An Idea of a University

If the Catholic Faith is true, a University cannot exist externally to the Catholic pale, for it cannot teach universal knowledge if it does not teach Catholic Theology. This is certain; but still, thought it had ever so many theological chairs, that would not suffice it to make a Catholic University; for theology would be included in its teaching only as a branch of knowledge, only one out of many constituent portions, however important a one, of what I have called philosophy. Hence a direct and active jurisdiction of the Church over it is necessary, lest it should become the rival of the Church with the community at large in those theological matters which to the Church are exclusively committed – acting as the representative of the intellect, as the church is the representative of the religious principle. And in like manner, it is not sufficient security for the Catholicity of a University, even that the whole of Catholic theology should be professed in it, unless the Church breathes her own pure and unearthly spirit into it, and fashions and moulds its organization, and watches over its teaching, and knits together its pupils, and superintends its action.