On Killing Baby Girls

So, Planned Parenthood is fine with women seeking an abortion for sex selection. We suspected this all along, but it was just confirmed by the group Live Action who caught it all on tape.

Live Action sent its researchers, posing as pregnant women, into Planned Parenthood abortion clinics around the country. They told the clinic staff they only wanted a boy and, therefore, might need to abort if their babies were female.

Planned Parenthood actually suspected that this investigation was going on. Last month, it released a statement saying some of their offices had received what they considered to be suspicious visitors asking about aborting baby girls. Of course, they knew what was coming. Live Action, run by the striking Lila Rose, has hung Planned Parenthood on a line a few times before.

Lila got her start by posing herself as a 13-year-old girl impregnated by her 30-year-old boyfriend, a case of statutory rape if ever there was one. Did the Planned Parenthood offices help her by calling the cops? No. They counseled her to lie about her age and protect her rapist boyfriend.

Later, Lila and her gang made funny phone calls to Planned Parenthood offices pretending to be donors looking to target donations for the killing of black babies. None of the Planned Parenthood offices objected and each of them was eager to accept the cash with that particular racist proviso. This is not terribly surprising given that an overwhelming number of Planned Parenthood abortuaries are in minority neighborhoods.

Just last year when Planned Parenthood chief Cecile Richards was fighting for federal funding, of which she already gets a whopping $300 million, she said on TV that Planned Parenthood needed the money for the all the mammograms they perform on poor women. Live Action called thirty or so Planned Parenthood clinics and asked for mammograms. And guess what? None of them did mammograms.

It is not surprising that a picture of Lila hangs in most Planned Parenthood offices.

In this latest sting, Live Action released a tape of a Planned Parenthood staff member in Austin, Texas cheerfully helping a Live Action actor plan the abortion of her unborn child in the event the child is a girl. The clinic worker tells the “pregnant” woman that she would have to wait until the fifth month because that is when the sex can be known. And then she can kill the child if she is a girl.  An abortion in the fifth month would abort a nearly fully formed human being.

According to demographic wiz Nicholas Eberstadt of the American Enterprise Institute, sex-selected abortions are happening all over the world. While the problem is most acute in China, India, and Eastern Europe, it also happens right here in the United States. In some parts of the world, they say the most dangerous words for a child in the womb are: “It’s a girl.”

One would think even pro-abortion feminists would object to such a thing. They even condemned sex-selected abortions in the outcome document of the Beijing Women’s Conference. But when Steven Mosher came out of China in the 1990s with the tale of the one-child policy and its negative impact on baby girls, did they listen? Not a chance. 

As the crisis has spread and multiplied, all the pro-abortion feminists want to talk about is what they see as the lone underlying issue: son preference. To pro-abortion fundamentalists, nothing – absolutely nothing – should hinder a woman’s right to choose abortion, not even the deliberate targeting of baby girls for death.

And what has their reaction been to Live Action and its latest tapes? Kat Manan, a “writer, healer, and priestess,” published this at OpenSalon.com: “When I read a few weeks ago that Planned Parenthood suspected yet another sting was going on I wondered what that little, lying viper Lila Rose and Live Action were up to now.”

Planned Parenthood was more circumspect. A Planned Parenthood spokeswoman told The Huffington Post that the staffer in the video “did not follow our protocol” for dealing with “a highly unusual patient scenario.” They say the clinic worker has been fired and that the clinic staff is being retrained to deal with such “a highly unusual patient scenario.” And then this: “No Planned Parenthood clinic will deny a woman an abortion based on her reasons for wanting one.”

The fact is that Planned Parenthood never heard of an abortion it did not approve of. Want to kill black babies? Sure not a problem. Want secret abortions to shield rapists from the cops? Sure, not a problem. Want to kill baby girls? Sure, not a problem.

The good news is that Planned Parenthood’s name is so sullied that a respected group such as Susan G. Komen for the Cure tried – without success, sad to say – to step away and stop funding them. And even the Girl Scouts have to lie about working with them.

It is at least conceivable that we may someday soon see an end to federal funding for this awful group. Live Action’s tapes go a long way to achieving that end. Bravo, Live Action. Brava, Lila.


Austin Ruse is the President of the New York and Washington, D.C.-based Center for Family & Human Rights (C-Fam), a research institute that focuses exclusively on international social policy. The opinions expressed here are Mr. Ruse’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the policies or positions of C-Fam.