Man can destroy fraternity

This is the truth. We are also capable of destroying fraternity: Cain and Abel in the first pages of the Bible. They destroy fraternity. This is where wars begin. Jealousy, envy, so much greed for power, to have more power. Yes, this sounds negative, but it is realistic. You only have to pick up a newspaper, any newspaper – left-wing, center, right-ring … whatever. And you will see that more than 90 percent of the news is news of destruction. More than 90 percent. We see this every day…There is nothing strange in this, these are not the words of a Martian…man is able to do so much good…but we are also all capable of destruction; destruction great and small and even within our own family…meditate, pray, discuss things with each other, so as not to fall into this evil that destroys everything.