy has been one which I fully understand – I’m not second guessing – of one child per family. The result being that you’re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people.  Not sustainable.”

Joe Biden understands.

What an incredibly callous remark from a baptized Catholic. To suggest that denying married couples their God-given right to bear children is not morally reprehensible but “understandable” reveals a total disregard for the sacredness of human life. And to conclude that the policy’s only flaw is that over the long-term it is economically unsound is ludicrous.

Here are the real facts about what China expert John Aird has called the most draconian policy “since King Herod’s slaughter of the innocents”:

When a married Chinese couple wishes to have a child, they are legally required to procure a yellow pregnancy permission card from family planning bureaucrats. The government forces women who become pregnant without official permission, to get an abortion and afterward many are sterilized. Partial-birth abortions and post-birth strangulations are not uncommon. 

There are on average about 15 million abortions annually. Doctors who permit unauthorized babies to live are severely punished. Illegal survivors are taken from their parents and sold by the government to foreign adoptive parents.  The current sale price is about $4,000 per child.

The one-child policy has caused female infanticide. Giving birth to a son is very important to the traditional Chinese family. Hence, many expectant mothers seek abortions after they are told their first – and only permitted – child is to be a girl. Massive abortions of female babies have caused a serious imbalance between the sexes. It has been projected that by 2030 there will not be enough Chinese brides for about 20 percent of the male population.

Couples who fail to comply with birth-control regulations are penalized by the state. They can be denied housing or evicted from their lodgings. Their electricity and water could be cut off. Wives are often fined, denied government benefits, and driver’s licenses are suspended. Husbands could lose their jobs or have their salaries drastically reduced.

The one-child policy, The Economist has reported (July 23, 2011), “is not just a human-rights abomination, it has also worsened a demographic problem. . . .China now has too few young people, not too many. . . .China is getting old before it has got rich.”

China’s totalitarian domination of every aspect of its people’s lives is indeed “a human rights abomination.” It is one of the tragedies of our age that our vice president and the administration he represents, are incapable of recognizing this obvious and sad fact.

George J. Marlin is an editor of The Quotable Fulton Sheen and the author of, most recently, Narcissist Nation.

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written by Manfred, September 07, 2011
Thank you for a very clear exposition of what is occurring in China, Mr. Marlin. I know I can vote in 2012 in order to attempt to remove that cretin Biden. What do you propose I do about China?
written by Grump, September 07, 2011
How is it that Obama's foreign policy is to denounce "dictators" like Ghaddafi, Assad, Mubarek, et al, while ignoring the much more egregious crimes of the Chicom hierarchy?

Could it be that they hold a trillion dollars in U.S. paper and are the major reason why America has not yet filed for bankruptcy? If the Chinese starting dumping dollars big-time, the U.S. would become a banana republic without the bananas.

It appears then that principal is much more important than principle.

Good piece, George. But this type of commentary is largely absent from the state-controlled media given its penchant for puff pieces.

Rather than call our the Chinese government for its many human rights abuses, the current administration throws state dinners and kowtows. Meanwhile, most of that junk Americans buy in Wal-Mart is made in China -- another example of financial dependency.
written by Chris in Maryland, September 07, 2011
I guess the pop-control police in US academia/Planned Parenthood/Rockefeller Foundation gave BO and Joe B permission to float the next stage of the pop-control step will be forced maternity...Joe B will understand...soon he'll be at Notre Dame telling Americans about meeting US govt standards for baby quotas.
written by Sophia, September 07, 2011
"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Our skirts are just as dirty. Countless aborted daily; we grow food and throw it away while people in our own country go hungry. We are among if not The biggest weapons dealer in the world; we support governments that we need for as long as we need them and then...The list goes on; we owe China so much $ we don't dare say anthing against them and stick to it!
written by Sophia, September 07, 2011
Our skirts are no cleaner-"Let he who is without sin..." We grow food and throw tons away while people in our own country go hungry not to mention E.Africa. We export condoms and other contraceptives and abortion. We slaughter our own children by the thousands. We support oppressive regimes as long as they are useful to us then...
We owe China so much $ we dare not say too much or stick with anything we might say.
written by Thoms C. coleman, Jr., September 07, 2011
The myth of moral symmetry is one of the Communists' most effective weapons, and they have taught Sophia (what an ironic name) to wield it well. Even if our government and way of life were half as wicked as the Left claims, that fact would not be a justification for our silence on the monsterous ongoing deeds of not only the Chinese Communists but those of the North Koreans and Cubans as well. Of courese it is not only only the Communists who employ this clever ruse and asssault on logic: Before, during, and even after World War II the Japanese militarists trumpeted the evils of Aermica, such as the long ao abolished slavery, to silence cruticism of the barbarism they were perpetrating on the rest of Asia. It is vitally imortant that we not allow the Chinses Communists and their many apostles in this country to trick us into imaging that their Party's vulaes have changed since the time that they kept the Korean War going even after the North Koreans realized it was hopeless in order to kill as many Americans impossible regardless of how many Chinese or Koreans were killed in the bargain. Do their policies of forced abortion and organ removal have any equivalent in the West? Any hesitation or mitigation in condemnation of the Chinses government amounts to an insult to all those, including Christians who are suffering horribly even as we write. the silence ofAmeridcan and other Western apologets for this and other Satanic regimes have nothing to do with money we owe them, as shamful as that is: it is the direct restul of the fact that Communists have had a stangle hold on US academia, to inlcude our so-colled Catholic colleges for decades. We need to dispense the notion that there ever was sucha thing as "McCarthyism"--a term coined in the Kremlin. It is simply an attack on logic to posit that one cannot point out the evils of Communist China until all peoblems in our country are eliminated. That is an old Communist trick--now stop falling for it or repeating it, for by doing you are aiding and abetting the enemies of mankind.
written by Mark, September 08, 2011
Hear, hear, Thomas. When Christ said that those without sin could throw stones first, he was talking about throwing real stones at a real sinner with the intention of causing serious bodily harm if not death. Saying that China's population control policies are monstrous is not throwing stones, literally or metaphorically. It's simply stating what should be obvious to anyone capable of rational thought.
written by Thomas McLaughlin, September 08, 2011
good information
written by Frank Sellers, April 13, 2012
I agree with the condemnation of China in this article. However, I can't ignore the familiar whiff of Christian hypocrisy, either. The article states, "China’s totalitarian domination of every aspect of its people’s lives is indeed 'a human rights abomination.'" Yet if the pope had his way, the Catholic church would also maintain a totalitarian domination of every aspect of everyone's lives, as it did successfully throughout the Middle Ages and would again today, if it could. Over the millennia, how many so-called "heretics" - Jews, Muslims, gay men and lesbians, or even simple political dissidents - were murdered, burned at the stake on the orders of the Vatican?
written by Frank Sellers, April 13, 2012
I find it amusing that the staunch comments on this article direclty attack Obama and Biden for not doing more about Communist China's human rights violations, while simultaneously blame then for the US debt to China. While I completely agree, I think there's a case mass amnesia going on here: George W. Bush also did not condemn China, and his daddy granted China a Most Favored Nation status not terribly long after the horrible massacre in Tienamen Square. More importantly, when Bill Clinton left office there was actually a surplus. The massive US debt to China was cranked up during the Bush administration in order to fund the war in Iraq - a completely profit-generating venture that has cost at least 100,000 lives. I don't just count Americans killed, but Iraqis, too. After all, are they not also God's children?

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