A proclamation of trust

O incomprehensible and Limitless Mercy Divine,
Who can extol and adore You worthily?
Supreme attribute of Almighty God,
You are the sweet hope for sinful man.
(Saint Faustina, Diary, 951).

Dear Brothers and Sisters!

Today I repeat these simple and straightforward words of Saint Faustina, in order to join her and all of you in adoring the inconceivable and unfathomable mystery of God’s mercy. Like Saint Faustina, we wish to proclaim that apart from the mercy of God there is no other source of hope for mankind. We desire to repeat with faith: Jesus, I trust in You. This proclamation of trust in the all-powerful love of God, is especially necessary in our own times, when mankind is experiencing bewilderment in the face of many manifestations of evil. The invocation of God’s mercy needs to rise up from the depth of hearts filled with suffering, apprehension and uncertainty, and at the same time yearning for an infallible source of hope. . . . Today, therefore, in this Shrine, I wish to solemnly entrust the destiny of the world to the Divine Mercy. I do so with the burning desire that the message of God’s merciful love, proclaimed through sister Faustina, may be made known to all the peoples of the earth and fill their hearts with hope.