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Ipse Dixit

[Presenter:] Several conservative cardinals take up a crusade in order to defend the traditional family – among them Müller, Brandmüller, and Caffarra. As for Cardinal Burke, he takes the helm of the rebels. The debates are very lively, heated.

-[Burke, in Italian:] I cannot accept that communion be given to a person who is living in an irregular union, because it is adultery. On the matter of persons of the same sex, this has nothing to do with matrimony. This is a suffering that some persons have, of being attracted – against nature, sexually – to persons of the same sex. Those people, we must help them to live chastely. But there is no relation to marriage and family, it is a separate issue.

[Presenter:] The response to the Supreme Pontiff is clear: it is a rejection of what Francis had said in July 2013.

[Recording of Francis in the Airplane interview of July 2013]: “If someone is gay, and he searches the Lord, and has good will, who am I to judge him?”

-[Interviewer:] How do you intend to place pope Francis on the good path?

-[Burke, in Italian] On this, also one must be very attentive regarding the power of the pope. The classic formulation is that, “the Pope has the plenitude, the fullness, of power.” This is true. But it is not absolute power. His power is at the service of the doctrine of the faith. And thus the Pope does not have the power to change teaching, doctrine.

-[Interviewer:] In a somewhat provocative way, can we say that the true guardian of doctrine is you, and not pope Francis?

-[Burke, in Italian:] [Smiles, shakes his head] We must, let us leave aside the matter of the Pope. In our faith, it is the truth of doctrine that guides us.

-[Interviewer:] If Pope Francis insists on this path, what will you do?

-[Burke, in Italian:] I will resist. I cannot do anything else. There is no doubt that this is a difficult time, this is clear, this is clear.

-[Interviewer:] Is it painful?

-[Burke, in Italian:] Yes.

-[Interviewer:] Worrisome?

-[Burke, in Italian:] Yes.

-[Interviewer:] According to you, today, is the Catholic Church under threat as an institution?

-[Burke, in Italian:] The Lord assured us, as he assured Saint Peter in the Gospel, that the forces of evil will not prevail — non praevalebunt, we say in Latin. That the forces of evil will not achieve, let us say, victory over the Church.