O Godhead hid Print
By St. Thomas Aquinas   
Wednesday, 13 June 2012

O Godhead hid, devoutly I adore Thee, 
Who truly art within the forms before me;
To Thee my heart I bow with bended knee, 
As failing quite in contemplating Thee.

Sight, touch, and taste in Thee are each deceived; 
The ear alone most safely is believed. 
I believe all the Son of God has spoken : 
Than Truth's own word there is no trucer token.

God only on the Cross lay hid from view, 
But here lies hid at once the manhood too : 
And I, in both professing my believe, 
Make the same prayer as the repentant thief.

Thy wounds, as Thomas saw, I do not see; 
Yet Thee confess my Lord and God to be. 
Make me blieve Thee ever more and more, 
In Thee my hope, in Thee my love to store.

O Thou, memorial of our Lord's own dying! 
O living bread, to mortals life supplying! 
Make Thou my soul henceforth on Thee to live; 
Ever a taste of heavenly sweetness give.

O loving Pelican! O Jesu Lord! 
Unclean I am, but cleanse me in Thy Blood : 
Of which a single drop, for sinners spilt, 
Can purge the entire world from all its guilt.

Jesu! whom for the present veiled I see, 
What I so thirst for, oh, vouchasafe to me : 
That I may see Thy countenance unfolding, 
And may be blest Thy glory in beholding. Amen.


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