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The Good Shepherd

Let us never forget that Christ is our guide and guardian. He is "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." He is a light unto our ways, and a lantern unto our paths. He is our shepherd, and the sheep know His voice. If we are His sheep, we shall hear it, recognize it, and obey it. . . . . Let us desire to know His voice; let us pray for the gift of watchful ears and a willing heart. He does not call all men in one way; He calls us each in His own way. . . . But whatever difficulty there be in knowing when Christ calls, and whither, yet at least let us look out for His call. Let us not be content with ourselves; let us not make our own hearts our home, or this world our home, or our friends our home; let us look out for a better country, that is, a heavenly country. Let us look out for Him Who alone can guide us to that better country; let us call heaven our home, and this life a pilgrimage; let us view ourselves, as sheep in the trackless desert, who, unless they follow the shepherd, will be sure to lose themselves.

We are safe while we keep close to Him, and under His eye; but if we suffer Satan to gain an advantage over us, woe to us!

Blessed are they who give the flower of their days, and their strength of soul and body to Him; blessed are they who in their youth turn to Him who gave His life for them. Blessed are they who resolve — come good, come evil, come sunshine, come tempest, come honour, come dishonour — that He shall be their Lord and Master, their King and God! They will come to a perfect end, and to peace at the last.

"The Shepherd of Our Souls" – Parochial & Plain Sermons