The True Dialogue

Even revelation is a dialogical process. In revelation God addresses us and speaks to us as to his friends and moves among us in order to invite and receive us into his own company (Dei Verbum, 2). The highpoint of this dialogue is the Christ event itself. In Jesus Christ, who is true God and true man, we have the most intensive and totally unique dialogue between God and man. As especially the Gospel of John shows, the unity between Jesus as the unique son of God with his father is a dialogical one (Jo 10:30), a relation of intimate mutual knowledge and love (Mt 12:25-27; Jo 10:15). This dialogical relation reveals that God himself is relational. “God is love” (1 Jo 4:8. 16). God is the loving relation between Father, Son and Spirit. Jesus as God’s self-revelation is the one who lives and gives his life for others (Mk 10:45); he is perfect pro-existence, existence for the other.