To the Boy Scouts

Having Ourself known the Scout movement very closely for a long time past, We appreciate the educational qualities of this magnificent association and its ability to develop the best elements of personality in the souls of young men.

Among these elements are: respect for honor and loyalty, the service of one’s fellow man in a spirit of fraternal devotion, training for physical and moral courage through a discipline voluntarily accepted. All these are human values which Christianity has always recognized as its own and which it has always encouraged. To see this ideal shared and practiced throughout the world by an increasing limber of young people gives Us cause for profound joy and firm hope. . . .

Therefore, my dear, Scouts of the 11th Jamboree, dedicate your efforts and your honor toward looking always higher and always farther. Look higher than the easy life of the modern cities, higher than the material interests of pleasure, where too many souls sink and are debased! Look farther afield than the narrow calculations of individual selfishness, than the petty rivalries of race, language, and nations.
May your “great game of friendship,” the symbol of the spirit which inspires you, help toward overcoming the artificial barriers raised between men or ethnic groups. May it be for all of you an inducement to move forward along the paths of universal brotherhood that was taught by Christ and based on the recognition of the one and only and Almighty God, the Father of all men!