Examples of our Saviour Print
By Robert Southwell   
Tuesday, 22 February 2011

OUR Saviour, (pattern of true holiness,)
Continual pray'd, us by ensample teaching,
When he was baptized in the wilderness,
In working miracles and in his preaching.
Upon the mount, in garden groves of death,
At his last supper, at his parting breath.
Oh ! fortress of the faithful, sure defence,
In which doth Christians' cognizance consist ;
Their victory, their triumph comes from thence.
So forcible, hell-gates cannot resist :
A thing whereby both angels, clouds and stars.
At man's request fight God's revengeful wars.
Nothing more grateful in the highest eyes.
Nothing more firm in danger to protect us,
Nothing more forcible to pierce the skies,
Ard not depart till mercy do respect us :
And, as the soul life to the body gives.
So prayer revives the soul, by prayer it lives.

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