Comic Agape

(P. G. Wodehouse‘s) Bertie Wooster. . .not only knows that he is a person of no account, but also never expects to become anything else; till his dying day he will remain, he knows, a footler who requires a nanny; yet, at the same time, he is totally without envy of others who are or may become of some account. He has, in fact, that rarest of virtues, humility, and so he is blessed: it is he and no other who has for his servant the godlike Jeeves.
– All the other great men of the age are simply in the crowd, watching you go by.
– Thank you very much, sir. I endeavor to give satisfaction.
So speaks comically – and in what other mode than the comic could it on earth truthfully speak? – the voice of Agape, of Holy Love.