What will there be left?

Amid the new and strange doctrines which . . . socialism has begotten in our own time none is falser, none more inhuman, none more vicious and dangerous in its effects and conclusions than that foolish and degrading theory by which the sentiment of patriotism is flouted and denied. By its endeavors to tear out from the human heart all its inborn sentiments of reverence for rulers and for law it seeks to kill in humanity its natural love for home and all that is expressed by that sacred word. 

To them nothing is sacred, neither God nor his altars, nor his ministers, nor home, nor native land, nor wife, nor family. For socialism, according to its accredited teachers, would wipe out forever from human life, all the sweet consolations as well as all the noble duties which these human relations have ever inspired in the normal man. No fatherland, no banner, no fireside, no altar, no ruler, no God. Thus are summed up all the damnable negations of this satanic doctrine, which overturns with one fell blow all the holiest principles of human life. No wonder that where the voice of these prophets of evil is listened to and obeyed the disorder of hell reigns. Behold France with its desecrated shrines and its homes defiled and childless. Behold Barcelona filled with regicides and traitors. The pulpits where once sounded the truths which builded up a nation’s strength are being pulled down, the schools wherein were taught those principles which consecrated home and fatherland have been closed and in their place the little children of a nation are being initiated into the horrors of infidelity and anarchy which always go hand in hand. No wonder the spirit of national honor is departing and in a few years when the children of the present have grown to manhood and the new doctrines have full play, what will there be left to guard as a nation’s inheritance. – quoted in Socialism: The Nation of Fatherless Children (1903) by David Goldstein and Martha Moore Avery