The Immaculate Conception and American politics

The freedom to be humanly alive is the most basic freedom. 

The next most basic freedom is freedom of religion. Because, once I am humanly alive, my next major concern is, “What about eternity?” And if I believe in eternity, I ask, “Am I perfectly free to do everything I need to do in order to get to eternal life and be saved?”
The fact that abortion is wrong is not “Catholic Doctrine” in the first place a – it is human common sense, sometimes called the natural moral law. We can’t kill defenseless people because that takes away all of their rights in one fell swoop – in taking away even their right to be humanly alive.
Nor can we ever shrink back from conscience protection, which is another word for religious liberty. . . .
With the voice of each man and woman joined together, it should be made clear that the laws being considered these days have to protect the freedom to be alive humanly and they have to protect the freedom to do what is necessary for one’s salvation. To be humanly alive and to seek eternal life – those are the two most important and basic elements in the lives of any of us.
And so the civil laws that are enacted with regard to healthcare, or anything else, have to protect that sacred right and freedom to be humanly alive as well as our religious liberty. Civil laws must protect the helpless infant from the moment of conception. They must protect the elderly when they become terminally ill and close to death. They must protect immigrants and strangers who have no one else to protect them.
We’re very interested in healthcare legislation and that has everything to do with politics, and politics has everything to do with freedom, and freedom has to do with the perfect, human incarnation of freedom, the perfect example – Mary, our mother, Immaculately Conceived.
You can sit down and consider and then tell out the truth that the Immaculate Conception has everything to do with what is going on in Congress right now.