The forger’s art

What all skeptics do not notice is the fact that a forger only fakes something either preexisting or something which is known throughout history. He will never fake something which was invented by him, because this is nonsense . . . Both conditions are not satisfied in the case of the Shroud of Turin, because neither the New Testament nor the apocryphal writings mention a single line about the existence of a cloth with the dorsal and frontal images of Jesus’ body. Christian tradition, on the contrary, mentions a cloth with only Jesus’ face (the Veronica veil). [Until] the Middle Ages, nothing is mentioned about it . . . Why will a supposed forger be at the same time so skilled [as] to make such an astonishing masterpiece (which even today is very difficult – if not impossible – to copy) and so silly [as] to “fake” something unknown in his time?