A shepherd of souls Print
Tuesday, 05 August 2008
"Yet Humanae vitae was not a stubborn, willful decision. It was the work of a pastor deeply concerned by the erosion of moral values. Throughout his life, [Pope Paul VI] was an ascetic—a dedicated worker who pushed his frail body regularly through a schedule that lasted from 6 in the morning until midnight, with little more than his meals and a siesta to break the day. Abstinent himself, he worried much and cautioned often about society's move away from traditional family patterns and its increasing self-indulgence. He warned that the rise of militant feminism risked 'either masculinizing or depersonalizing women' and condemned 'the most cunning aggression of conscience through pornography.'"

- from the obituary of Pope Paul VI in Time for August 14, 1978. Pope Paul died at Castel Gandolfo 30 years ago today. Requiescat in pace.

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