The most unpopular right Print
By Patrick K. Miller   
Friday, 18 May 2012

Either unborn children are human beings with the right to life or they are sub-human non-entities subordinate to their mother’s right to choose. Therefore we must answer this question: are unborn infants humans or not? Who has the right to answer? No one but the creator himself and his stance is clear: all unborn infants are human beings.

Abortion is the most unpopular social justice movement alive today. Pro-life activists are made to look like women haters, when many love all humans, especially the helpless. Today alone, 115,000 infants will be aborted – that’s 115,000 powerless, helpless, voiceless children. I just watched thousands of college students at Mizzou tweet about #Kony2012 because it’s in style, but only 30,000 children have been abducted. There’s mass murder happening in our country. Millions of children have died in our own soil. If you really want to feel it, watch this video (fast forward to 4:45), which I warn you is very graphic (it shows an actual abortion), but will help you to remember that real lives are on the line.