Homosexuality in Romans One

In his Letter to the Romans, Saint Paul starts by greeting “all the beloved of God in Rome.” The next words he uses, however, qualify that greeting: “called to be holy.” The community is called to be holy – the whole reason for the letter and for the existence of the Roman community in the first place.

It is also the premise on which his subsequent teaching is based. Paul has teaching credentials, “the grace of apostleship” and he offers the Gospel, which “is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.” Salvation, meaning freedom from sin and union with God, includes becoming holy through God. Only the holy can be united with the holy God.

Next Paul explains the nature of God and of the humanity that he sustains in existence and relates to in grace. Mankind is in desperate straits. His situation is not neutral but rather man’s thoughts, words, and actions are marred by sin: “all have sinned and are deprived of the glory of God.”

The nature and effects of this sin are then described. After which Paul offers the answer to this situation: “in [the Gospel] is revealed the righteousness of God.” Righteousness and holiness are the nature of God himself. So God is not neutral in this relationship either.

Now through this Gospel comes righteousness for mankind. In fact, a human “who is righteous by faith will live.” He/she can unite with the righteous God. Paul knew he was quoting scripture but left no clue where the words come from.

The Letter to the Hebrews says: “my just one shall live by faith, and if he draws back I take no pleasure in him.” (Hebrews 10:38) This is the same idea, namely that the relation with God is interpersonal, that mankind’s side of the relationship is based on faith, uniting the just with the just One in eternal life, but starting already in this world where they live in faith. Interestingly, faith involves the whole person, body and soul. The alternative to a faith relationship is the prospect of men and women “holding back,” and thus becoming unjust, body and soul.

How to describe the injustice? Fundamentally, justice is related to truth, the truth of who God is, of what a relationship with him means and that this truth is already expressed in the way things are created to function. None of these truths is a human construct and so not a single one of them is open to the treatment of “what I would like it to be,” but rather rests on “what can be known about God [and] is evident. . .because God made it evident.” The impious or wicked – his words – deny this truth. In fact, they go further – and “suppress this truth.”

The Apostle Paul by Rembrandt, c. 1857 [National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.]
The Apostle Paul by Rembrandt, c. 1657 [National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.]

Living in faith, body and soul, means acknowledging the whole truth of existence – one of the meanings of “Catholic” – and not just selected bits of it. For the human being, acknowledging this truth, body and soul, in its entirety “accord[s] him glory as God [and] give[s] him thanks.” Thus fulfilling the relationship with God.

Paul has not mentioned feelings at all. Instead the highest power of the soul, the reason, is given its full responsibility. It learns what is genuinely good from revelation and it guides the will to do that good. This is the authentic human being operating authentically body and soul!

Alternatively one can suppress this truth and then people “bec[o]me vain in their reasoning, and their senseless minds [are] darkened.” Or again: “They exchange the truth of God for a lie and revere and worship the creature rather than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” In short, they become idolaters in their souls.

Here is the central question in this chapter of Romans – holiness or idolatry in body and soul? Man cannot pose artificial limits on the consequences of his actions. Instead, the Almighty God is the intimate ground of every human action (starting in the soul and expressed in the body) and is worshipped in the positive carrying out of action from that ground, which is where the positive moral worth of the act lies. My gratification is not the issue!

The consequences of this idolatry? Paul again: “God handed them over to degrading passions. Their females exchanged natural relations for unnatural, and the males likewise gave up natural relations with females and burned with lust for one another.” The idolatry in the soul passes over to idolatry in the body.

Finally, by these activities such women and men degrade themselves by going against the order of created reality. Furthermore, a whole culture develops based on their “undiscerning mind[s]” comprising people who “not only do [these things] but give approval to those who practice them” as well.

This is not the only kind of idolatry that arises, because there are many, many ways to deny the truth of existence. For example, people become “filled with every form of wickedness, evil, greed, and malice; full of envy, murder, rivalry, treachery, and spite. They are gossips and scandalmongers and they hate God.” And they all promote cultures that support their particular vice. In short, there is a whole panoply of idolatry that is possible once one goes against the truth of existence that leads us to God.

Some today think that’s only a view current 2000 years ago. But the truth of existence is ever the same. And the result of ignoring it – as we now see all around us – is pretty much always the same too.

Bevil Bramwell, OMI

Bevil Bramwell, OMI

Fr. Bevil Bramwell, OMI, PhD is the former Undergraduate Dean at Catholic Distance University. His books are: Laity: Beautiful, Good and True; The World of the Sacraments; Catholics Read the Scriptures: Commentary on Benedict XVI’s Verbum Domini, and, most recently, John Paul II's Ex Corde Ecclesiae: The Gift of Catholic Universities to the World.

  • Thank you Fr. Bramwell! The “truth” that escapes many. Without God and the proper understanding of him and there is idolatry and all that comes with it. With this understanding, one is not surprised to hear of the intimate links between the homosexual movement and Nazism.
    The converse is also true, e.g. in our day and age, it can be asked of those even within the Church refusing to condemn and some even advocating for approving the practice of homosexuality and same-sex unions whether they have any faith.

  • Mike

    the more things change the more they stay the same…and ppl say the bible is dated!

  • JayRobThom

    Worthy of another OMI writer, the late Francis Cardinal George. More frequent exposition of how idolatry generates the Sodomarchy that governs public discourse, and how the order of sorship of wealth under the guise of ‘free markets’ would not go amiss.

  • Craig Payne

    Perhaps everyone reading this could print it off as a homily suggestion for priests and pastors?

  • Chrismanchester

    St Paul is not talking about homosexuality as understood today. He quite specifically refers to men and women who ‘gave up’ relations with the opposite sex to practice same-sex behaviours. They went against their own heterosexual orientation. But this has nothing to do with people whose orientation is homosexual. It would be just as ‘unnatural’ for them to turn towards the opposite sex as vice-versa.

    • GaryLockhart

      That’s quite the relativist knot you’ve tied yourself into in a vain attempt to show how “enlightened” you are as to what St. Paul really meant, ignoring, yet again, St. Peter’s oft ignored warning

      “And account the longsuffering of our Lord, salvation; as also our most dear brother Paul, according to the wisdom given him, hath written to you: As also in all his epistles, speaking in them of these things; in which are certain things hard to be understood, which the unlearned and unstable wrest, as they do also the other scriptures, to their own destruction. ” 2 Peter 3:15-16

    • Rusty

      Sigh. “…as understood today…”??????

      Nonsense. Before modernity, there were no such things as “heterosexual” or “homosexual” orientations. They are a modern construct, designed to separate sexual behaviours from moral precepts.

      Being attracted to sin is a condition all humans experience. The sin of those who act upon their attraction to sexual relations with members of the same sex is called fornication.

      It is just as “against nature” as sexual activity outside marriage between members of the opposite sex, because it fails to uphold the obligation to be open to new human life and supportive of that life in a sacramental relationship amongst the lovers and God.

    • Nathan Krause

      There’s nothing natural about same sex attraction. It is totally against natural law. Don’t be a victim of the dictatorship of moral relativism.

    • Robert

      So let me get this straight: if I have no genetic predisposition to alcoholism, but I become repeatedly drunk, beating my wife and terrorizing my family, that is bad; but if do have a genetic predisposition to alcoholism, and I become repeatedly drunk, beating my wife and terrorizing my family, then that’s just fine, because I’m being “who God made me to be”?

    • Chris in Maryland

      This is the very definition of folly.

    • samton909

      You keep telling yourself that.

  • Rich in MN

    Thank you, Fr. Bramwell. And thank you, Combox Troll Screener, whoever you are. If this column had been posted on any number of other websites, the combox would have already been filled with a few dozen “Fr. Bramwell, I really liked your other columns, but this one was just hurtful and lacked sensitivity and compassion….” To use a basketball term: Satan relies on many useful fools to run his “full-court press.”

  • Michael Dowd

    Very good Fr. Bramwell. Our concern today is how far societal norms have fallen, having now reached the level last seen in Sodom and Gomorrah and pagan Rome. Practicing homosexuality is no longer considered by the majority of people as the gross perversion that it is, but as a normal expression of ‘love/lust’ between the partners. And now this normalization process, God forbid, may even be a matter for consideration at the coming Synod on the Family. Say it ain’t so Pope Francis.

    • It is actually worse [than the pagan nations] because these are people and nations that once knew God.

  • rjclarkson

    Part of the problem with the Church hierarchy’s attacks on the homosexuals in and outside the Body of Christ is the perception of much of the laity that the teaching magisterium has its own history to deal with on sexual issues. Is it the pot calling the kettle black ? Is it flailing its accusatory arms and fingers to divert attention from its own historical fleshpots ? My own eyes were first opened as a Catholic student when I read Boccaccio’s Decameron . It was written in the 1300’s. Finally just this week , the Pope established the mechanism for judging the hierarchy’s actions in properly monitoring clerical paedophilia . The old proverb constantly comes to mind : “Do what I say , not what I do .”
    I remember the Prophet Micah’s comments on the Downfall of Present Leaders (Micah 3: 3-4 ) : ” They eat the flesh of my people, and flay their skin from them , and break their bones. They chop them in pieces like flesh in a kettle , and like meat in a caldron . When they cry to the Lord , he shall not answer them ; rather shall he hide his face from them at that time , BECAUSE OF THE EVIL THEY HAVE DONE .” (emphasis added ) The people of Ireland have spoken . The United States Supreme Court will speak soon . Much of Catholic Europe , as well as Central and South America , have spoken . It is important that the magisterium clean up its own charnel-house of misconduct before the faithful will give its opinions the gravitas it tells the laity it deserves . I come from an old recusant family that came to America following the Protestant Reformation in England ; if you can’t convince my family (Catholic for more than a thousand years ) of the righteousness of your “proofs ” then the apologetical barriers you face are truly daunting . Fr. Bramwell , have you been preaching only to your small choir ?

    • Therese

      Ah, but isn’t choosing to do the right thing the requirement for of us – even when leaders fail? We can NOT use someone else’s behavior to excuse our own!

    • Rusty

      Again, this is completely beside the point. If the standard people apply when deciding what to believe is the behaviour of sinful human beings, then they are already putting man before God. Hypocrisy will have its own just reward, but it also has nothing to do with what is true.

    • Chris in Maryland

      Perhaps I don’t fully understand the point you are trying to express, but are you smarting perhaps because Fr. Bramwell may be preaching to you?
      Or perhaps you agree that the re-paganized Irish have spoken as faithful followers of Michael Ledwith and his enabling Bishops like Diarmuid Martin, while the faithful Irish have remained in Jesus?

    • Arden Abeille

      This is the tragedy of scandal. However, the other side of that is that, if we are to wait until each individual in the church is perfectly free of hypocrisy before we will listen to the church’s teachings, then we will be waiting, quite literally, until kingdom come. Just because your doctor smokes (and so many, astonishingly, do!), does not mean that his advice to quit should be ignored. We have much to learn from these imperfect people, even as they struggle–as do we all–with their own crosses.

    • Diane

      Everyone needs to understand that it was not clerical pedophilia, it was a homosexual priest abuse scandal, since over 90% of the abusive priests were/are homosexual. It is what NAMbLA is all about, man, boy relationships. This organization wants the age limit for consent to go down to 8 years of age. The media, for far too long, who supports homosexuality, has ridiculed the Catholic Church for this abuse, when, in reality, it is homosexual abuse. This does not help their agenda to try to advance and support the homosexual lifestyle. IT IS WHAT IT IS. The depravity, sinfulness and ugliness of sodomy.

      • donjohn9

        Homosexuality is not a crime. These priests committed crimes precisely because it was pedophilia. Boys or girls, it’s still children. But the bigger crime was not the sex with children, it was the bishops hiding it and re assigning those priests fully knowing that they would continue to do it. The conspiracy to derail official investigations and assassinate the characters of the many victims who came forward made the church itself an accessory to these crimes, and that is not sexual in nature.

        The church’s moral pulpit has been severely weakened. Benedict bought them time but even he knew he was not up to the task of rebuilding a weakened and morally corrupt hierarchy. Francis issued some directives on handling this but it may be too little. He may be buying for time as the bishops and cardinals responsible for allowing these priests to continue their depraved activities die off, protecting the church from airing more dirty laundry.

        I’ll say one thing, if anyone can get the church out of the mess they have dug themselves into, it’s Pope Francis.

        • ThereseZ

          You’re forgetting that in the 1950’same thru the 1970’s, psychologists and counselors told them to get the priest some counselling, and move him for a fresh start. Same for schoolteachers. We know better now, but then it was just a temporary loss of control. I’m not excusing it but I do know it was more complicated than reported today ,

          • veritasetgratia

            I fully support what you are saying Therese. In the period 1970’s and 1980’s there was a therapeutic attitude around suggesting that what criminals needed was therapy not prison sentences. Judges were castigated for handing out stiff sentences. This same psychological therapeutic attitude affected how the Hierarchy administered their care of their priests as well. Priest abusers were sent for rehabilitation on the recommendation of Psychologists who then handed them back to their Bishops. Society got sick of light sentences with criminals and with the escalating rise in crime; at least in our country, people began demanding stiffer prison terms for offenders. The belief in ‘rehabilitation will fix everyone’ attitude passed. So anyone can do the research and see that at the same time that Bishops were moving ‘rehabilitated’ priest-offenders to new locations, secular institutions were doing the same!!! Certainly, it is no excuse, but a movement like that swept through society a few decades ago, I wonder how long will another new ‘belief’ such as ‘marriage between a man and a woman only is discriminatory’ take to percolate through society????

        • TomD

          donjohn9, the sexual abuse in the Church was not primarily pedophilia. This mischaracterization of the sexual abuse is made repeatedly by many, including in the media.

          According to the initial 2004 John Jay study, the median age of the sexual abuse victim, in the time period studied from 1950 to 2002, was 14/15. And 83% of the abuse was male sexual abuser/male sexual abuse victim.

          The sexual abuse victims were primarily post-pubescent, adolescent boys . . . not pre-pubescent children. It was hebephilia, typical of attraction to adolescents from 11-14 years old, and ephebophilia, typical of attraction to adolesents from 15-19 years old. It was not pedophilia. Those male authority figures who perpetrated these sexual crimes were primarily attracted to older adolescent boys.

          • Rick

            I look at it as a direct assault on the next generation of priests. These boys were active in the Church, and many were altar servers. It is the devotion to our Lord from service at the altar in the old Rite that many young men discover their calling to the priesthood. The Devil is oh so wise. He uses a theologically and spiritually weakened priesthood corrupted by the lax standards that started prior to Vatican II in the European seminaries and Catholic Universities, (See Rahner, Kung, and the like) which went into over drive when they changed the the mass (Bugnini), seminary training, and Rites for the religious orders. When the windows were flung open at Vatican II a whole lot of evil was allowed to enter the Church, we are still paying for it. Thankfully young men are finding security and authentic Catholic teaching in the Traditionally oriented seminaries and orders that are developing, going back to that which was Holy and pleasing to God. You will know them by their fruits has been my greatest measuring stick of that which is Holy. Those orders and schools that develope preist and religious vocations are those that are pleasing to God. Those orders and seminaries that are being shuttered and dioceses that do not have vocations are dying on the vine, they are not doing God’s will.

          • Chris in Maryland

            In TWO wordS – they were homosexual PREDATORS.

        • Thomas J. Hennigan

          You seem to have all the recipes for how to get rid of the evil you find in the church, especially in Cardinals and bishops. I assume you are not perfect. Why don’t you start by reforming your own life, which is what Jesus invites us all to do (see Mark 1,15). What did they saints do when they found corruption in the Church. For instance, St. Ignatius of Loyola, who lived in Rome for 16 years. Rome at the time was not a great example of virtue, not even in the lives of popes and cardinals. Check out what St. Philip Neri. St. Charles Borromeo. St. Teresa of Avila, whose last words were “I die a daughter of the Church”, did. Did any of them go on a tirade against the corruption in the Church?

          As for Pope Francis “getting the Church ouf the the mess they have duge themselves into”, I pity him. The Church does not belong to the Pope or anyone else. It belongs to the Lord.

        • Danielck

          Homosexuality is a crime. That is exactly what we are talking about here. It is a crime against humanity and the sexuality between a man and a woman that God created.

        • Chris in Maryland


          You agree, I assume, that homosexual acts, like fornication and adultery, are mortal sins.

          The Report on the Crisis in the Church in the US says that >80% of the sex abuse cases were homo-sexual abuse, and the vast majority of teenage boys and older.

          Asserting that Pope Francis will clean up the homosexual abuse crisis seems without foundation. It is sobering to realize that Pope Francis called Cardinal Daaneels of Belgium out of retirement to be a prime member of the committee organizing the so-called “Synod-on-the-Family.”

          You are probably unaware that Cardinal Daaneels was caught on audio tape trying to cover up the homo-sexual abuse of one of his favorite Bishops. And when Cardinal Daaneels was challenged on this, he defended himself in the press by stating that he himself had a homosexual relationship with his own nephew. Daaneels is helping set the agenda for the so-called “Synod-on-the-Family,” the one that was manipulated last fall and made a mockery of the Church by stating that the Church needs to recognized the special gifts offered to us by homosexuals.

          Benedict was hated and scorned by conniving Bishops, clergy and laity. This was probably because he forced over 400 priests out of the priesthood because of sexual abuse. He also forced the resignation of several Bishops from Ireland.

          Benedict was taking these predators to task. Francis seems to be recruiting them.

        • Diane

          It was not pedophilia. The liberal media, and the Church, which has become liberal, with all of the liberal clergy, wants everyone to believe that, as if that somehow makes it better. It doesn’t! If they call it pedophilia it can be explained away as a crime or an illness. It DOES NOT fit the homosexual agenda that is being forced on our society. Homosexuality is a crime against God, Nature, the Catholic teachings of Jesus Christ, The Holy Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Doctrines of the Catholic Church. In addition to the Holy Sacrament of Marriage. Also the homosexual agenda promotes abortion. The last time I looked, murder is a crime. Abortion, to them, is sexual freedom, how evil is that?

        • Dave

          The Church really has no moral authority based on the people in the Church and never had any, other than the authority given Her by Christ. What the human members of the Church do has no bearing on this.

      • Rick

        Between the homosexual assault on the young men in the Church, the progressive theology and the destruction of the mass in the Church since Vatican II the leadership has lost almost all credibility with the faithful. Only those individual priests and bishops that have faught to uphold the traditional teachings and practice of the Church are worth listening to, they are the true shepherds. The rest are the wolves so often talked about in the New Testiment. Beware of the Lavender Wolves.

    • samton909

      The Supreme Court will speak soon, and they are going to say “no”

      • patrick oconnor

        keep dreaming!

    • Thomas J. Hennigan

      Since when are moral issues decided by means of referendum or laws approved by parliaments? Check out what Jesus had to say when most of his followers were unwilling to accept what he taught, and you can hardly say that he didn’t practice what he preached: What about you¡ Do you want to go away too? (John 6,67). I see you are good at throwing mud at the hierarchy. How about the apostles? One of them betrayed Jesus for wretched money, the the love of which is source of all evil. The leader denied he even knew him not before the governor or the high priest but before a slave girl. The rest fled for their lives. Maybe the Church is not up to your standards of perfection. I thank the Lord that he didn’t create a perfect world or a perfect Church. If he had, there would be little room for most of us in it.

    • veritasetgratia

      rjc, are you saying that no one may carry God’s message to another unless he, the messenger is first perfect and without sin? I have come across the same argument before, where at that time, the researcher was surveying mothers who had lived through the wild 1960’s and now had teenage daughters, and the question some of them were posing, was ‘do I have the right to restrain/control and disapprove my young adult’s sexual behaviour when I myself was not lily white at the same age?’ The answer has to be the same to the Bishops as to the mothers. each situation is new and has a moral component with a choice attached to it – to do good or evil. Human beings are going to sin and fall short, but we should not be overcome by our weaknesses because Christ came to tell us the truth about what we are and about How He can help us after each fall. So, whilst some Bishops failed in justice, compassion and prudence in their dealing with sexual abusers, they can still be moral leaders in this struggle to support marriage, and the laity would thank God for them!

  • DebraBrunsberg

    To those who wish to live their lives in truth, the truth of God, this is so easy to understand. To those who wish to live only by their own subjective truth or to deny God, they will never get it. One has to first understand that He is GOD and we are not.

  • monica

    Thank you, Father Bramwell. The Truth never changes.

  • A J MacDonald Jr


  • kendallpeak

    So now you are saying people are born homosexual, but they didn’t used to be born homosexual in Paul’s day. Your “argument” shows the desperation man has to justify his actions using any amount of illogic possible.

  • Thomas J. Hennigan

    There is no such thing as ” Today we are talking about mutual, shared love between a committed couple.” among people with same sex attraction. Facts are stubborn and it is still ( I say “still” despite the tremendous politically motivated campaign to the contrary) the vast majority of normal people a certain amount of common sense know that sexual attraction expressed toward a member of the same sex is not normal, and that the body was not made for sodomy. Until recently it was universally considered as a pathology, which is what it is, not an “alternative lifestyle”. In fact, a homosexual in Holland did a study of the so called committed couples and he found that the practically don’t exist and this is logical considering what homosexuality actually is.
    Please check out what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say on the matter, which is not optional for a Catholic, as I assume you are Catholic as you are in this website. # 2357-2359. “Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which preseent homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity, traditon has always declared that “homosexual acts are intrinsically dsodered”. They are ocntrary to the natural law…” Now if someone suffers from this tendency, he or she is obliged to resist it and putting their trust in God, in prayer and sacrifice and the practice of the sacraments strive to live the life of grace which is what every Catholic is called to do with the help of the pastoral activity of the Church. Of course, there are support groups such as Courage which are a great help in this respect. Feelings are not sinful unless they are allowed to develop into acts of vice. The Catechism also rejects disctimination against these people.

    As for a concept of “homosexual orientation”, it is not clear that such truly exists or what it actually consists in.

  • samton909

    Oh, come on. You need to understand that almost all gay marriage couples have sex outside their relationship. This is because they “burn with lust” for others. this causes enormous stress in gay relationships, and many psychologists who counsel gay couples have them make an agreement on when the cheating can occur.

    Please, let’s stop all this nonsense about committed gay couples. They mean something entirely different by the word. Things are completely different, and morality is destroyed over on that wild side. Just do a google search on the matter.

  • Danielck

    How do you know what Paul was speaking about? And how do you know that there was no concept of homosexual orientation then? You make some very, very bold statements without any sources for your information. It is not o.k. to be a homosexual, it is not o.k. to be a murderer, and it is not o.k. to be a sinner. We are called to be much more.

  • Graytown

    Nice try Patric

  • Graytown


  • GrahamUSA

    There comes a point in confronting the 21st century civil rights establishment — in all its manifestations — where it must be asked: is how something is being done what is being done? Can anyone deny that in the past decade the movements’ actions have become uglier and uglier? And at the heart of it is contempt for the Roman Catholic Church. Sadly too many in the institutions of the Church refuse to acknowledge this.

    • RainingAgain

      The various “rights organisations” are only dupes. The underlying objective is the destruction of the Catholic Church. The next phase is intended to be the use of Islam for this purpose, which will necessarily involve throwing the perverts under the bus (for example, try opening a “gay” bar in Amsterdam these days). But, Islam may not be so agreeable to adopt the role of battering ram for the secularists. Playing with Islam could blow up right in their faces.

  • Chrismanchester

    Well said. One of the few voices of reason in these comments.

  • veritasetgratia

    “Alternatively one can suppress this truth and then people “bec[o]me vain in their reasoning, and their senseless minds [are] darkened.” Or again: “They exchange the truth of God for a lie and revere and worship the creature rather than the creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.” In short, they become idolaters in their souls.” – That’s scary. First step is you suppress the truth by not speaking it, but you only decide to do that because you are so aware of the full force of the popular and current truth of the world, which means you are worshipping the creature just like Adam and Eve did- worship the words coming from the serpent. Rightaway breaking 1st Commandment. The rest is history. Breaking the 1st Commandment is a BIG SIN. You unhook yourself from God. We never seem to get out of this Garden!

  • Diane

    All you need to do is look at the abomination of the gay pride parades. How the homosexuals act and what they do in those parades to know that it not a wholesome lifestyle. It is pure trash.

  • James

    Unequivocal, utter nonsense.

    • jason taylor

      What, James? That Thebes is recorded as fielding a unit of gay couples that performed admirably on campaign? What is nonsensical about that? Maybe the story is untrue but the very existence of the story proves that Patric is wrong. If in fact the story was around then the concept was around. The point was not to justify the homosexuality of people who were pagans in any case and thus had a lot of sins for which it is redundant to condemn them. Nor is it to say that the fact that they were indeed honorable warriors is an excuse. It is to say that Patric is simply wrong to say that there was no concept of homosexual lovers in Paul’s time, because there was in fact at least one account from the time that features such a concept.
      What is absurd is the idea that it only manifested itself through,”excess” and somehow changed itself over time so that homosexual monogamy was a meaningful concept. As far as you go back in history you usually find most forms of sexual behavior continuing in some fashion. As for having no concept of homosexual “orientation” that is likely true-because Ancients did not make everything into a medical condition. They would be more likely to refer to it as “preference”.

    • jason taylor

      For the record, homosexual pairings were a common part of Grecian society if irregular in the sense of being outside the normal family and legal system. They would have been more like affairs then like husband and wife and were usually pedophilic because of the prestige loss in taking the inferior position. But saying that Paul would not have known about the idea of “committed gay relationships” is absurd. He knew all about it for they were part of the culture of Hellenism.

  • The_Monk

    Good article….


    We need more instructions like this, pertinent to the challenges we struggle against today, and the countering the over arching propaganda machine of Satan.

  • jason taylor

    The Theban Sacred Band was a military unit that glorified “mutual, shared, love between committed couples”, before the time of Alexander. In point of fact it did many noteworthy feats of arms and was famous enough to get an epitaph from Phillip of Macedon who was their enemy. The phenomenon of male lovers was definitely known.