The future is a blank page Print
By Mario Vargas Llosa   
Monday, 21 January 2013

At present, there are countless things that are better than our ancestors lived with: fewer dictatorships, more democracies, freedom that reaches more countries and peoples than ever before, prosperity and education reaching more people than in the past, and numerous opportunities for large number of human beings that never existed before, except for tiny minorities.

But in a specific field, on the volatile border, the culture, rather we have gone backwards, inadvertently or unintentionally, mainly because of the more educated, those who are at the forefront of development, who set standards and goals that are slowly spreading to those who come after. . . .Fortunately, history is not fated, but a blank page on which our own decisions and omissions will write the future. That’s good, because it means that we still have time to rectify things.


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