Letter of a Modern Female Professional

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a forty-three-year-old attorney from the Midwest, a typical American who grew up poor and worked my way up. When I was in college, “Women’s Liberation,” now revitalized under “Freedom of Choice” and other names, was popular. I took classes in sociology like “Sex and Gender Roles.” When I became a young professional, I worked with local government and saw in the health department that the current view on “health” included encouraging contraceptives, masturbation, and abortion. I stayed quiet because I did not want to lose my job or close off a future in government work. I grew up in the Catholic Church, but had begun to regard its ideas on such matters as out of touch.

In law school, I got involved with a young man. We did not marry. I became pregnant. And ill. He did not want responsibility. I agreed to have an abortion. I cried. I rationalized. I had the abortion. Pain has plagued my heart and soul ever since. I have confessed and been absolved of my sin. The God of Mercy forgives a repentant sinner. But absolution does not stop your being haunted. Every time I see a child my heart aches. I am now a stepmother, but my love for my children does not displace the longing for my aborted child.

No rationalization can comfort me or anyone else who has had an abortion. My only comfort is that my Lord and Savior, in whom I trust, cares for me in my misery – and for my child until we can be united in heaven.

Modern “liberated” thought is making women and men callous about life. Oddly, “women’s liberation” has ended up supporting a self-centered, bull-male culture. Modern “humanistic thought” sees human relations not as human at all or as a reflection of God and His gifts, but as a “natural” occurrence no more spiritual than mating of any wild beast or the shifting of tectonic plates. All these movements promote the opposite of their claimed goal.

Women are not liberated by abortion, but enslaved in a culture of death and sorrow, or they rationalize themselves out of everything good that is the essence of being a woman. “Freedom of Choice” does not apply to the one most in need of freedom. The one innocent party, the child, is locked in a mother’s womb where there is no advocate for its life.

In C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters, the Devil says that he uses jargon to replace God’s truth to confuse and corrupt people. Lewis was right on the money with modern society.

The ludicrous language games present a thin mask of the reality of the situation. Courts and politicians say abortion is the termination of a fetus or embryo, not the death of a child. But when a couple that wants a child becomes pregnant there is much celebration of modern medicine and happiness in anticipation. No one calls it an embryo or a fetus; immediately it is the much longed-for child. It is absurd to think that these two contradicting ideas exist in our society.

In many cases courts protect the unborn child, if it is wanted. There are cases of men being charged and found guilty of murder for killing an unborn in an attack on a pregnant woman. In estate law, an unborn wealthy child may have his potential assets assigned a guardian until his/her birth, in cases of battles over money.

When a couple that wants a child gets pregnant there is joy. When that couple loses the child due to miscarriage, there is mourning, and a sense of loss is recognized and understood. When an unwanted child dies via abortion there is a political rally to encourage “choice.” How can a well-educated modern society support this choice of death? The real choice comes at the point of the two consenting adults choosing to have sex, not at the point of death of the child.

Our modern culture of death is no more enlightened or free than the ancient cultures that performed blood sacrifice. The “god” for which we commit the sacrifice is money or freedom from responsibility. The one true God is Jesus Christ. He is truth. Our modern culture of death cries at the death of a monkey in experimentation for life-saving drugs, but chooses to mutilate the aborted fetus, without consent, for science is horrifying and false in its supposed humanism.

It’s often said that embryonic stem cell research is important to those who are ill and those who block it don’t understand suffering. I and many like me who suffer from chronic physical ailments would prefer to live with pain or even die rather than kill another to enhance my life.

Killing a child does not set anyone free. Freedom of choice is a misnomer that misleads people to think good about a terrible evil, much like the Nazi rhetoric that led a nation to attempt the extermination of Jews, Poles, mentally handicapped and other marginalized groups.

I am a modern professional woman who has more than thirty years of education and experience. I have committed a great evil. I allowed myself to be lead down the path of falsehood. I recognize it.

I suffer for it, I pray for forgiveness and I hope for the truth to be heard. Mothers and fathers of unborn children: stop and think and pray; God will help you along a righteous path. Decision-makers at every level: life is short and some day you will have to account for your actions. Think Freedom of Children.

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