Fátima vs. the Conspiracy Theories

The 1917 apparitions of the Virgin Mary to three children at Fátima (ending in October of that year with the greatest historical public miracle before 70,000 observers) offer us without doubt a formidable example of Our Lady’s loving intervention, to warn the world of coming threats, and offer powerful remedies to avoid wars and achieve peace.

But the proper interpretation of Fátima is of the utmost importance.

For some decades, the Canadian priest, Fr. Nicholas Gruner, the “Fátima priest,” and the Fátima Center that he founded, have been claiming that the ills that the world and, especially, the Church are now suffering could be avoided if only the consecration of Russia by the pope and the bishops of the world, requested by Our Lady in a vision to Sr. Lucia on December 10, 1925, had been done correctly. By “correctly,” Gruner means mentioning Russia by name.

In December 1983, Pope John Paul II consulted with Sister Lucia, the only Fátima visionary then still living, about fulfillment of Our Lady’s wishes. He sent out letters to all the bishops of the world to join him in the consecration of Russia and the world on March 25, 1984. The consecration of the world was duly carried out, and the pope added, diplomatically, perhaps with a view to the ongoing threats of the Soviet Union to the Solidarity Movement in Poland: “In a special way we entrust and consecrate to you those individuals and nations that particularly need to be thus entrusted and consecrated.”

Afterwards, Sr. Lucia wrote that the pope had fulfilled Our Lady’s requests; and several years later, the world witnessed the collapse of the Berlin wall and the dismantling of the Soviet Union. As I have written elsewhere, and in a follow-up article, the promised “conversion” of Russia seems to have begun, with religious freedom, a massive proliferation of churches, monasteries, and seminaries, and church attendance almost comparable to that in Portugal, where, as Our Lady promised Sr. Lucia, “the doctrine of faith will always be preserved.”

But Fr. Gruner and his fellow Fatimists maintain that the consecration has to be done over, mentioning Russia by name, and that the five minutes spent doing this will bring about a miraculous conversion the likes of which the world has never seen. Gruner has even recommended a novel, Russian Sunrise, in which a Gruner “avatar” appears under the name of Fr. Nicholas Gottschalk, who finally convinces the pope follow his advice, leading to miraculous changes in Russia.

An alleged Vatican “conspiracy” of silence does not end there, but according to the Fatimists, the Third Secret of Fátima, revealed by Pope John Paul II in 2000, is missing an essential second part. Sr. Lucia herself, when she revealed the third secret in 1944 and sent it to the Vatican in 1957, said she could only give the details of what she was actually shown. But that she was not allowed to give Our Lady’s explanation, which was made known to her.

The Fatimists, however, have no such hesitation. They suspect that some “missing text” relates apocalyptically “to the vision in which the Virgin explains in Her own words how an internal crisis of faith and discipline in the Church is accompanied by a chastisement of the whole world.” Or else perhaps: “the secret foresaw the changes of the Second Vatican Council, especially in liturgy and ecumenical dialogue, as part of the ‘great apostasy’ which Church leaders refuse to acknowledge.”

Conspiracy theories aside, we should focus on the essential message of Fátima. In the 1917 May and June Fátima apparitions, the three children were asked to pray the rosary every day for the end of World War I and peace for the world. This is her primary request.

Witnessing the “miracle of the sun” at Fátima, Portugal, October 13, 1917
Witnessing the “miracle of the sun” at Fátima, Portugal, October 13, 1917

On December 10, 1925, Our Lady also made another extraordinary request/promise – the Five First Saturdays: “I promise to assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months, shall confess, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for 15 minutes while meditating on the 15 mysteries of the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to me.”

Why “five” First Saturdays? To make reparation for the five blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary. On May 29, 1930, Our Lord explained to Sr. Lucia what these blasphemies were:

1. Against Mary’s Immaculate Conception. Although Martin Luther himself held to the lifelong sinlessness of Mary and probably also her Immaculate Conception, Protestants generally deny this because of lack of explicit Biblical confirmation. Many Orthodox doubt it, because it would imply a cleansing from original sin before the advent of the Redeemer.

2. Against Mary’s Perpetual Virginity. Although Luther, Calvin and Zwingli affirmed the perpetual virginity of Mary, most Protestants now deny this, assuming that references in the Gospels to Jesus’ “brothers” and “sisters” have to do with biological siblings rather than, as often in the Bible, cousins or other relationships. As if, after giving birth to the very Son of God, Mary might be interested in having other children! Or as if Mary had other children, but none of them were willing to care for her after the Crucifixion; St. John, apparently, being the only person available.

3. Her divine maternity and motherhood of all mankind. Although Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli discouraged veneration of saints, they made an exception for the Virgin Mary. Orthodox also have traditionally reverenced the Theotokos (“God-bearer”). However, now many Protestants ignore Mary and the possibility of her intercession; even many fervent fundamentalists devoted to the Bible are hostile, considering the honoring of Mary to be detrimental to faith in Christ.

4. The attempt to publicly implant in children’s hearts indifference toward, contempt and even hatred for their Immaculate Mother: It is sad to contemplate the attitude of some Protestants who think they are doing a service to God by inculcating hostility to Mary in their children; and even sadder to think of Catholics of liberal or feminist persuasions who are afraid that any exposure to Mary will give their children ideologically unacceptable concepts of womanhood.

5. The offense of those who insult her directly by profaning her sacred images: We have seen numerous incidents of this even in recent years: A 1999 painting, included in a Brooklyn Museum show, “Sensation,” depicted the Virgin Mary stained with elephant dung; some New Zealanders in 2011 constructed a billboard with the Blessed Virgin holding a pregnancy test in one hand, covering her mouth in surprise with the other; Belfast Protestants in 2012 placed a statue of the Virgin Mary atop their Shankir bonfire celebrations; in 2014 ISIL destroyed the statue of Mary in the Virgin Mary church in Mosul, and blew up the church; in Perugia, Italy, this January, five Muslims destroyed the statue of Mary in the St. Barnabas chapel, and urinated on it. Such incidents are becoming more frequent along with destruction of Catholic churches in the Middle East.

At the First Saturday Mass this month, I was struck by the sparseness of attendance, aside from the usual daily-Mass goers. Are so few Catholics interested in fulfilling heaven’s request for reparation for the multiple offenses against the Blessed Virgin? Do they even make the Five First Saturdays once, in order to avail themselves of the extraordinary graces promised by Mary? How many Catholics say a daily rosary – which was the first and surely the most important and simple request of Our Lady of Fátima?

A most urgent mandate from heaven now is to repair insults to Mary’s Immaculate Heart. Our Lord in his glorified body presumably has bodily emotions. Pope Francis’ recent comment about a man’s natural reaction about hearing insults to his mother may not be an inappropriate analogy.

But do the Fatimists really think if the pope redoes the “consecration of Russia” verbatim in five minutes, that all of a sudden miraculous conversions are going to take place, among the great masses of Christians – who are busy contracepting like the pagans, promoting sodomy, and profaning marriage?

Hello! The Soviet Union is no longer persecuting Christians, and “spreading its errors throughout the world.” Islamists are doing that now. Our Lady didn’t divulge any secrets about Islam at Fátima. No special “secrets” are necessary for those of us who, even intermittently, follow world news. The spiritual crises are clear. But the main, essential solution Mary offered at Fátima is still completely relevant. If you think the world is going to hell in a hand basket, it’s time to start following the indispensible simple requests of Our Lady – the daily rosary and the five First Saturdays.

Howard Kainz

Howard Kainz

Howard Kainz, Emeritus Professor at Marquette University, is the author of twenty-five books on German philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, and religion, and over a hundred articles in scholarly journals, print magazines, online magazines, and op-eds. He was a recipient of an NEH fellowship for 1977-8, and Fulbright fellowships in Germany for 1980-1 and 1987-8. His website is at Marquette University.

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour

    “Although Martin Luther himself held to the lifelong sinlessness of Mary and probably also her Immaculate Conception…”

    “It is a sweet and pious belief that the infusion of Mary’s soul was effected without original sin; so that in the very infusion of her soul she was also purified from original sin and adorned with God’s gifts, receiving a pure soul infused by God; thus from the first moment she began to live she was free from all sin” – Martin Luther’s Sermon “On the Day of the Conception of the Mother of God,” 1527

    This was at a time when some Catholics, especially the Dominicans, following St Thomas, denied it.

  • RainingAgain

    Thank you for an excellent article. Russia certainly seems to have abandoned her errors, but are these errors not firmly entrenched, in the form of a cultural Marxism more insidious than that of Soviet Communism, within the West?

  • Michael Francis James Lee

    Excellent article, except for one glaring omission: No mention whatever of the One Fatima organization which carries a mandate from the Holy See – The World Apostolate of Fatima. The WAF (known popularly in the USA as Our Lady’s Blue Army), is completely loyal to the magisterium, and is untiring in its teaching and sharing of the authentic message of Our Lady of Fatima – INCLUDING the promotion of the Five First Saturdays of Reparation – in concert with the New Evangelization.

    Failing to mention WAF, “could” lead readers to believe that Fr. Gruner and his misguided followers are the “mainstream” of Fatima devotees; when there is nothing further from the truth.

    This article would have/could have been an excellent opportunity to direct people in the proper and approved direction for learning, living, and sharing the authentic message of Fatima.

    For accurate teaching and information on Our Lady’s Message at Fatima, including the official statements of the Holy See with regard to the Completed and Approved Consecration of Russia.

    • Howard Kainz

      Yes, I should have mentioned that. I went on a retreat to Fatima sponsored by the Blue Army some years ago.

    • Pete Salveinini

      Support for the idea that the ’84 “entrustment of the WORLD etc…” to the maternal love of the Blessed Mother fulfills the requirements of O.L. of Fatima largely stems from the naïve idea that the Pope can not be wrong in the PRACTICAL judgments he makes. Take Pope John XXIII; he called for a new Council in Jan. ’59 and did not open the small envelope that contained Sr. Lucia’s 25 lines of the 3rd Secret until August of that year in the presence of Cardinal Ottaviani, and the priest Capovilla, the Pope’s secretary, and the Pope’s theologian, Dominican priest,Fr. Ciappi.. After reading it silently he passed it to the others one by one who read it then put it back in the envelope and signed the outside of the envelope and dated it and had each one do the same, then closed it, melted wax to seal it and ” and sent it to the Vatican Archives where it disappeared. (note that the US and the Soviet Union almost went to Nuclear War at the beginning of Kennedy’s presidency). Then comes the secret Metz deal with the Soviets not to criticize Communism nor any communist country, and the Russians would allow the Russian Orthodox Church to send observers to the Council. When the Council started several hundred bishops wanted to condemn communism. It was tabled immediately, no discussion -the bishops were left in the dark why. BUT NO ONE SEEMS TO HAVE NOTICED THAT FOR 4 YRS IN 8 WEEKS OF EACH AUTUMN (1962-65) the ENTIRE CATHOLIC HIERARCHY WAS IN THE SAME BUILDING OF ST PETER’S BASILICA. AND NO CONSECRATION OF RUSSIA TOOK PLACE. Sorry to say, this was supernaturally a MOST IMPRUDENT DECISION ANY POPE IN CHURCH HISTORY COULD HAVE MADE IN CENTURIES. It was a COMPROMISE with the Soviets, and the Church got TAKEN, since the Russian delegation only arrived for the LAST Autumn sessions, and they numbered only 2 people, one bishop and one, deacon! Naively the Vatican was stuck with this deal, and the Soviets got a big chess piece in that game. Paul VI was to make ENORMOUS IMPRUDENSES in his decision to betray Cardinal Mynczenty (sp) and cave in to Hungarian Communism, (not to mention the disastrous way he put into practice HIS new version of the Mass — a far BETTER rendition which ACTUALLY WOULD MANIFEST a continuity with the past could have been done). So St John Paul II ‘ s ’84 “entrustment of the world..” was accepted, BUT IT DID NOT BRING THE ERA OF PEACE, BECAUSE IT LACKED 2 OF THE 3 ELEMENTS no mention of Russia — The Russian nation has NO AWARENESS THAT THEY HAVE BEE CONSECRATED TO THE BLESSED MOTHER BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH — AND BARELY 1/3rd OF THE HIERARCHY WENT ALONG WITH IT. By their fruits…Just look at the world , EVERY ONE SEES THAT WE ARE AT THE TIPPING POINT OF WWIII, REPEATING THE SAME MISTAKE BEFORE WWII.
      The PAPACY has simply messed up on this. What was released in 2000 looks every day now like it will happen. Do not be surprised if the papacy will be ended IN ROME. And this Pope wants to deal with climate change..?

  • Michael B Rooke

    In 1952 Pope Pius XII made a dedication to the Immaculate Heart of Mary of Russia.
    The documents are on the Vatican web site in Italian and Latin.
    of 7 July 1952

    Google translation of the Latin document gives
    Apostolic Letter
    DEAREST Russian people *
    TO ALL of the Russian people

    Meanwhile, We, of our and your prayers and supplications that they may more easily be heard, and, as a singular example of ‘oblations of our benevolence towards you, just as a few years before the whole human race dedicated Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mother of God, so for the moment all the peoples of Russia to this Immaculate Heart we consecrate and dedicate special way, that it would be at all We have hope that things which are, things which you, all of the true things of the good of peace, brotherly concord debitaeque to all men, especially of the Church, we make the vows of freedom that those works, the support of the most powerful patronage of the Virgin Mary, as soon as possible be given to the successful effects of, so do it to – to you and all the Christian nations with Us comprecantibus – the saving of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, who is “a kingdom of truth and life, a kingdom of holiness and grace, a kingdom of justice, love and peace” (on the feast of I. The preface, Ch. King) firmly established everywhere in the world.

    The document is signed
    From Rome, at St. Peter’s, on 7 July, the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament. Cyril and Methodius in the year 1952, the fourteenth of my Pontificate.

    Pope Pius. 12

    • Pete Salveinini

      But the Catholic hierarchy was not invited, was it.

      • Michael B Rooke

        Fatima Consecration – Chronology
        History of the Consecration and Related Events

        July 13, 1917 Our Lady promises to “come and ask the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart”1
        June 13, 1929 Our Lady fulfills her promise, asking “for the consecration of Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, promising its conversion through this means and the hindering of the propagation of its errors.”2
        date unknown Pius XI (1922-1939) informed of this request3
        1938 Portuguese Bishops ask Pius XI for the Consecration of the World to the Immaculate Heart. It is said they were influenced to do this by the spiritual director of Bl. Alexandrina da Costa (1904-1955).
        June 1940 Request made to Pius XII through the Bishop of Macau, and a little later through Father Gonzaga de Fonseca. Mention is made of Our Lady asking the Consecrating of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.
        December 1940 Sr. Lucia writes letter to Pius XII, saying that Our Lord Himself requests the Pope to “consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, with a special mention for Russia, and order that all the Bishops of the world do the same in union with Your Holiness.”4
        October 31, 1942 Pope Pius XII consecrates the world to the Immaculate Heart.
        July 7, 1952 Pope Pius XII consecrates the Russian people to the Immaculate Heart
        November 21, 1964 Pope Paul VI renews, in the presence of the Fathers of the Vatican Council but without their participation, the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.
        May 13, 1982 Pope John Paul II invites the bishops of the world to join him in consecrating the world and with it Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Many do not receive the invitation in time for the Pope’s trip to Fatima, where he accomplishes the consecration. Sr. Lucia later says it did not fulfill the conditions.
        October 1983 Pope John Paul II, at the Synod of Bishops, renews the 1982 Consecration
        March 25, 1984 Pope John Paul II, “united with all the pastors of the Church in a particular bond whereby we constitute a body and a college,” consecrates “the whole world, especially the peoples for which by reason of their situation you have particular love and solicitude.” Both the Pope and Sr. Lucia initially seemed uncertain that the consecration has been fulfilled, but shortly thereafter Sr. Lucia tells the papal nuncio to Portugal that the Consecration is fulfilled.
        May 13, 1984 One of the largest crowds in Fatima history gathers at the shrine to pray the Rosary for peace.
        May 13, 1984 An explosion at the Soviets’ Severomorsk Naval Base destroys two-thirds of all the missiles stockpiled for the Soviets’ Northern Fleet. The blast also destroys workshops needed to maintain the missiles as well as hundreds of scientists and technicians. Western military experts called it the worst naval disaster the Soviet Navy has suffered since WWII.
        December 1984 Soviet Defense Minister, mastermind of the invasion plans for Western Europe, suddenly and mysteriously dies.
        March 10, 1985 Soviet Chairman Konstantin Chernenko dies
        March 11, 1985 Soviet Chairman Mikhail Gorbachev elected
        April 26, 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident
        May 12, 1988 An explosion wrecked the only factory that made the rocket motors for the Soviets’ deadly SS 24 long-range missiles, which carry ten nuclear bombs each.
        August 29, 1989 Sr. Lucia affirms in correspondence that the consecration “has been accomplished” and that “God will keep His word.”
        November 9, 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall
        Nov-Dec 1989 Peaceful revolutions in Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania
        1990 East and West Germany are unified
        December 25, 1991 Dissolution of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

  • Manfred

    What an odd column, Howard. The Blessed Mother did not ask the children to pray the Rosary every day to end the First World War or for peace: she told them “This war will end soon but if people do not reform their lives, another war worse than this will follow,” She also told them that “Russia will become a great power and spread its errors throughout the world.” She also warned that “The Pope will suffer much.”
    But one omission of yours in unforgivable: the children were shown HELL and Lucia’s description of it can be read. It is horrific. Oiur Lady warned that most souls in Hell are there because of sins of the flesh. (Isn’t it interesting that the Synod of the Family focuses exclusively on allowing sins of the flesh!). The children were told to pray the Rosary and to fast and do penance in order to SAVE SOULS who otherweise would be lost. At one point an angel stood by Our Lady with a fiery sword saying in a loud voice “Penance”.
    We do not have to guess at the Third secret as it was given to Sr. Agnes at Akita in 1973. Our Lady said “The Third Secret, my child, is that satan would enter My Son’s Church.”
    The reason few people attend First Saturday devotions any longer is that the Fatima message was smothered in the early 1960’s as satan had already entered the Church.

    • Howard Kainz

      In the May apparition, Our Lady requested, “Pray the Rosary every day to obtain peace for the world, and the end of the war.” She repeated this in June and July, and in July added that reparation should be “in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary… because only she can help you.” Your reference about the Third Secret is from the Bayside apparitions, which are controversial — not from Sr. Agnes at Akita.

  • Michael Francis James Lee

    A correction as to the timing of Five First Saturdays, if you “start a week from today” (Assuming this article was actually written for Feb 28, 2015) —

    You would certainly have “5 Saturdays” yet before Easter Sunday, but they would not be “First Saturdays,” except for March 7th, and April 4th. Thus, if you begin next Saturday, You would need to observe FIRST SATURDAYS on: March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th, and July 4th. Our Lady of Fatima did not request simply 5 Saturdays in a row, she asked for the First Saturday of 5 consecutive months.

    • Howard Kainz

      This was a mathematically-challenged editorial addition, and has been corrected.

  • Florian

    I don’t understand how it can be said that Russia has abandoned her errors…Russia has invaded and conquered the Crimea, Russia has invaded the Ukraine and has killed many Ukrainians and has threatened to invade other countries in Europe…yesterday the man who opposed Putin, a man who, it is said, was loved by the people, was gunned down…I know this article is about Our Lady – who is very dear to me – but let’s not pretend that Russia has become a dove when she remains a hawk.

    • Howard Kainz

      Russia may be throwing its weight around geopolitically in the Ukraine and other areas where East meets West, and causing political turmoil about questionable territorial rights; but it is no longer “persecuting Christians,” and “spreading its errors throughout the world. It is interesting that Fr. Gruner himself in the latest issue of The Fatima Crusader does not fault Russia, but the U.S. and NATO for aggravating the situation, and raising the threat of World War III. He quotes from John Pilger: “The blame has been shifted directly to Russia. Every move that Russia has made has been defensive. The annexation of Crimea was entirely defensive. It could otherwise have ended up as a NATO base. There is no question about that. But the way that this has been portrayed in the West, [as if] Russia is being led by another Stalin or as Hillary Clinton called Putin, another Hitler (how perverse!) [is giving rise to] a real prospect of war.” Gruner adds in his cover letter:”The Ukrainian military commanders are screaming for military aid from the West in the form of tanks and other weaponry. They claim they can’t win without it. And the West is ready to give them what they want.This is a fatal step, a point of no-return!”

  • onearmsteve

    Well how many wars are going on? If this is her immaculate heart reigning peace then I hate to see it when it is worse. Russia is NOT converting to the Catholic Church which is the ONLY way of salvation. It may be growing in orthodox schismatic sects but that’s not converting. I think many reject the rosary. Russia abortions are like 7 per woman. The errors of Russia has spread all over the world. Communism is everywhere. Can’t say “it’s errors aren’t spreading” bc it’s already spread out. Not solid logic in that.

    What is the hear in doing it right? Though it is probably too late as like the consecration of France request was too late. Recall when Our Lady of Guadalupe came there were instant conversions. So please do not think that Our Lady works slow

  • Spectrum

    I would argue against Russia’s new-found peacable kingdom. In Ion Pacepa’s book, “Disinformation,” the Cold War’s highest-ranking Soviet bloc defector writes that Russian Orthodox priests, who gained an invitation to attend Vatican II, were (unbeknownst to other attendees) members of KGB. I would also encourage reading “Shadow World,” penned by retired U.S. Air Force colonel and Cold War military analyst Dr. Robert Chandler. In the book, he uncovers the past and present collaboration between Communists and Islamic extremists. Communism never died, sir. It has simply been remolded into a more stealth form. Russia is the world’s expert in black propaganda. Having learned its patterns of propagated behavior on a micro level, it is easy to see those same patterns applied to a macro audience. Easy because the Russians are extremely systematic in methodology.

    • givelifeachance2

      Yes. The rumors of communism’s demise are greatly exaggerated. Soviets, and KGB Putin, never had Nuremberg trials to extirpate the evil of communism. Why would we foolishly think the cancer has died…it has simply metastasized.

      • fredx2

        The Russians have always had an autocratic empire, reaching back to the Czars and before. There is no reason to believe the Czars were secret communists. They were autocrats. Russia has, after the fall of communism, merely reverted to type.

  • Mike

    “And a period of peace will be granted to the world.” There has not been peace in the world since 1984 World consecration.
    Pope Benedict XVI even said “One deceives himself who thinks the prophetic mission of Fatima has concluded.”
    You really should not be attacking a loyal Catholic priest. Those handful of people at Mass on First Saturday’s probably agree with Father Gruner as the Church is definitely under attack. “Pray much for our Holy Father as he will have much to suffer.”

  • kathleen

    Are you familiar with the Marian Movement of Priests started by the late Fr. Stefano Gobbi on Oct. 13, 1972? While praying at the Chapel of the Apparitions at Fatima on May 8, 1972, Fr. Gobbi received from Our Lady a message that it was her desire that he start the Marian Movement of Priests. The MMP is a continuation of the Message of Fatima. Check the official website of the MMP for additional information. Our Lady told Fr. Gobbi that the Consecration made by St. John Paul II on March 25, 1984 had been accepted by Heaven.

  • JGradGus

    I have to agree with Manfred (below). The essay itself and the timing on the essay are curious. Perhaps some explanation as to why Fatima and the conspiracy theories are being brought up now is in order. Also, was there a reason Fr. Malachi Martin’s opinions on Fatima were not at least mentioned?

    Perhaps Prof. Kainz might also consider the controversy that is currently taking place at Marquette as the topic for a not too distant future essay? An insider’s view might be enlightening, especially since the controversy involves the Marquette philosophy department.

    • Howard Kainz

      See my Jan. 27 TCT column on Marquette; also, the later article at the Pope Center for Higher Education, Feb. 18.

      • JGradGus

        I had read your 1/27 TCT column, but I was thinking more along the lines of something more current, with more up to date info. Your Pope Center column provided that. Thank you. Any comment on the timing of this essay, or did you just feel that it was time to bring Fatima to everyone’s attention again?

        • Howard Kainz

          The 2/18 article is up-to-date, and includes the firiing of McAdams. It is available online at the Pope Center.
          The “timing” for this present article on Fatima, as I mentioned above, was my experience of the sparse crowd for the last First Saturday Mass. Catholics should be responding to the message of Fatima like the Ninevites after the prophet Johah preached to them.

  • lupe gwiazdowski

    I liked the article. Maybe we are still in the phase of Russia spreading her errors. Certainly the USA is still taking in quite a few of them. Since the First Saturdays are a consolation to the Blessed Mother we can have faith that their promulgation will help the world and in the end, her “Immaculate Heart will triumph.” We are forming a network of souls, an army really, that will make a difference in the real war that is always going on. Hang in there, pray-ers!

  • Johnno

    This problem is that the writer believes the 84 consecration was valid, and fell for the now openly know fake letters of Sr. Fatima. On top of that it entirely missed the point of the Consecration of Russia. Yes the Soviet Union no longer exists, but the point was that Russia would spread her errors worldwide. The U.S. and other Western nations have openly more and more moved towards socialism and a gestapo police state in all their Orwellian implications. The errors of Russia have spread. Lucia warned America would turn communist and under Barack Obama it is pretty much getting there. The E.U. is also likewise a similar model to that of the Soviet Union. The same architects of Russian communism went worldwide and implemented their ideology everywhere. There is hatred of the Church, rejection of God, increasing State control, increasing spying, increasing practical atheism, and even the clergymen are becoming nothing more than agents of the states. There is continual revolution in the political and social and moral spheres and it does not stop, and most noteworthy of all, a practical Schism in the Church which is the chief error of Russia in that the Russian Orthodox do not recognize the Pope’s authority! In fact ISIS itself is nothing more than an front organization trained and armed by the America CIA to conduct a proxy war.

    Fatima warns of the annihilation of nations. And a conflict with Russia. How does one even explain why Russia was not converted by Our Lady as she did in Mexico and Portugal. It never happened. Unless one buys into the hilarious proposition that Our Lady wasn’t talking about Catholicism, but secular democracy. So either our Lady lied and Fatima was a deception, or the Pope and Church failed to consecrate Russia. Mr. Kainz should look into this a lot more, but he sounds like the perfect establishment follower who tows the party line because the authority said so despite how many times it had to contradict itself and make giant illogical flights of fancy.

    • Howard Kainz

      Lucia warned that America would turn communist? The CIA trained ISIS? Russian Orthodox are causing the present schism in the Church? Where do you find these facts? N.B. the “fake letters of Sr. Lucia” and other allegations are discussed at length in my articles I mentioned above. There is no conspiracy by the Vatican to circumvent Fatima.

      • DJR

        Sister Lucia is reported to have stated in her July 1946 interview with author William Thomas Walsh, back when she was permitted to give interviews, that the U.S. would be “overcome” by communism. The narrative is contained in his book “Our Lady of Fatima” published in 1947.

        • fredx2

          Sister Lucia was well aware of the difference between Communism and socialism. If she had wanted to say that the United States would be overcome by socialism, she would have said that. Since she supposedly said that we would be overtaken by communism, then obviously that has not happened and shows no signs of happening. ( I have no idea if she ever did say any such thing, or whether William Thomas Walsh accurately stated what she stated).

          • tom bordeau

            Walsh’s claim has never been refuted. Sr. Lucy never repudiated his book and it’s been around for almost 70 years and you’re contesting it now? It doesn’t work that way.

  • Patti Day

    I can see how ‘conspiracy’ theories developed around Fatima. There was the confusion around the original consecration which set the stage for doubt, further enhanced by the Vatican’s withholding of the third secret for years, and then asking Catholics to believe that the figure dressed in white who walked through a city strewn with the bodies of martyrs, who is himself martyred by soldiers, was actually Saint John Paul II. I truly believe it was Our Lady who saved the Pope, but it’s difficult to see it as the explanation of the third secret.

  • quisutDeusmpc

    As someone who was only recently received into full communion with the catholic Church, I must admit this is one of the areas in which I struggle; namely, Marian apparitions / ‘private revelations’. Having once or twice attended Protestant Pentecostal services as a former Protestant, and witnessing an individual standing up and ‘receiving a revelation from “G”od’ there is a certain amount of anxiety and apprehension that seems inextricably entwined around it. As a former agnostic (twenty-five years), and then a Protestant fundamentalist and evangelical (seventeen years), I cannot tell you how liberating I find dogma; that is, the Church’s public revelation. I have received so many grace’s from the early 20th century Sulpician Fr. Adolphe Tanqueray’s tome on the Spiritual Life and Cardinal Newman’s stress on the importance on the Church’s public revelation as well as an early influence by a British medievalist Protestant Dorothy Sayer whose “The Dogma is the Drama” was influential while a Protestant.

    I understand that God is a God of miracles, that He can and still does miraculously work in the world; and that particularly in the 19th and 20th centuries the Church has approved many public Marian apparitions as approved for private devotion, perhaps confirming that it is through ‘ma Donna’ / notre Dame’ that He is mediating His graces. However, and candidly, it seems to me that many of the people that are involved in these things latch onto this as THE TRUTH in an unbalanced manner to the total neglect of God’s covenants, Tanakh, the ancient people of God of Israel, typology and most importantly the Incarnation, sinless Life, Passion, Death, Resurrection, Ascension into heaven, and the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in the Church, a sacramental spirituality, the instantiation of Christ’s virtues in our lives and the life of prayer.

    When I left Protestantism I expected to leave behind the endless fractals and division that seemed inherent to the Protestant ideology, but it seems as if it’s not simply inherent to the human condition: Fr. Nicolas Gruner, Fr. Alberto Cutie, the old (German) Catholic Church, the LeFebvrists, the Most Holy Family Monastery, etc. What was it that G. K. Chesterton said? Something about, Outside it one becomes attracted to it and then one reaches an impasse where one becomes scandalized by it or something? I don’t remember. Certainly I am aware of the danger of being a “fair weather friend” and the responsibility of being, as Fr. de Lubac wrote, “At the Service of the Church” and a loyal son, particularly to Our Lady it just seems that ‘private revelations’ attracts some real imbalanced people. A man recently posted a video on-line, based on his devotion to some Marian apparition or another, reminding the Pope of his obligation not to commit heresy. Where does this kind of mentality come from? If this is just me being a naive neophyte then please forgive me, but if someone can shed some light on my darkness it would be greatly appreciated.

    • Howard Kainz

      Good point. There are relatively few Marian apparitions approved by the Church — only one in the United States (Our Lady of Good Help, in Champion, WI). The temptation to bypass the magisterium of the Church with special knowledge and prophecies can lead to unholy divisions, apostasy, sedevacantism, etc.

      • quisutDeusmpc

        Thank you for the article and the guidance. I don’t disbelieve in Marian apparitions. I believe that it is the Church’s responsibility to authenticate the validity of these private revelations and I believe believers have an obligation, as you stated, to only be devoted to those approved by the Church. Fatima certainly has pride of place calling us as it does to personal repentance, conversion, and prayer and being associated with the common good (peace among men) and against atheistic communism. I have seen enough people, as you presciently state it, that use private revelations as an excuse or vehicle to air their personal grievances, and as an excuse for worse to give me a healthy respect for seeking counsel. Thank you for this article and the guidance regarding the qualifications.

    • RainingAgain

      My limited understanding is that one is not obliged to believe private prophesy, but one must believe that prophesy which is contained in Sacred Scripture and one should believe that which is contained in Tradition, as generally expounded by the Fathers of The Church and that both of these, Scripture and Tradition should be interpreted under the guidance of the Magisterium.

    • jehanne

      I appreciate your perspectives and humility about all this. I do wish you could recall that Chesterton quote though. For me, I believe Fatima stands almost alone as the miracle an evil age demands but none given. None given because they refuse to believe. Such as in The Brothers Karamazov —

      Alexei (to his atheist brother):“I feel sorry for you, Ivan.”
      Ivan: “Why is that?”
      Alexei:“Because you want to believe there is a God, but you cannot.“

      I have no insight or clear answers to your troubled thoughts, as I, too, struggle with what to accept and what to oppose. I think your ideas are sound. I love Our Lady and pray to her always, and in that there is no scandal or controversy with the doctrines and teachings of the Church. Humility and gratitude and charity, stick with that in all things.

      As for the scandals and sins within the faithful, within the clergy, within the Catholic Church, this theologian wasted no words in laying out our weaknesses and our humility. We Catholics are still mostly weak vessels, even thieves. – – – – – – –

      >> The church is always God hung between two thieves. Thus no one should be surprised or shocked at how badly the church has betrayed the gospel and how much it continues to do so today. It has never done very well. Conversely, however, nobody should deny the good the church has done either. It has carried grace, produced saints, morally challenged the planet, and made, however imperfectly, a house for God to dwell in on this earth.

      To be connected with the church is to be associated with scoundrels, warmongers, fakes, child-molesters, murderers, adulterers and hypocrites of every description. It also, at the same time, identifies you with saints and the finest persons of heroic soul within every time, country, race and gender. To be a member of the church is to carry the mantle of both the worst sin and the finest heroism of soul….because the church always looks exactly as it looked at the original crucifixion, God hung among thieves. << — Ronald Rolheiser, The Holy Longing

  • Paul

    Professor Kainz makes a strong case for believing the consecration asked by Mother Mary was done. But why, after nearly 100 years, do we now see all of the ills predicted by our Mother come to pass? Had the consecrations been done in accord with her wishes, maybe things would not have evolved the way they have. Obedience is one of the most prized virtues God loves to see in humans, and He has ways and means (about which we know nothing) of accomplishing what humans find impossible. So by merely obeying Mary’s request–to the letter–perhaps Rosaries would be now offered daily in every parish in this country; and even every pastor would find the time to offer a first Saturday mass. And the errors of aethistic communism would not have spread worldwide. Only God knows.

  • helensatmary

    It is my understanding that Pope John Paul 11, in fact, did not mention Russiia in his Consecration of the World in 1983. Our Lady specifically asked for the Consecration of Russia, not the World, not the United States, not Poland or any other Country, just RUSSIA. That has NOT been fulfilled. And I do not believe Sister Lucia EVER said that it had! Why do you think the world is in such chaos….This is not what our Lady promised. If the Consecration had been done as she requested there would be peace in the world.

    • Howard Kainz

      The consecration took place on March 25, 1984, after 2 years of preparation, in conjunction with all the bishops in the world, as mentioned above, and St. John Paul II as well as Sr. Lucia, said that it was validly made.

      • sam

        After the consecration, JPII is recorded to have said, “Enlighten especially the people whose consecration and entrusting you are awaiting from us.” The Pope had just consecrated the world to the Blessed Virgin – how could anyone be awaiting consecration, by the logic the apologists of this consecration use?

        Almost immediately after the ’84 ceremony, JP II began to organize the Interreligious prayer meeting at Assisi for the purpose of obtaining world peace (the event took place in 1986). Obviously, if JP II really believed he performed a valid consecration of Russia, then he would have felt no need to organize a very expensive and scandalous assembly for world peace two years later in Assisi, for peace would have already been guaranteed by Heaven itself.
        The consecration of Russia did not occur.

      • cephas2

        Howard, thank you for an excellent article. Sadly, you will never convince those who think the consecration has never happened.

      • Albee

        We have never heard from Sr. Lucia herself. She never held a news conference.
        She always had to speak through others, if she “spoke” at all.

        And there have been many groups and priests who have “competed” with Father Gruner over who propagates the message of Fatima. Fr. Gruner’s message has never changed over the years. The rest of the “messengers” pronouncements have changed and in fact they have attacked Fr. Gruner. By their fruits you shall know them.
        If they are so right, they why do they attack Fr. Gruner all the time and try to silence him? What are they afraid of? So, ultimately, Catholics have to decide for themselves on who is telling the truth or not.

    • fredx2

      JP II was pretty much an expert on Mary. Much more than you, I would imagine. So if he was going to do it, he would have done it right.

  • Marie Cotter

    For more information about Fatima, I highly recommend *Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words: Sr Lucia’s Memoirs* (2005) and *Fatima for Today* (2010) by Fr Apostoli, which includes a section: *The Controversy over the Consecration and the Third Secret.”
    Thank you Dr Kainz for a much-needed essay.

  • GrahamUSA

    Given what is happening in Ukraine (never mind Chechnya and Georgia and Iran) , it is Russia itself that is the problem (the Soviet Union having been a variation on a theme). Note also yet another public assassination of a Putin dissenter and the recent British inquest of another. As an adult convert I sometimes find all this “insider baseball” wearying. Whereas Our Lady could not have become a more natural presence in my life. At my parish we pray the rosary after every Mass for the state of our country. Very soon the free exercise clause will be redacted from the Constitution and a great light will go out in the world. Southeast Michigan where I live has become a magnet for Christians fleeing oppression and slaughter — Copts, Syrians, Chaldeans, as well as Sikhs. Their houses of worship are everywhere. Soon where will they go? And the Church is essentially silent as it continues its obsession with crank science, utopian civics, the green poverty program and of course government contracts. What a mess. And how discouraging to the faithful.

  • Rafael

    Author of this article forgot to mention that Russian Orthodox church was taken over long time ago by KGB and head of Russia is professional killer KGB Putin who always takes side with all enemies of free world and enemies of Catholic Vhurch. Our Lady in Fatima did not mention Soviet Union but she was talking about Russia. Russia is now using Muslim and Islam terrorist as a decoy to get our attention away from Russia, Russia is still KGB dictatorship and fake Democracy. Putin is new Stalin and Russia was not converted but is still spreading terrors and errors around the world supporting all our enemies in many different ways. Author of this article is very naive and has no touch with reality about what is going on in Ukraine and other parts of the world.

    • Howard Kainz

      The transformations brought about by the “KGB” have been marvelous.
      According to Felix Culpa, editor of Orthodox Life journal, citing
      statistics from 2008, Orthodoxy in Russia, the Russian Federation, and
      the Baltics has the following infrastructure: Dioceses and hierarchs:
      157 dioceses; 203 hierarchs, of whom 149 are ruling bishops and 54 are
      vicar bishops; 14 hierarchs are in retirement. Theological education: 5
      theological academies; 3 Orthodox universities; 2 theological
      institutes; 38 theological seminaries, 39 theological schools. Total of
      theological institutions: 87. Total number of parishes: 29,263. Number
      of clergy in the dioceses: 30,670. Priests: 27,216. Deacons: 3,454.
      Total number of monasteries: 804. Men’s
      monasteries: 395. Women’s
      monasteries: 409. Total number of monastic dependencies and sketes
      [hermitages]: 203. Number of Sunday schools: 11,051. Number of Orthodox
      youth centers: 587. Number of institutions ministered to by the Church:
      — hospitals: 2,890. — children’s homes: 1,526. — other social
      institutions: 1,690. — military institutions: 2,237. — correctional
      institutions: 1,207.
      1991 and 2008, the share of Russian adults identifying as
      Orthodox Christian rose from 31% to 72%, according to a new Pew Research
      Center analysis…. During the same period, the share of Russia’s
      population that does not identify with any religion dropped from 61% to

      • bernie

        something is fishy here. Sources say that the average Russian woman today has between 6 and 12 abortions. How does that jive with 72% Christian? In the Roman Catholic Church, you are excommunicated for having an abortion.

        • sam

          Apparently, it doesn’t matter to Howard. As long as there is any kind of religious revival in Russia, who are we to ‘judge’? We must be ecumenical more than ever because that’s what vcii said to do. Without it, where would the CC be today? Sarcasm alert!
          The Catholic church still cannot do any proselytizing there but that’s okay cuz we’re ALL connected somehow. More sarcasm.
          All in all, it just serves to accent the church’s thumbing her nose at Our Lady. Notice the ebbing of true devotion to Our Lady since the council. Tragic.

      • John Germain

        These are a lot of nice numbers but one can come up with numbers like this for the church in China also where the church is dominated by the government. If the “real” church is underground these numbers mean little. So if the KGB is still running Russia and the “visible” church there, similar as what is happening in China and some other countries the church is still not what appears on the surface. Even in the U.S.A. there seems to be two churches, one very pious and obedient to the magisterium, and one that runs wild with disobedience and rebellion while pretending to be following the Second Vatican Council. All one needs to do is read the Vatican II constitution on the liturgy, then compare what it says about retaining Latin, the use of Gregorian chant and paying attention to changes made that the council never requested and you can easily discern the two churches. We have become to worldly and see only what the world shows us on the surface, we need to put on our spiritual glasses to see realities. Pope Benedict tried to wake us up to reality, especially in his requests to re-read the documents and re-apply them with the proper hermeneutic during the “Year of Faith”, but that too was not heeded by most churches, only by the ones that already follow the council documents. In most countries of the world there are two churches, one hidden and waiting for the “new springtime” and one on the surface in need of conversion. The Holy Spirit is waiting for us to be do as Mary requests, then our eyes and ears will be opened.

  • Moonshadow

    World War I has passed, and so has communist Russia. But in 2010 Benedict XVI gave Fatima back to the Church as future prophecy, saying that the vision of the third secret gives an indication of “realities involving the future of the Church”; that in it there is seen “the need for a passion of the Church”.

  • Deagin

    I read the three volumes of “The whole truth about Fatima” by Frere Michel de la Sainte Trinite” and he convinced me that the third part of the secret could not have been what was disclosed by the church. If it was why the refusal to disclose it for so long? The BVM had already said the Pope would suffer much and throughout history there have been many martyrs. Frere Michel documented that it began with the words “in Portugal the dogmas of the faith will be preserved.” This indicates that there will be places where the dogmas will not be preserved. It makes sense that the third part was about the coming crisis in the church which happened after the Second Vatican Council: the De-Christianization of Europe and with legal abortion and gay marriage the U.S. can no longer be considered a Christian nation. Add to that the large number of priests and religious who left the church, the sex scandals, the deep decline in church attendance. (None of which can be attributed to Vatican II which is a great gift to the church)
    If this is true and I believe it is, we are left with a conundrum. I have great respect for Pope John Xxiii, Pope Paul Vi, and their successors. I cannot believe they would lie to us. is it possible that someone in the Vatican switched it? The papal nuncio who transported it to Rome? There have been many examples of corruption in the Curia.

    • kelso

      Thank you Deagin. You are right. Frere Michel is right. No one knows Fatima as he does. Father Gruner is right. And this author, Howard Kainz is wrong, adding more confusion. Mary said “Russia” must be consecrated and Jesus told Sister Lucia that the conversion of Russia will be seen all over the world as a triumph of His Mother’s Immaculate Heart. A conversion from Schism, as few Russians were ever atheistic communists. The monarchy was overthrown by a Jewish coup. That is a historic fact. All lies to the contrary. People should read Father Dennis Fahey, Rulers of Russia, on what communism was in fact.

  • frank

    This article is the biggest bunch of gobblelygook I’ve ever read. Very condescending. And who said the Fatima consecration would only take 5 minutes?

    • Howard Kainz

      Fr. Gruner said this, in the latest issue of The Fatima Crusader: “A simple five-minute prayer will one day bring peace to the world.”

  • Elizabeth

    On march 25, 1984 Fr. Stefano Gobbi (The Marion movement of priests) received a locution from OUR LADY stating that the consecration was not done according to the specifications of the FATHER. But because of JP11 s great love for OUR LADY concessions were made. But the consecration will be done it will be late and during a time of blood and chaos. A period which I believe we are fast approaching.

    • Pete Salveinini

      Right on!

    • Maureen

      Thank you Elizabeth. Because of JP11’s love for OUR LADY concessions were made. That makes sense to me. I had trouble understanding why Pope JP11 would not do the consecration of Russia the way the Blessed Mother wanted. Considering how much he loved her. So, this helps me. Also, I think if our Bishops & Priests would teach the Dogma of the Faith instead of Social Justice, which to me just communist teaching. We would be better off. God Bless.

    • Albee

      So by JPII’s great love for Our Blessed Mother, She gave the concessions? This puts him up there with Jesus. Also, are you saying JPII’s love for Her was greater that any other Pope’s love for her? How do you know this? How suspicious that a priest “gets a locution” from Our Lady telling him the consecration was not done, but concessions were made. How convenient.
      No disrespect here, but it sounds very contrived. One just has to look at the world and what is happening…..the concession didn’t stick.

  • JohnnyVoxx


  • Peter

    No, Kathleen, on the contrary: in the messages of the Marian Movement of Priests, Our Lady said three times that the Consecration of Russia has NOT been done according her request: March 25, 1984 (the very day John Paul II made a consecration of THE WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary), May 13, 1987 and May 13, 1990. For me it is obvious that Russia has not been converted and is even the greatest threat for world peace at this moment. Russia is not specifically persecuting Christians, but only as long as those Christians are loyal to the Kremlin with its disastrous policies. If it is the fundamentalistic Islam that persecutes Christians: Putin is making friends among them (Syrië, Iran). Putin is a leader in the line of Stalin, Mao Tse Tung and Pol Pot. We do not need prophetic messages to see that. I strongly believe that the Consecration of Russia needs to be done. Only when Mary is solemnly decared as the possessor of Russia (that is what a Consecration means) by the Pope and all the catholic bishops She will be able to free Russia from the evil that possesses her now.

  • Andrew Rabel

    Very well written Howard, and I agree with you entirely. However, the request for the collegial consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was on 13 June 1929, in Tuy, Spain. Our Lady made the request for the First Five Saturdays on 10 December 1925 in Pontevedra, Spain.

  • Anderson Thomas

    Howard! America and the whole world is awash in the putrid evils spread by Russia. Today the blood is flowing once again in the Ukraine where Russia murdered 30 million in the communist revelution. what about Crimea and Russia’s plan to march on Europe.and fly the red flag over St. Peters dome. Russia is promoting arming and protecting Islamic annihilation around the world. Stop working for the liars who are flat out lying about the consecration of Russia being done and excepted by heaven. all you have to do is open your eyes and see it ain’t been done yet. Satan has a army of so called friends of Fatima who are busy working night to dismiss the reality of Fatima until he has enough time to destroy the earth. Use a little common sense. Would the enemies of God and his Fatima need to send lackeys out to slander those who stand on the truth of Fatima. After all had it been done according to prescription the Fr Grunners out there would be be nothing except fringe lunatics, lacking credibility whatsoever. I stongly recomend a book written by Joseph Tereyela ” Witness” Joseph was the son of Stalin’s chef commissar in the Ukraine. He was a devote catholic mystic and martyr of the underground Ukrainian Rite catholic church.

  • mikew2873

    I feel like a James Bond Villian here…..2 years and counting. one year and 11 months and counting…one year and 10 months and counting………Another timng Fr Gruner points out is Lasallette..where Mary asked for the Consecration of France to the Immaculate heeart…that that was the Divine Plan…well any way the King of France did not consecrate France, not did the following kings…for 100 years this went on then after 100 years came the French Revolution..giltines and all….well were coming up to 100 years on Fatima…I am pretty sure God Gives kings and Popes 100 years to fufill his wishes…I am not sure God will give 101 years………One year ans 9 months and Counting….and Isis and Putin can see the Vatican from their house….

    • Pete Salveinini

      I believe that was NOT IN LA SALETTE but when Our Lord told St. Margaret Mary to have the King of France order the BISHOPS OF FRANCE to consecrate that nation to His Sacred Heart. This was at the end of the 17th century, a HUNDRED YEARS LATER, as you write, the French Revolution destroyed the French monarchy. Our Lord came to Sr. Lucia in the early 1940s and stated that His shepherds (pope and world bishops) had not done what His Mother requested (the consecration of RUSSIA not the world! and with the entire hierarchy) and WARNED THEM to look what happened to the Kings of France (destruction of the French monarchy in the historical line). IOW, THE DESTRUCTION OF THE ROMAN PAPACY, ie the PAPACY BEING IN ROME! WAS SOMETHING GOD WOULD PERMIT (just as in Israel was the destruction of the Temple). As you point out, TODAY RUSSIA IS A BIG PROBLEM, not just Putin invading Ukraine, BUT THE RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH (i.e. 85% of all Orthodoxy) OFFICIALLY IN SOLEMN SYNOD TEACHING THAT THERE IS NO NEED FOR A UNIVERSAL PRIMATE (A POPE) FOR THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH.That was 2 Decembers ago!

      • mikew2873

        I stand corrected. You are correct…Now Mary said that eventually the Immaculate Heart would triumph and that Russia would be converted but that it would be done late………so pray for 1) The Holy Father to make the Consecration of Russia by name or 2) For the Holy Father to Proclaim the 5th Marian Dogma of Mary being Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix and advocate……..Once either of these 2 things happen we are in the era of Peace and the triumph of the Immaculate heart has begun……until then though we pray and suffer with Christ.

  • michael patrick

    Howard — your two main points are very true and absolutely should be lived (where are the catholic priests that need to be shouting both from the rooftops????
    BUT BUT BUT — everything our Lady showed the children in fatima was CONNECTED to her explaining things to them (remember they were 7-9 yrs old!) SO, for the unbelievable vision that the Church revealed as the 3rd part of the secret NOT to have an accompanying explanation with it, is absurd.
    Also, please explain to me (all of us) why our Lady said, ” The Dogma of faith will always be kept in Portugal……..” It is obvious that she is leading to a statement that it will NOT be kept by other countries etc. Thus a major problem with the faith and teaching (dogma is the word SHE used) of the Church, living of the dogmas by the faithful — in the future – which has not yet happened. The triumph may have begun but we have a long and painful way to go before the renewal is fulfilled in the world and the Church. Yes, let us pray the rosary every day and it will become much clearer.

  • Peter

    Vatican’s chief exorcist, father Gabriel Amorth, was the organizer of the event in 1984 when pope John Paul II consecrated THE WORLD to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. During the ceremony he stood a few steps away from the pope. His testimony is quite clarifying about what happened. The video with his testimony can be found on youtube. The title of the video is: Father Amorth – Our Lady of Fatima.


    Geez, folks the most important issue we all face is when Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of All Nations stops appearing to us all. That’s when we can expect no hope for the world. God has unlimited patience but from what world events I’ve followed this world may qualify for another event akin to the Great Flood.

    Continue to debate this issue as if one knows more than the another. We know nothing. Only what’s fed to us through the media. There are events going on in this world we no nothing about. In time these events will surface. Will are Lady of All Nations still be blessing us with her presence. Lets ask ourselves this question.
    God help us all!!!

  • Diabolicaldisorentation

    I’m joining this discussion late in the game. I can relate to Antonio Socci, who himself believed the consecration had been performed as directed by Our Lady. However, like Socci, the deeper I dig the more questions that I have.

    The actual communique as released by the Holy See in February 1960 specifically stated that the “words” given by Our Lady that described the Third Secret may would most likely never be released. The vision has been revealed, no doubt. But, where are the “words” to accompany it? If Our Lady described the vision of hell, which is self-explanatory, one can deduce that she would describe a much more mysterious vision rather than leaving it open to interpretation.

    On that same note, it is well documented that Sr. Lucy could not write the Third Secret for a 2-3 month period of time. Our Lady had to appear to console and guide her. What could be worse than an actual vision of hell? It begs one to ask: if Sr. Lucy didn’t have any problem putting pen to paper to describe the vision of hell with the corresponding words of Our Lady which described it, then what could have been so horrifying that she literally could not bring herself to write it, even under the order of her bishop?

    Next, when asked what the “conversion of Russia” meant, Sr. Lucia reportedly stated that it meant the conversion of the Russian people to Roman Catholicism. If I’m mistaken please let me know. Looking at the numbers, I would say that hasn’t yet happened. In a country inhabited by 550,000,000 people, roughly 500,000 are Catholic. I think we can look to Guadalupe as a reference point here. In a span of 10 years, 9,000,000 people converted to the true faith.

    Lastly, I don’t think it was by coincidence that a gag order was issued on Sr. Lucy right before the year that the secret was to be released. Why? Because she wouldn’t stop speaking the truth. She said over and over that the consecration had not been performed as mandated by heaven. She needed to keep quiet. After all, it was “Blessed” Paul VI that said that she was just a simple peasant who liked to talk and write (I’m paraphrasing). This man is raised to the altars and Sr. Lucy is forgotten? A diabolical disorientation indeed. And, if you want me to believe the words of someone like Angelo Cardinal Sodano, who for decades shielded and protected the predator Fr. Marcial Maciel, that the vision simply was the failed attempt on the life of St. John Paul II, well, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale.

    • starrgazer

      Sister Lucia was fearless as a child, willing to be boiled in oil, in order not to offend Our Lady. Now you think she would lie that Heaven accepted the consecration that St. John Paul II made in 1984 by gag orders? This doesn’t seem at all plausible given her strength of character. The consecration has been made. Please start promoting the 5 first Saturdays – it’s we ordinary Catholics in the pews who are not doing them in sufficient numbers to satisfy heaven in order to bring about the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart. You are dividing people and offending Our Lord by not believing the truth of Sister Lucia herself.

      • Howard Kainz

        Exactly. Sr. Lucia confirmed several times that the consecration was accepted by heaven. The “buck” doesn’t stop with the Pope obeying Fr. Gruner’s demand for re-consecration, but with Catholics in the pews on the five first Saturdays and saying the rosary.

        • mikew2873

          Mr Kainz. It is not Fr Gruner you are arguing with it is Mary’s request that the consecration of Russia by name be made..so getting mad at Fr Gruner is childish and infantile….if however you want to go option B and Bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart and the era of Peace have the Holy Father Proclaim the 5th Marian Dogma….Mary Mediatrix , Co Redemptrix and Advocate…….Option B will work just fine….in the end Mary said the Triump of the Immaculate Heart would happen but it would be done late………the latter we make it the more suffering we go through and people like me get to be the James Bond Villan…2 years and counting,,, One year and 10 months and counting etc…

          • Howard Kainz

            Sr. Lucia, in 1989, wrote: “Publicly, in union with those bishops who wished to associate themselves with His Holiness, he [Pope John Paul II made the consecration in the way in which the Blessed Virgin had wished that it should be made.” In fact, she stated in 2001 that whenever her convent would receive a petition from Gruner and company to redo the consecration, she “simply threw it away.”
            To Fr. Gruner’s credit, as I mentioned earlier, he doesn’t fault Russia regarding the current conflict in the Ukraine, but the U.S. and NATO for risking a third world war by their current policy towards Russia.

          • mikew2873

            Cardinal Bertone, and before him Cardinal Angelo Sodano were hugh cover up artists…..We cant prove anyting till we get to heaven but their is a belief that Cardinal Bertone had an imposter of Sister Lucia say those things, and the real Sr Lucia was in a cloister not allowed to speak, under penality of obedience. But You believe what you believe and I will believe what I will believe…knowing the cover up artist and possible Freemason that Cardinal Bertone was……what I do agree with you on is Sl Lucia is a saint, who was faithful in obidence to the Chuch. When Cardinal Bertone and the other Secretary of States like Angelo Sodao put her in silence and would not let anyone see her St Lucia was faithfully obident to the Catholic Church.. So for those that wanted to control the message like Angelo Sodan , Cardianl Bertone, and others they were able to control the message………..now look at the fruits…and maybe things are going to have to get a whole lot more perilious before (some) decide to wake up….(( option C is Annihilation of nations and we only know that Portugal will be guarenteed to survive…the rest is fair game))…their are 2 ways to learn to do gods will. One is prayer and wisdom, the second option is pain and suffering…..or even God’s Mercy and Justice…..I hold out hope that we can get though this without Chastisements…..but you never know…pain is a great teacher…….and As for Cardinal Bertone, Angelo Sodano, Father Fox etc…..I am they will get what is coming to them on the other side

  • ConsecrateRussia

    The Consecration of Russia has not been and the Pope know it. But it will be done, however, late.

  • $139892560

    This is a really good article!!

  • cephas2

    The Five First Saturdays is a wonderful devotion that every Catholic parish should embrace – however it is my belief that the likes of Fr Gruner and his ilk put off ordinary Catholic priests as they don’t want to be associated with any weirdness or indeed with movements linked to priests who are not in good standing with the Church (and rightly so!)
    Meanwhile, Our Lady is being left undefended and many graces go unclaimed.

  • tom bordeau

    This article “NOW IS THE TIME! by Cathy Pearson
    CONTROVERSY CONSECRATING RUSSIA WILL HELP, NOT HARM, CATHOLIC-ORTHODOX DIALOGUE . A wonderful article on the consecration – on what’s to lose to consecrate Russia, now that communism has been defeated.

  • Joe

    I understand the Authors point of view but I believe he is mistaken. His point about “Russia spreading their errors throughout the world” is more geopolitical but ignores the spiritual reality. See how far America has fallen into sin. Communism has indeed infected America. The Consecration has not been done. St. Pope John Paul II’s consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was a stop gap, a time extender if you will. In my understanding Sr. Lucia never said that the request was fulfilled but rather that Heaven has accepted the consecration completed by St. Pope John Paul II. If you remember also St. Pope John Paul II also said once that the grace for renewal in the Church wasn’t present. He was a mystic, in my opinion, and saw that the renewal of the Church would come later. If you remember the request was not only for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart but also the first five Saturdays. Measure my friends, measure. Once the measure required by God is filled than the Pope will be able to Consecrate Russia. I know many trusted authors who believe it has been completed. One should never say definitely it has or it hasn’t. There is a difference between I believe it has versus It most certainly has been accomplished. Accepted is not the same thing as fulfilled. There is reasoning behind the confusion even among faithful Catholics and we should not let has it, has it not become a division among us. For then we miss the point all together. Let no man create division among his Brethren. However, my understanding is that there is a heavenly reason why it has to be Russia specifically. It delves into spiritual realities that we are not fully aware of yet. And the consecration in full is not allowed to be completed prior to the measure of First Saturdays, conversion and repentance as required by our Lord. In the very near future Russia will be an initial aggressor, but once the world sees things much differently, when peoples eyes are opened and people in masses turn to God and repent, soon then the measure will be met and Russia will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I don’t say these things light heartedly. I say them having studied [to the best of my ability] the different opinions and current situation in the world. I believe [not definitively but assured] that the Consecration to Russia has yet to be completed. What can we do to hearken the Consecration. Pray, Repent, First Saturdays. When the events begin that will show the need for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart one should not hold fast to the idea that it already has been completed out of some self proof for other virtues in their life. With faith and an open heart we must turn and see what the Lord is doing. We are all in need of reproof and refining. We all too have pieces of the puzzle that the Lord has given to us. Lights if you will that are intended to shine. Some shine bright and will shine bright during the days of darkness and some in need of a little polishing. We should not fear what is to come for we have a faithful Mother [Mary] who will provide for our every [and I mean every] need.

  • Steve

    Russia – highest abortion rate.

  • TobiasRaphael1

    Mr. Kainz, You should be more respectful in your tone when speaking about a faithful priest in good standing with the Church (Fr. Gruner).
    I had met Fr. Gruner at a conference many years ago and he seemed to be willing and very patient in discussing things concerning the Faith and the Fatima message.
    If you want to end the “conspiracy theory” of Fr. Gruner, why don’t you invite him to do a Q & A on youtube with you. Each of you can present your position and ask each other questions. Let the evidence, facts and arguments make the case. Isn’t this the way Catholics have resolved issues like these in the past and are also told to act according to this manner in Holy Scripture when dealing with a brother/adversary?

  • Peter

    Indeed, “accepted” is not the same as “fulfilled”. Jesus explained to Sr. Lucia why He wanted a public ceremony in which the Pope, in unity with all the Catholic bishops, would consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In May 1936, in the course of an intimate communication, Lucia asked Our Lord why He would not convert Russia without these two so difficult conditions:
    that Russia should be the sole object of the consecration;
    and that this consecration should be made by all the bishops of the world, on the same day, each bishop doing so in his own cathedral in a solemn public ceremony.
    Jesus replied: ‘Because I wish all of My Church to recognize this consecration as a triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in order thereafter, to extend and place alongside devotion to My Divine Heart, devotion to this Immaculate Heart.’
    The key to world peace is given by Jesus through His Mother to the Roman Catholic Church. But it is the Church who still has to discover and recognize that Mary is the Mediatrix of All Graces and Coredemptrix. The Consecration of Russia and the effects of this Consecration will clearly show the role of Mary in God’s plan of salvation to the Church and to all mankind.
    In the end the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph and everyone will know how much we owe to our Mother!

  • Alex

    The West exhausted itself morally and comes to its logical end as world leading civilization. Fatima predicted it. Russia with its Christian (non Catholic) heritage and culture far superior to the Western one, will rule the world as the Third Rome. Francis is the last pope, according to Malachi.

    • TobiasRaphael1

      Russia was Catholic first before it went orthodox. That is the point of why Our Lady spoke of the conversion of Russia … i.e. back to the Catholic Faith… Her Son’s Church.

  • Peter

    The moral ‘supremacy’ of Russia to the West is a Potemkin village. Expert Pew polling shows that there has been an upswing in affiliation with the Russian Orthodox Church as the share of Russian adults identifying themselves as Orthodox increased from 31 percent to 72 percent between 1991 and 2008. Despite the increase in religious identification, no more than about one in ten Russians say they attend
    religious services at least once per month. One out of ten Russians going to church once a month is hardly the massive surge in religious conversion asone might expect from Our Lady’s Fatima promise.
    Not to speak about the abortion rate and the abuse of alcohol, the corruption and the total disrespect for human rights in Russia.
    Russia needs conversion and the West needs conversion. We are all in the same boat and we all need God’s Mercy.

  • john

    So all this fella wants is 5 minutes of time from the bishops and the Pope?

  • Mary’s servant

    I recommend you read locutions.org to understand what is lacking in the Fatima present that we have failed to open! The Woman Clothed with the Sun will explain everything.

  • Drolla

    Conversion of Russia would mean the people would become Eastern Rite or Roman Catholic under the Pope and say the Rosary devoutly. The good works and transformation would flow from their change of heart. Are we there yet?

  • Frank Malpocker

    Above is not the 3rd secrete. John the 23rd chose to not disclose it saying it has nothing to do with his pontificate. But it does. That corruption starts at the top of the Vatican. How do we know this? Our Lady of Akita said so after the antiPope John 23rd, squashed the secrete. He was seen in a photo the 1940’s in street closes entering a Free Mason meeting in Paris.Cardinal Siri was to be the Pope in 1959, but was threatened and intimidated after his election, with Catholic murders in Communist countries. This is all documented, but in the end, Our Lady will save Our Church from the Free Masons filling her church with communists and gays! Be vigilent and patients!

    • Howard Kainz

      Our Lady of Akita never said Pope John XXIII was an anti-pope. You seem to be awash in conspiracy theories.

  • Carolyn C

    Considering the push toward war with Russia, what could it hurt for the Pope and the Bishops to say a 5 minute prayer to Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Prayer is powerful. Seriously, how glorious it would be for the Holy Father and the Bishops to pray for Russia, for the conversion of the World. Even if you think the Consecration took place, how could one not want the Pope and the Bishops to pray a public prayer in front of the whole world. What a beautiful example the shepherd could set – to show the world our love and our total dependence on Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother.

  • johnny warry

    I would like to comment paragraph by paragraph as follows:
    para. 3
    On Dec. 10.1925, Our Lady spoke of the Five First Saturdays, not the Consecration of Russia. That was spoken of in her apparition to Sr. Lucia on June 13, 1929.
    para. 4 & 5
    When Pope John Paul II carried out the consecration on March 25, 1984, he consecrated only the world, not specifically Russia, as Our Lady stipulated. Besides, though he requested or invited the bishops of the world to join him in this consecration, he did not “order” them. Many of the bishops had no interest in joining him. That very day, the Pope, in his spontaneous remarks during the scripted Consecration and later in St. Peter’s in the afternoon in the presence of about 10,000 people, that his consecration did not fulfill the demands of Heaven. The following year, in an interview with a Portuguese magazine, Sr. Lucia herself said that the Consecration was not carried out as Heaven wanted. This ought to be evident to all, as the promised effects — the conversion of Russia and a period of peace — were not granted to the world. However, the consecration of “the world” did result in some blessing to the world, but not the promised ones.
    para 7
    Sr. Lucia did NOT send the so-called Third Secret to the Vatican in 1957. Sr. Lucia sent it to her bishop, at his expressed order which she asked him to give her, by Jan. 9, 1944. He held it until 1957, at which time the Vatican requested it. As to the secret itself, she didn’t reveal it to her bishop, but wrote it down in two parts: a description of the vision in her notebook and, on a one page sheet, the words of Our Lady explaining the vision. This last she sealed in an envelope on which she wrote that it was to be opened — at the expressed wish of Our Lady — no later than the year 1960. Her bishop never read either the notebook nor the one sheet explanation as he didn’t want to be responsible for the knowledge it contained.
    para. 8
    Various Popes and other privileged individuals read the Third Secret over the years. These were sworn to secrecy, however, not to reveal the wording of the Third Secret. But, over the years, many spoke “around” the actual words. If attention was being paid, an individual could come up with a pretty good idea of what the words of Our Lady revealed.
    para. 9
    The primary purpose in Our Lady coming to earth was the salvation of souls, many of whom were being lost in Hell for all eternity. She wanted people to stop offending Her Son by sin, and — in all six of Her appearances — requested that people pray the Rosary every day.
    para. 12
    The Immaculate Conception is a dogma of the Roman Catholic Church. That is, it MUST be believed by Roman Catholics. That the Protestants do not accept doesn’t change that fact.
    para. 13
    There is no reason for Protestants to assume that Our Lord had siblings. They err in this regard as the word often translated as “brothers” or “brethren” is the same word used to denote cousins.
    para. 14
    Honoring Our Lady is NOT detrimental to faith in Christ. After all, even Our Lord honored His own mother. Our Lady NEVER points to Herself; She always points and leads us to Her Son.
    para. 17
    The most important request of Our Lady was for each of us to stop sinning for Her Son is “already much offended”. She also asked us to pray, especially for sinners, because “many souls go to Hell because they have no one to pray for them”. That is, to pray for them while they are still alive in this world. She and Her Son also wanted the devotion of the Five First Saturdays spread throughout the Church, but it has not been widely promoted by the clergy.
    para. 19
    The Pope does not have to “redo” the consecration of Russia. The consecration of Russia has never yet been carried out as Heaven stipulated: by the Pope, joined by all the bishops of the Catholic Church, on the same day, at the same time. This the Pope would have to “order” under some severe penalty for non-compliance on the part of any bishop who was capable of joining him. In return for the consecration being so carried out, Heaven promised the conversion of the Russian people and a period of peace for the world. This immediate conversion would not necessarily include ALL Catholics to begin with.
    para. 20
    What makes you think that Russia is NOT persecuting Christians and not continuing to “spread its errors throughout the world”? How many people realize that Russia was the first so-called civilized country to legally allow abortion? What Our Lady asks, therefore, is for each of us to stop committing sin, say the Rosary each day, carry out the Five First Saturday devotion, spread Her message given at Fatima, reveal the ENTIRE Third Secret, and — most importantly — consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart as She commanded. Until these are done, we will never attain peace in this world. Our time is running out. We must act before it is too late to stave off the chastisement which approaches. Thank you for listening!

  • Leo D.

    So if I were to guess at the Third Secret it would be related to the Renewal of Christ’s Church with the Blood of Martyrs and a Chastisement. After this we all know of the Anti Christ right?

  • RobertRoyal

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