Where is the Church on Planned Parenthood?

Surveys show that 70 percent of Americans still haven’t even heard of the Planned Parenthood scandal – after six revealing undercover videos – stunning evidence, if such were still needed, of the mainstream media’s dereliction of public duty when it comes to the truth about abortion. But where are our Catholic media, not the big outlets like Catholic News Agency, National Catholic Register, and so forth, but those old vehicles of Catholic truth: the diocese and the parish? Some states have started investigations or pulled funding from Planned Parenthood. More videos will surface, which should happen more swiftly now, to keep the pot boiling. But what are Catholics doing, given what has to be the most outrageous, ongoing atrocity in the world?

I did a search of some bishops and their diocesan apparatuses, not a scientific sampling, but the kind of thing a person with ordinary computer skills might be able to find easily if he went looking. I chose large, influential dioceses. The results are not encouraging on a subject central to the credibility of the Church’s moral witness, as well as to the fundamental moral decency of America.

Archdiocese of Washington: Nothing. Absolutely nada. Nothing from the Cardinal, nothing even by the superb Msgr. Charles Pope. A news story in the archdiocesan Catholic Standard reported that some lawmakers were calling for an investigation. The paper – and archdiocese – did so little or so little visible, that it might have well done nothing.

Archdiocese of New York: Other than a news story about the political controversy, likewise nothing.

Archbishop Chaput
Archbishop Chaput

Archdiocese of Boston: Cardinal Sean O’Malley chairs the USCCB Pro-life Committee. He issued an official letter on behalf of the bishops conference, and has been much quoted: “The most recent revelations about Planned Parenthood’s willingness to traffic in fetal tissue from abortions, and to alter abortion methods not for any reason related to women’s health but to obtain more ‘intact’ organs, is the latest demonstration of a callousness toward women and their unborn children that is shocking to many Americans.” But in his archdiocesan paper The Pilot, only a news story on planned protests. (Author’s note: During the course of the day, The Pilot and other outlets have written in to point out that their coverage has included other stories and commentaries in past weeks. This is true, but as I indicate above and in some clarifications in the Comments section below, this column was not meant to be a comprehensive survey. I have just tried to give an account here of what a “snapshot” view over a weekend would look like to someone coming to the local Catholic press without much prior knowledge of the controversy. That, it seems to me, is worth pondering if the Church really wants to be a force in eliminating this very great evil in our midst.)    

Bishops of Colorado: set Aug. 28 as “a day of prayer and penance in response to Planned Parenthood’s horrific actions and all those involved in the procurement and use of aborted baby organs.”

Diocese of Arlington: My Bishop Paul Loverde (pure siciliano) commented early in the process (July 28): “Many of my brother bishops have written about the dehumanizing effect that abortion and the trade of fetal organs and tissue have on all involved: the women who have abortions; the doctors performing them; the persons involved in the sale of and research on tissue; and of course, the unborn children whose lives are taken from them. I echo their pleas — along with that of our Holy Father — to resist the temptations of the throwaway culture in which human life is lost in an economy that kills.” Real truth-telling, though the “many. . .brother bishops” is a bit of an exaggeration. Little continuing coverage in the diocesan paper.

Archdiocese of Chicago: Archbishop Cupich’s moral equivalency in an official statement drew protests, even from other bishops: calling for a “consistent ethic,” he explained, “While commerce in the remains of defenseless children is particularly repulsive, we should be no less appalled [emphasis added] by the indifference toward the thousands of people who die daily for lack of decent medical care; who are denied rights by a broken immigration system and by racism; who suffer in hunger, joblessness and want; who pay the price of violence in gun-saturated neighborhoods; or who are executed by the state in the name of justice.” (Joblessness = abortion; executions of criminals = ripping innocents from the womb?). The archdiocesan paper carried nothing else, though there is a big story about making all diocesan building energy efficient.

Archdiocese of Philadelphia: As might be expected, Archbishop Chaput wrote a very strong column, “There is no equivalence.” Clearly intended to refocus the “consistent” ethic argument. His diocesan newspaper has robust coverage of and comment on Planned Parenthood.

Archdiocese of Los Angeles: Archbishop Jose Gomez hasn’t spoken out much on the controversy; his archdiocesan paper has had the best news and opinion coverage of any Catholic publication. Still, the sheep want to hear from the shepherd.

Archbishop Cupich
Archbishop Cupich

Archdiocese of Miami: I’m a fan of Archbishop Wenski, who has a big, evangelical heart. He’s been a little too hearty on distant environmental speculations lately, especially since the slaughters of the innocents at PP is real and present. Neither he nor his archdiocese seem to have much noticed the PP videos.

So what’s the reaction in your own diocese or church? Is there pressure to keep this story front and center? If not, why not? It’s worth asking relevant authorities, who need to feel popular passion – and, we can hope, will pass it along to the people in the Vatican helping the pope prepare his texts for next month’s visit. If Francis speaks only along expected lines about immigration and the environment, and not this massacre (and the legalization of gay “marriage”), it will send a silent message that the Church in this country is not really serious about the things that most challenge our consumerist, throwaway culture.

The only way to counter PP’s unholy alliance with powerful political, economic, academic, and media elites is a serious movement – not a lone voice here and there, a large movement that’s not going away. The Catholic Church is the most likely body to create and lead such a movement. The ball’s already rolling politically, at the state level in New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Arkansas, and may be coming soon to a state near you.

But maybe not, if you and others don’t act – even if it’s only asking your local bishop and Catholic press to wake people up to a horror that’s too great and too graphic to be ignored.

Robert Royal

Robert Royal

Robert Royal is editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing, and president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C. His most recent book is A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century, published by Ignatius Press. The God That Did Not Fail: How Religion Built and Sustains the West, is now available in paperback from Encounter Books.

  • Cheryl Jefferies

    Why can so many of these present Church “leaders” not see that if they do not get the fundamental issue of “Life” right, they, nor anyone else, will get anything else right, either?

  • RainingAgain

    It is time now that those who, Catholic or otherwise, believe in Sin and Damnation, Heaven and Hell, Judgement and Salvation, address a future, and how we might exist in it, in which the great bulk of society, including official churches along with the political, media, legal and educational establishments, not to mention the vast majority of the people, reject these realities and take no account of those who do, except in the context of “hate crime” and causing offence.

  • Mj anderson

    Please, let everyone who reads this call their local bishop and press him for a public statement in local paper as well as a defense of life in the diocesan paper. Call today!!

  • C

    Mr. Royal,
    Monsignor Pope has written forcefully about Planned Parenthood in this recent column in his blog ……..

    Msgr. Charles Pope • August 3, 2015 •


    • RobertRoyal

      Thank you, I’m glad to hear it and hope I’m wrong about much else on this subject. I should have explained my “methodology” further. Sure, you can find such statements – and there are more of them indicated in other readers’ comments below. (I won’t be able to reply to all of you personally.) I wanted to take a snapshot over the weekend – what, say, someone coming back from vacation would find on the local Church website without digging too much. In other words, two weeks after the cluster of comments, is Planned Parenthood just “old news” or is there some sense of urgency and an ongoing presence in Catholic news outlets about this continuing outrage. We know how the modern news cycle works (for politicians as well): deny deny deny ( “edited videos”) and in a while it’s just a brief story that went nowhere until the next revelation of barbarity. That can’t be allowed to happen.

      • Kathy

        The National Catholic Register has kept ongoing articles on the scandal as well.

  • Ch Hoffman

    babies are a direct result of sex without protection
    some science has to creep into any religious belief

    • Kathy

      Your comment is not clear. Have you heard of NFP? More science there than in the pill.

    • gsk

      Protection? Does that make the baby an aggressor or just an interloper. Sexual intercourse is primarily ordered to creating new life. Always has been; always will be.

  • Dominic

    And, in the parishes, too…

    My daughter organized and ran the anti-PP rally on the steps of the Massachusetts State House last month. As Robert mentioned, there was one article in The Pilot about that protest. Before Mass the following Sunday I took a copy to show to our pastor noting what one of his parishioners had been doing. The response? “Oh, I haven’t read The Pilot, yet.” Period. This was several weeks ago. And from the pulpit? Nada.

  • C

    Mr. Royal,
    Monsignor Pope has written forcefully about Planned Parenthood in his blog on August 3, 2015. He is, as you state, a superb priest.

  • DeaconEdPeitler

    There’s only one word needed to describe our bishops: feckless.

  • Well done Professor Royal! Perhaps it would have been better for Archbishop Cupich to remain silent as well! The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s (D-NY) warning of how our society is “defining deviancy down” comes to mind when you read about the deafening silence, in the face of such raw diabolism, from some of the largest and most influential diocese in the US.

    • Beth

      God Bless Cardinal George but I doubt his predecessor will die in the public square….certainly not for defending the faith. Thanks for this article.

      • JBQ21

        The correct quote with a gentle nudge was “I will die in my bed. My successor will die in prison. His successor will be executed in the public square”. How can there be any doubt that you are right about Cupich? Can there be any doubt any longer of the tsunami infiltration of the Church by the gay agenda? Cardinal Dolan was director of the North American College in Rome for a number of years. My parents made a pilgrimage as part of a group. Dolan was gracious and ran a tight ship. Recently, I met a retired barber in St. Louis. He has been crippled for many years with polio and appears to be a saintly father of a family. He knows Dolan who is from St. Louis personally. He told me that the North American College is now “filled” with gay relationships. The gay agenda is “part and parcel” allied with “a woman’s right to choose”. If that be so, and it does so appear, then “the barbarians are inside the gates” and Catholicity has fallen.

        • chrisinva

          Two presidents of the USCCB, Skylstad and Gregory, have observed that there is an inordinately high percentage of homosexuals in the priesthood.

          Each did so, publicly, exactly — once.

        • Joe Anon

          What you say must be true as evidenced by the resounding silence from the vast majority of pulpits.

  • Athelstane

    Actually, to his credit, Cardinal Dolan issued a surprisingly vigorous statement about the Planned Parenthood videos on August 5.

    I don’t know if the Archdiocese of Cincinnati counts as “large, influential” any longer, but Archbishop Schnurr also had a surprisingly strong statement about the videos.

    Likewise, New Orleans – does it count? Perhaps, perhaps not. But to his credit, Archbishop Aymond issued a very brief statement condemning PP.

    All that said: Robert Royal is right in the main. Far too many bishops have remained silent in this affair. The moral witness of the Catholic Church in America against abortion, such as it is, is almost entirely lay (including a few religious orders), and grassroots. Not encouraging.

    • chrisinva

      Correct on Cdl. Dolan. His strong article is found on cardinaldolan (dot) org, not on the archdiocesan website.

      Curious that Cdl. Dolan wants to be a cheerleader for Obama (Meet the Press, 12-01-13), who is a cheerleader for Planned Parenthood (as Bp. Paprocki recounts). So far, he hasn’t rescinded that view, alas.

    • slainte

      Rupert Murdoch’s “New York Post” Editorial Board published an editorial dated August 16, 2015 entitled “Planned Parenthood videos show a failure to put women’s rights first”.

      “…We generally avoid the abortion wars, because minds are so made up. But the recent videos are another matter — for they suggest violations of pro-choice ethics..

  • Joyfully

    Diocese of Kalamazoo: Homepage, top item! Defund Planned Parenthood.

  • RobertRoyal

    Please do. Readers of this site are intensely interested in things Catholic and keep themselves well informed. As I describe below, I wanted to see this weekend what a person not so deeply plugged-in would find with a quick search. The world notices what people react to and will not let go – as well as when there are complaint, however strongly made, that appear then simply dry up.

  • givelifeachance2

    This ignores the fundamental ignoring that has been going on for 40 years about the very abortion itself. PP is consistent in treating what it claims are “only tissue” as useable “tissue”. Yes, their style is as noxious as the Nazis. But what the bishops have been ignoring, AT THE BEHEST of the neocon incrementalist pseudo-conservatives, I might add, is the very abortion itself and the need to conduct a March for Life, getting in people’s faces, every.single.day.of.the.year until abortion is abolished.

    • RainingAgain

      Agreed. Trading in body parts is appalling, but baby-murder is far worse.

  • fritzpatrick

    If you read Archbishop Cupich’s whole statement, you’ll see very strong anti-abortion language. The archbishop in addition insists that life is not a single political issue but is closely connected with many other issues of great concern to the Church, and that seems to bother this reporter. The reporter’s narrow view comes out quite strongly in his remark about Miami Bishop Wenski’s “distant environmental speculations.” The science of global warming is long past the stage of speculation, and the effects of global warming are not all that distant from Miami. Bishop Wenski is very appropriately focusing on another pro-life issue as is Pope Francis.

    • JBQ21

      Do you even believe what you are saying?

    • Caddie

      “long past the stage of speculation”? … you have a lot to learn yet, son.

    • Fr Kloster

      What in the world? The abortion issue is not connected to the environment. You may be convinced of it’s veracity, but to me it is a money grab. A lot of people are getting very wealthy off of the “global warming” scare which has now turned into a “climate change” scare; very convenient. Could you please tell me how/why we came out of the Ice Age? Temperature changes much greater than what we have seen have transpired in the history of this planet.

      If we don’t get protect the unborn, it doesn’t really matter if the planet is a degree warmer on average. It’s actually warmed less than that over the past few decades.

      The Bishops need to be much stronger in defending the unborn in general. In particular, Archbishop Cupich has never been very strong on the issue and that’s not speculation.

      • WSquared

        I think we can get at those connections through “Laudato Si'” itself– which is more accurately about the proper respect due God’s creation. Which, by the way, includes us. Respect of Creation also means respect of man qua man, as God made him.

        That many people see “the environment” as Creation, but mankind as apart from and outside of Creation and the natural law is one of the reasons why we have the rather odd cognitive disconnect that we do: the environment is important, and in so far as man has anything to do with it, he is a “polluter” who “consumes” resources. So we hear a great deal of noise from the usual quarters. But when it comes to “gender theory” and the exploitation of human embryos, we hear crickets chirping. Somehow, “male and female He created them” doesn’t have anything to do with the natural law and “nature,” regardless of how “natural” this, that, or the other thing has become a brand name and a selling point all its own. We have a fetish for nature and all things natural, it seems, but balk at any suggestion that we ourselves are created and thus subject to natural law (as well as its author).

        Which is probably why people have mostly boiled the whole thing down to “climate change”: ballyhooing about climate change is safer than engaging with the far more challenging parts of LS, including the way LS shows us how everything is connected. Besides, if my reading of LS is correct, it really doesn’t matter where any of us stand on climate change: it’s still just information, and we still have to know what to do with it. Reducing discussions of LS to climate change is a waste of time and a waste of opportunity.

        Right stewardship of Creation can only happen when oriented to the highest things– which is why the parts in the encyclical on the Eucharist and beauty were no accident.

    • John Albertson

      Climate change = junk science. Past the stage of speculation? Tell that to the recent Wales symposium and the Russian meteorologists. Latest theories (censored by the politically correct) is that within less than a decade, we shall be entering the frigid cycle that occurs about every 250 years. Meanwhile, a very cold winter is predicted. All the really hot air is in the Vatican – haven’t they learned from the Galileo case?

    • SD

      All those issues are not of the same importance. We are Catholics, not relativists.

    • samton909

      If the science of global warming was settled, then it would not be so easy to poke holes in its many hysterical conclusions. Everything they have predicted has failed to come true, and they can’t explain what is happening. So your statement that the science is settled merely means that you are a true believer. Not in Catholicism, but in those secular gods that so many like to pay homage to. So your comments on Cupich are not persuasive in the least.

      So here is the test – when those other issues come up, does Cupich issue a statement saying “Oh, but let’s also remember how terrible abortion is” No. This seamless garment is just a politician’s trick to steer attention away from the abortion issue.

  • grump

    Bad timing. The mainstream media is at fault as much as Catholic leadership for failing to give the PP atrocities any traction. But the real culprit was Cecil the Lion, whose death drew more public outrage than the murder of millions of babies and their dismemberment for profit. Thankfully, a few politicians are trying to keep the issue alive and more gruesome videos are said to be on the way. The Left, however, has been successful, as usual, in turning the issue upside down by blaming the messengers. PP, meanwhile has hired a slick PR firm and is buying judges and politicians left and right with taxpayer money to proclaim that it does great things under the banner of “women’s health care” rather than its true mission, which is to profit by infanticide.

  • beck7

    From Archdiocese of Omaha, we were praying Cupich would not be appointed here (his home Archdiocese) 6-7 years ago when we were waiting for our new Archbishop. I was on the message boards freaking out when he was appointed by Francis for Chicago and everybody thought I/we were nuts…told ya so…

    • samton909

      I was one of those defending Cupich for quite a while. However, I have changed my mind, now that I see that he really wants to work hard at pushing issues such as abortion into the background. It’s like they made Obama a bishop.

  • Tarzan

    The secular left does seem to be more fervent in promoting their beliefs than the faithful are, don’t they? Obama never misses a chance to promote his brand of socialism and sexual promiscuity, but our bishops in general seem more concerned with the environment and Wall Street Greed. In my own parish, which is staffed by Capuchin Franciscans, there is never a word about sexual morality, but plenty of leftist nonsense about the environment and against the Tea Party.

    • RainingAgain

      One must then question if they truly believe.

  • Kathy

    The Register has written about this scandal. Why are they mentioned as being silent?

    • Sunrise

      You misread it . He said “not the big outlets like Catholic News Agency, National Catholic Register, “

  • JBQ21

    Very good questions asked and there is a reason why. Malachi Martin, the former Jesuit advisor at Vatican II, gives the answer in his prophetic books. He died in the late 90s. His book, “The Jesuits”, is the greatest of them all.

  • sg4402

    I think the bishops might be taking direction from their leader.

  • ThirstforTruth

    Has the august USCCB officially spoken out anywhere noticeable? Nada from them as far as
    I can see. However, their silence is consistent with their usual adherence to the Democratic
    agenda. Here they cannot openly concur so they choose to remain silent so as not to confuse the faithful.
    For that matter, has Francis made clear to the faithful his thoughts re Planned Parenthood’s
    atrocities other than a very general way? No, he is too busy expressing his thoughts on the
    climatic changes influenced by the renowned atheist Schellnhuber. Truly, we are sheep without
    a shepherd.

  • Manfred

    If silence implies consent, then the Church supports Planned Parenthood. Review the facts: Cdl Burke, as the head of the Signatura, was adamant that any catholic person who supported abortion must be denied the Eucharist. This was never accomplished.
    His main target was Cdl Wuerl in D.C. The pope removed Cdl Burke and he promoted Cdl Wuerl to an office in the Vatican which showed clearly the papal support of simply ignoring the abortion issue entirely.
    BTW, I hope there is no one outr there who believes thart the sale of fetal body parts just began. I read decades ago that fetal cells were being used in cosmetics.

  • AAD1

    Very timely article since I was thinking the exact same thing last night. Where are our leaders on this? There needs to be a push at all parishes to educate the flock about the truth of PP. They don’t have to get into specific actions, but that would be welcome as well.

  • Jim Ball

    Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay continues to LEAD on the issue of abortion. On this issue, he is joining this Saturday’s National Protest Planned Parenthood day by offering an 8am Mass near the diocese’s only remaining abortuary. He will then be on site to pray with protesters. Would that all American Bishops show the same kind of leadership!

  • Charles Lewis

    I’m not at all surprised by this lack of knowledge. If you want real frustration come join me in Canada for a few days. Our Supreme Court struck down our laws against euthanasia and assisted suicide on Feb. 6 of this year. The government has till Feb. 6 2016 to create a new law that will allow some kinds of legal euthanasia. This has been building for two years. But during that time I have met priests, and even one bishop, who had no knowledge this was happening. I’ve now done 37 talks on this to Catholic parishes, both before and after the court decision. I found barely anyone who knew about this. One parish close to where I live told me he’s too busy to have me speak. I first approached him about a month before Easter. He told me he was too busy with ordering the flowers. Knowledge has since built but I fear it’s coming too late. I’m sorry for your situation with Planned Parenthood but this cluelessness is becoming a big problem in Canada and the United States.

  • X101st

    The Catholic Church “Management” by supporting people who claim to be Catholic but act otherwise is having a negative and discouraging effect on spirituality. For example, Catholic institutions, such as Notre Dame and Georgetown Universities, and individuals, such as Cardinal Dolan and other Catholic “leaders”, by not opposing politicians with evil tendencies, and instead partying at Al Smith type events with these corrupt politicians, represent the Church unfavorably and indicate to Catholics that abortion is acceptable, and that defense of marriage and certain other select laws could be ignored or traded for “social justice”. Catholics have been indirectly told by these “holy men” they trust that it is OK to vote for a Marxist/Socialist/Abortionist.
    If The Church is serious about ways of acting which are exemplary, it would publicly denounce these anti-Christian policies after a few attempts to reform the perpetrators. By not denouncing this behavior or excommunicating the people who promote anti-Christian positions in the name of tolerance or social justice, the Church gives the impression that its principals are weak and are more of a public persona than a foundation of faith.

    “Catholics” such as Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, California’s Governor Brown, and any Catholic on the Supreme Court who ignores God’s laws in his official decisions should be shown to be in violation of Church teachings and not a true Catholic. By not speaking out firmly, the Church shows the rest of us that it does not really represent God’s laws, and we can do as we please without adverse consequences.

    • Sheila

      I WHOLEHEARTEDLY agree! Our Diocese in Texas has spoken loud and clear. But…our priest and all 4 deacons said nothing. They say the usual prayers for the faithful and to end abortion. So I asked the “pro life” Deacon…why arent you telling the peopke? He “himmed and hawed”. The next Sunday the prayer offered was a little more, but never addressed. A handout from the bishop was placed in the Narthax to pick up. Which is an effort but the majority of the congregation doesn’t pick up and read those handouts. No clue as to what’s going on. I bring issues up to the deacons and they fumble with words. The devil is at war with catholics keeping everyone caught up in their own lives and they are so busy that they don’t hear these things or even want to deal with it. they have so many problems and they can be so tired because all they do is work or sit down in front of the television or computer.

      But then there’s about 25 to 30 prayer warriors in our church who are faithful who pray the daily rosary and go to daily Mass. They pray for everyone. We need them. My prayer life has increased tremendously because of them. I’m very grateful for that. Because I truly believe storming heaven with prayers is what God wants us to do if our other attempts have failed. I don’t want to become judgmental even though I see these things. I don’t want to be gossiping when I see these things. I know that the devil is working against faithful Catholics who see and know these things. We need to be careful. We need to be called to account for our own actions. We need to get advice from a holy priest. Let us spend time before the Blessed Sacrament in planning what it is we need to do to help. Let us storm heaven with our prayers.

  • SJM

    This past week-end, our parish bulletin had a powerful and passionate statement regarding Planned Parenthood that was written by our Bishop Barbarito, of the Palm Beach Diocese. It was great to see.

    A couple of weeks ago, while traveling, we went to Mass in the Shenandoah Valley and heard an excellent homily on Cecil the Lion and Planned Parenthood. The priest was passionate, articulate, and inspirational. What a blessing!

  • Polybius7

    Excellent article. I am a convert, so I haven’t watched over the years as most of the other commenters have, but I always wondered why Catholics pray so sincerely against abortion when many Catholics resolutely vote for the candidates that promote abortion.

    Separately, it is unfortunate in this religion that the lay persons have no option to tell the bishops what the lay persons think. The bishops may be distinguished theologians, but they aren’t great politicians, scientists, lawyers or arms control negotiators.

    They seem to be captives to their staffs, especially at USCCB.

  • Helen Hvasta

    I don’t know why….but, reading some of these posts of the silence of the Church, the image of Jesus
    angry at the merchants in the Temple area selling their goods, changed to Jesus so very angry at the abortionists selling fetal parts and the merchants are the ‘Church leaders’ being silent at the horrendous destruction of human life. One can only imagine how Jesus must feel at the inhumanity against defenseless beings…My thoughts as it pops into my mind…Only fasting and prayer can bring about change…

    • Joe Anon

      Only fasting and prayer? Let us look to Jesus’ example; fasting and prayer to discern what needs to be done followed by concrete ACTION! Have you contacted your diocese and your representatives or volunteered to help elect a solid pro-life politician?

      • WSquared

        So fasting and prayer aren’t concrete action?

        How precisely do you manage to presume that fasting and prayer are in any way opposed or antithetical to concrete action, political or otherwise? For Catholics, fasting and prayer are conducive to RIGHTLY ORIENTED concrete action. One real weakness of Americans, including American Catholics, is that they believe in action and “doing more stuff”– but forget that actions need to be rightly oriented in cooperation with God. There is no either/or here, but both/and. Catholicism– unlike this country’s Protestant culture– doesn’t do false dichotomies.

        Keep in mind that Mother Theresa spent an hour in Eucharistic Adoration every day before doing her work in the slums.

        Moreover, while political action matters, they are not by themselves a solution, let alone the only solution. Politics are merely a tool, a means to an end. What are we doing as a Church– on the individual and family level– to promote the culture of life? The strength or weakness of any republic, after all, is contingent upon the virtue (or lack thereof) of its citizens. That’s not something that can be politically engineered, because it’s a problem that runs far deeper, to what it means to actually be human.

      • Helen Hvasta

        For your information…Joe,….I ALWAYS vote for pro-life politician. As for concrete ACTION….even Jesus said….only by prayer and fasting, mountains can be moved….as having faith of a mustard seed. At 84 yrs of age….I spend more than an hour every morning praying for family, friends, politicians, for solutions to chaotic issues ravaging thru this country and world….for those being persecuted by ISIS, by bigots, etc. etc. etc.

  • George OLoughlin

    The Diocese of Providence is the key organizer for the local protest against Planned Parenthood during the National Day of Protest. They are also following that up with a more robust 40 Days for Life Campaign. God bless

  • BD

    In the August 9, 2015 issue of Orange County Catholic, Bishop Kevin Vann discussed the Planned Parenthood scandal. While his first three paragraphs were good, this is how he ended his column: “The glimpses of the denial of our common humanity seen in these videos are examples of what Pope Francis calls an economy that kills. Inasmuch as all persons in society contribute to this throwaway culture through our own over-consumption, as well as the unquestioned acceptance of the commodification of human persons for biomedical research, the lack of provision for basic health care and services to make easier for women to welcome a child, and the indifference and hardness of our own hearts–in our common humanity we share a common responsibility. May God give us the grace of repentance and renewed commitment to the gift of life.”
    No, this evil ought not be blamed on our economy, our “over-consumption”, or on a lack of basic health care services. Bishop Vann never calls Planned Parenthood what it really is: an evil organization dedicated to murder.

    • Joe Anon

      This kind of equivocating, conditional, mild condemnation of a great evil is in itself a great evil and is the exact response that one could expect from an infiltrator of Holy Mother Church. The smoke of Satan indeed…

    • samton909

      See what pure confusion this Pope is causing? Somebody wants to kill a child and somehow the Bishops are supposed to connect this with global warming or overconsumption. What complete idiocy.

      • WSquared

        The last time I checked, Pope Francis said something about opposing abortion– and the culture of death in general– “even if they kill you.”

        None of which, of course, ever makes the headlines over here.

        Do yourself and everyone else a favor, please, and stop picking up what the mainstream media throws down. Because at least that way, you’ll not come off as merely slandering the Pope or being rash in your judgment.

  • Joe Anon

    Dr. Royal does a great service in bringing this issue of silence by the vast bulk of the Church superstructure, on a prevalent evil, to light. It is becoming abundantly clear, that leadership is going to have to come from the laity (and perhaps this is God’s will.) We, all of us, are the church militant, and all of us must fight against evil everywhere we see it. If that means calling out Bishops and priests who fail to live up to their roles as shepherds, so be it.

  • Chip Murray

    We’ve become like zombies…like the joke about all the different expressions of emotion on your Irish Setter. From calm to outrage…no difference! “What is the great American sin? Extravagance? Vice? Graft? No; it is a kind of half-humorous, good-natured indifference, a lack of “concentrated indignation” as my English friend calls it, which allows extravagance and vice to flourish. Trace most of our ills to their source, and it is found that they exist by virtue of an easy-going, fatalistic indifference which dislikes to have its comfort disturbed….The most shameless greed, the most sickening industrial atrocities, the most appalling public scandals are exposed, but a half-cynical and wholly indifferent public passes them by with hardly a shrug of the shoulders; and they are lost in the medley of events. This is the great American sin.” ~ Joseph Fort Newton, 1922

    • Janet Frisco

      Very good commentary on the problem, Mr.Murray. Hit the nail on the head.Thr opposite of love is indifference.

    • Janet Frisco

      This comment sizes up the problem well, The opposite. of love is indifference. Will be reckoned. with at The Judgement.

  • Kathy

    Thank you for stating what we, as a Catholic community needed to hear. Your validation is so on target but at the same time very disturbing in terms of the “sheep not hearing from their shepherds” Here, in the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Bishop Richard Zubik wrrote an editorial in yesterday’s Pittsburgh Catholic which addressed this evil directly. I don’t understand, however, why we are hearing nothing about any of this from the pulpit. How bad does it have to get before this truth is exposed inside the church? As the head of our Respect Life team, I have had information printed about all of this in our bulletin. I have told our parish about the upcoming Planned Parenthood protests and the town meetings with our local representatives, but it would certainly mean much more coming from our pastor. We wonder why, as a Catholic community, we don’t recognize the truth and don’t fully recognize evil when we see it and I contend that this is the reason: we are in automatic pilot in the pews. The readings at Mass are rehashed and what is going on daily in this world is left outside in the parking lot. The tragedy of this is that we feel very much alone in all of this. I would just love once to hear a church leader say: “If you believe in abortion you are not Catholic”

  • III J

    Superb article; Mr. Royal, as always, delivers the straight truth with no apologies tendered or needed. And as an aside, the context of this demonstrates why MOST of the faithful Catholics whom I know personally, have little or no use for the impotent words of the Bishops but rather, find the USCCB to be irrelevant in everyday life. If the totality of the Bishops would stand together and repeatedly condemn such atrocities as PP, publicly excommunicate ALL pro abort and pro gay politicians and set an example, then people might think of them as more than political suck-ups to whatever corrupt and perverted group is controlling the White House and Congress. They show by their example that they care not if their people all lose their souls, as long as the “good Bishop” gets his photo op with Biden, Obama or the reincarnation of Margaret Sanger. Thank God for the handful of GOOD Bishops, and may the remainder of them repent or go to perdition swiftly

  • James B

    This was very interesting. Thank you for the article and the comparisons. It would be great to have more “compare and contrast” type articles on how individual dioceses and bishops either respond, dodge, or straight up ignore important faith and moral issues.

  • Uncas

    Archbishop Cupich is a shameful embarrassment to Chicago Catholics. What will he say when the Catholic Church in the U.S. is ground to dust because people like he (who were trusted to know better) refused to get out of bed with the Democrat party, and stand up like men to defend the faith?

  • Arden Abeille

    I agree entirely that, if we cannot so much as even support (let alone guarantee) the right to life of every citizen, then any other talk of “rights” in this nation is mere foolishness. However, I remain entirely nonplussed as to how to approach this issue with respect to turning this full-steam-ahead Titanic culture back in the direction of simple sanity.
    If born children were being murdered every day in known locations in our country, I expect that people would physically attempt to prevent this, even if such murder were considered legal. The ranks of the saints certainly include people who objected to unjust executions of others and thereby achieved martyrdom. Pope Francis has adjured us to resist this evil, “even if they kill you.” Do we actually believe that children are being murdered in abortion clinics, or not? It seems to me that, if we actually believe this, it simply isn’t enough–it isn’t appropriate–merely to “invite” people not to do this. We must attempt to actually stop them, in some way.
    Please note that I am not proposing violent action, but I am proposing stubborn, physical obstruction (at the very least along the lines of the “sit-ins” the civil rights activists of the ’60’s managed in objection to the unjust racial laws and circumstances of the past). I also firmly believe that any political candidate who claims to be “pro-life” but does anything else in office before acting to defend the most vulnerable citizens of this country and at least grant us all the right to life (upon which all other rights depend), after which we can work on non-violent solutions to the epidemic of “unwanted” children, should be booed off any stage (or out of any office) and a champion of sanity called as a replacement. But if you have other suggestions, or if you see serious problems with peaceful (but stubborn) obstruction as a last-ditch effort to stem the tide of intra-womb murders in this country, please help us understand what “moves” this “movement” you call for should undertake. A movement ought to move, ought it not? How should it move? What should it move? We are desperate for action, and quite frankly, while what we’ve been doing has saved some precious lives (mothers and children) and must not be discounted, it’s clearly not enough to end the horror which you rightly describe as “too great to be ignored.”

  • III J

    if you are being sincere, then you have seen different videos than everyone else, as no one other than PP shills and abortion industry sycophants has had any doubt about them. I have seen them and I do not find the benign and sincere depth of child murderers’ emotion that you seem to find, in wistfully stating how the baby can be delivered with his head intact, or that you can crush other parts of the baby so that the parts you wish to sell remain intact.. Perhaps you might enjoy the artistic efforts of the lampshades made from the skin of Jews in the death camps, perhaps you might praise the sincerity of Dr Mengele, who was REALLY sincere about his experiments on Jews. But for the sake of whatever you might find of value, please do not insult other readers by attempting to wring some semblance of human emotion from the videos and transcripts of the butchers of the innocent. You cannot validate that which the Almighty has condemned.

    • mizcebe

      Are you aware that the Center For Medical Progress has stated from the first video that the unedited videos are available on their website? I have not watched them or checked to see if they are even there, but Lisa Cooper apparently did.

  • DeaconEdPeitler

    There was a time not that long ago when bishops understood their responsibility to TEACH the faith and not simply to be CEOs over some slick bureaucracy, that they were won’t at regular intervals to have read from every pulpit at every Sunday Mass in his juristiction a pastoral letter on matters relevant to the salvation of the faithful. Alas, then came Vatican II which the protestant wing of the Church used as a pretext to eradicate our patrimony.

  • Windsong

    Excellent article. May God deliver us from the evil both in and outside of our own Church. May He have Mercy and remove the blinders, scales, self-deception from our leaders.

  • Aliquantillus

    This silence is nothing to be surprised of. It is the effect of the Vatican policy shift introduced by Pope Francis from the pro-life agenda to the pro-environment agenda. The Vatican now has a close working relationship with the UN and leftist organizations on climate and evironmental issues, and they don’t want to get this spoiled by the abortion debate. Bishops know that the Pope doesn’t want them to “obsess” about abortion, authanasia, &c. So they keep quiet. That’s the sad and cynical state of affairs.

  • samton909

    Hey, our Pope TOLD THEM to stop talking about abortion. The Pope told them to be like his favorite Archbishop, Milguetoast Blase Cupich. Don’t say anything that might rile someone. Of course, the Pope also says “hagan Lio” but when you have a Pope who is on both sides of every issue, best to stay quiet and seek the peace that comes from truly knowing that the media is in charge of this country, and best not to say anything that might get you in trouble.

    Who are we to judge?

    • Monica Pope

      way to sheep those secular media misrepresentation, sam.

  • Nicholas

    Archdiocese of Atlanta. In the local catholic paper, two CNS articles about the investigation of
    the PP videos and call for defunding, but nothing local, nothing on Twitter or Facebook. It’s been overshadowed by more pressing concerns.

    Starting in July, the Archdiocese issued a series of tweets and FB posts encouraging us to print on both sides of the paper, recycle water bottles, turn off the water when we brush our teeth, drive hybrid cars, reduce our carbon footprint, and not use paper plates. This, along with a full court press effort to implement Laudato Si in the schools. And I’m not making this up, this is what they say is happening at the Chancery:

    When the Archbishop got back from vacation, he wrote a column that began promisingly “A picture is worth a thousand words…” which then went on to talk about sentimental images (the black police officer helping an ailing white man wearing a racist t-shirt during the protests in SC over the Confederate flag) that encourage us to fight against “injustice and hatred and bigotry.”


  • samton909

    Lady, when someone asks you how much you are willing to pay for something, that is negotiating for the sale of something. These people did not say. “Oh, our cost to preserve the samples is X, so that is what we will charge you”. Instead, they said, “How much are you willing to give us?”. It is clear although mouthing the right words to PRETEND not to be selling them, they were in fact trying to squeeze as much money out of the deal as possible That is selling something not recovering costs. If you are recovering costs, you simply know what it costs you and you simply tell them what your costs are, end of story. There are no negotiations.

    • Lisa Cooper

      From the full-length videos, it appears that the PP people do not know the actual costs associated with doing things the way the tissue procurer/actor is wanting and plan to check with their affiliates to find out the costs. Disgusting as it is for those of us who recognize these as baby parts, the PP people don’t see it that way and they just want to be reimbursed for the extra costs of sorting out the particular organs and tissue desired. And you can’t just put the samples in a box, they have to be carefully preserved. The same thing happens in hospitals when tissue is procured for medical research.

  • BTGbarrister

    Breathtaking logic-chopping, nicely topped off by a red-herring reference to the sainted More. The modern fixation with whether “it is legal” avoids the profound moral questions. As Royal points out many of America’s bishops (and the pulpits they influence) are either silent or offer elliptical references.

    Let’s be clear: this obscenity is condign evil…….and for anyone paying just a little bit of attention they know that it’s been going on for two score and two years on a massive scale. This story and the murderer”physician”-abortionist in Philadelphia are, pathetically, only snowflakes on the tip of the iceberg.

    As a matter of public prudence we would wisely recall Edmund Burke’s, “The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” As Catholic and all Christians should recall Jesus’ reference to those who are lukewarm.

    My oh my!

    • Lisa Cooper

      Did I anywhere say what the PP people are doing is moral?

      • mizcebe

        No, you did not! I believe you are thinking like a lawyer in regard to the videos. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. At some point, this whole horror may come down to adjudication in a court of law. I understand that most of us who have seen the videos have a gut reaction to the evil that is portrayed, but that doesn’t give any of us leave to launch personal attacks against you. We should be able to disagree with your ideas without getting personal.

  • Orwell’s Oracle

    A reasonable person might ask…should or could we consider the general USCCB policy of praising with faint damnation

  • Jan England

    Totally unfair to include the National Catholic Register in your complaints. Just go tho their website and enter “Planned Parenthood” for a search.

    • RobertRoyal

      Let me make clear that I was NOT talking about the Register or CNA or other big news outlets, which have done good in-depth coverage. I was speaking here about the sources available to people who don’t read them (or TCT for that matter), and have to rely on what happens in a local diocese or what they might hear from the pulpit.

  • WSquared

    But it’s our Church, not theirs.

    Wrong. The Church belongs to CHRIST. It is HIS Church for being His Mystical Body– it is not “ours” or anyone else’s.

    Nobody should forget that. Not our clergy, and most certainly not us, either. The Catholic Church is not “we, the people.” And the Catholic Church
    does not belong to “we, the people.” We, the people, are just as much
    servants as our clergy are, even if we and they serve in different capacities.
    And in both the Old Testament and the New, God forms His people; the
    people of God do not form themselves.

    • Dave Fladlien

      Poor wording on my part, perhaps. Nonetheless I would have hoped that my meaning would have been clear. I’m not disputing Christ’s Kingship of the Church, or the Holy Spirit’s willingness to lead if people are willing to listen to Him. I am trying to say that we can’t just say “well, that’s God’s problem.” Possibly you and I disagree on this, but I think it’s our problem too.

  • Monica Pope


    Robert Royal writes royal, incendiary baloney.

    HERE is the Church on abortion and cooperation of such (ipso facto Planned Parenthood): Direct abortion, that is to say, abortion willed either as an end or a means, is gravely contrary to the moral law…. Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. (CCC 2270- 2275)

    THAT is what The Church says about abortion. that a few random sampling bishops didn’t say MORE about PP doubling down on an already-grave evil? why should they?

    why should the bishops focus on the ILLEGAL activities of the butchers when the LEGAL activities are so enormously egregious?

    • John Ryan

      There is an opportunity here for the shepherds to refocus the minds of the faithful on just how egregious the whole sin of abortion and the overall culture of death are in our society. To focus more attention on the illegal activity of PP WHICH IS PROVING SHOCKING TO ALMOST ANYONE WHO BOTHERS TO PAY ATTENTION would serve to jar the faithful AND THE CLERGY out of their lethargic, begrudging ACCEPTANCE OF THE LEGAL STATUS QUO which GOD’S LAW calls Catholics to reject and oppose.

    • anantwort

      Monica, there is a law against illegal immigration yet our government flouts the law. Our Bishops support the violation of the law because they ‘care’ for the poor immigrants. So, what does a law mean when it is flouted? The Catholic Church can have a law against abortion but what good is it when the Bishops ignore it? Now, a question for you, Monica: why hasn’t the Papal Nuncio called the American Bishops to the task?

  • RaymondNicholas

    Point made; the Church is basically nowhere, no way, and no how to be seen over the most important issue of modern times. Why? The rule of primacy of conscience over the absolute truth of Christ and the destruction of our beliefs from the inside-that the Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Can we truly say that the Nicene Creed is believed if we stand by and do nothing while a minuscule group of defenders get mocked when they shout out? What a shame, and we do not even know it!

  • BXVI

    They’re just following Pope Francis’ lead. He has made it clear he wants “seamless garment” men like Cupich running things. And Pope Francis will come here in the fall and embrace President “God bless Planned Parenthood” Obama and speak of climate change and global inequality and will not mention (at least within earshot of the press) either Planned Parenthood or abortion, or for that matter gay “marrgiage.” Then he will celebrate Mass at which radical pro-abort Catholic politicians like VP Joe Biden and Rep Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio will take attend and take communion and everyone will be all beaming smiles.

    Sorry to be so cynical but here is a picture that says it all: Cardinal Dolan yucking it up with radical pro-abort NY “Catholic” Mayor DeBlasio:

  • Jennifer P

    Matthew 6:24 – “No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money.” (ESV)

    The bishops have been bought and paid for by the funding that comes from the government for their social service activities. What is morally right has taken a back seat and will remain there. The old joke that the USCCB is really the DNC at prayer remains true.

    • anantwort

      Amen! I like your comment, Jennifer. When I was a little boy, my older brother came home one day and said that that day was the end of Seton Hall University as a Catholic institution. It was the day that they accepted their first Federal dollar. The rest is history regarding Seton Hall and, subsequently, all Catholic institutions. People here in Atlanta were shocked – shocked- that St. Joseph’s Hospital had been sold years before the announcement that it would provide women’s health care including birth control. There hadn’t been any announcement by the Archdiocese regarding the sale so there was a grassroots movement to oppose the requirement when SURPRISE! the Archdiocese made the sale known. The Bishops operate like agents of Lucifer, not Christ. Well, Hell, why not! They don’t want to be ‘crucified’; heck, having storefront churches is to them a repulsive idea, even notwithstanding Pope Francis’ comment. Someone should nail demands to reform the Church on the door of the Cathedral….Oh! Wait! Nevermind.

  • Romulus

    Since “shipping and handling” for intact organs costs no more than the equivalent weight of mangled tissue, why are payments higher for the former? If we’re to believe that the payments are meant to cover only the out of pocket costs of delivering fetal organs to their, um, buyers, why are these programs touted as a way for chop shops to improve their cash flow? Bottom line: if there’s no profit in it, why does PP make time for these evidently extensive conversations?

    • Lisa Cooper

      Disgusting as it is for those of us who recognize these as baby parts, the PP people don’t see it that way and they just want to be reimbursed for the extra costs of sorting out the particular organs and tissue desired and filling out paperwork.
      And you can’t just put the samples in a box, they have to be carefully preserved. The same thing happens in hospitals when tissue is procured for medical research. The PP people probably make time for these conversations because they see the tissue donation as a humanitarian effort and they get a free meal at an expensive restaurant.

      • Romulus

        You don’t need to be a very skilled cost accountant to discover all sorts of “reimbursable” items that can be added to the chop shop invoice for reimbursement. It really does no good to ascribe ingenuousness to PP in this matter; the fig leaf of reimbursement is (like the government-funded non-lethal services PP performs) is merely a polite fiction, a convenient device to shift the maximum possible indirect expense to ready payers willing to cooperate with the flimflam. Those of us who’re not apologists for PP (including you, right?) do not need to subscribe to this transparent artifice.

  • James Folse

    The Pope is more concerned with the hoax of global warming than the abortion and eugenics industry and will not make a public statement condemning Planed Parenthood and its goal of killing babies, especially black babies. Remember, planed parenthood was founded by a believer in eugenics. Margaret Sanger spoke of ridding society of those feeble minded individuals who are a drag on society. As the leader of the Catholic church this should be what he is preaching instead of a hoax called climate change.

  • Robert, thanks for this article. I couldn’t agree more that the dioceses and the parishes need to be the engine for ongoing attention to the scandal of Planned Parenthood and of abortion generally. I have been involved in this video project and, through our mechanisms of Priests for Life, have sent to every parish in the country material they can use for bulletin and website announcements. I’ve also spearheaded a prayer campaign in response to this scandal, from Aug 22-29 that parishes can take part in. Google prayer campaign dot org. Let’s all keep pushing together. The pastors and bishops who are responsive will be able to do a lot of good.

    • Maria Tierney Koehn

      Thank you Fr. Frank Pavone for serving God and all your work with Him for the unborn and the born.

    • RTL

      Ditto thanks Father,

      I hope to see you while you are in the New York area this weekend.I’ll be the guy with the beard.

      I personally asked Archbishop Dolan / Cardinal Dolan a couple of times since he has been in New York to bend a knee in front of an abortuary that he passes every day to pray for the dead and wounded. The best I got out of him was he said that’s a good idea.

  • JohnnyCuredents

    In my diocese, Manchester, NH, nothing beyond an obscure reprinting of standard Catholic documents opposing abortion was forthcoming; from our bishop himself, not a word to my knowledge. I complained to the chancery about this silence and got a bland reply from some functionary pointing to the bishop’s online publication of the previously mentioned documents. The experience has taught me that our ordinary’s trumpet is very unsure and uncertain indeed.

  • BillinJax

    This is absolutely a case for Martyrdom
    Anyone who thinks we should set our faith aside in America
    in order to avoid stepping over the political correctness line in this current
    battle for the soul of our country is courting disaster.
    One thing is abundantly clear to any Catholic who understands the faith as
    shepherded by our Holy Father in Rome
    and that is the current regime in Washington D.C.
    under Barack Obama is by far the most anti-Catholic administration in the
    history of our country. The really sad thing is that our bishops had too long
    avoided the fight for fear of being accused of mixing politics and religion,
    and in the case of Obama the dreadful racist label from the media, allowing
    those of weak faith within their flocks who entered the political arena selling
    their souls to party platforms in
    opposition to our faith and values establishing a pattern of Christian
    We and our societal standards based on the founders reliance on Divine
    guidance are no longer recognized as a legitimate challenge to the status quo
    separation phrase used to deny them. Our elected officials who were put into
    office to protect our freedoms have chosen to be a ruling class unto
    themselves. Those like Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, Dodd, Sebelius and many others
    show no remorse for pandering to the enemies of Holy
    Mother Church and
    by default are parts of the problem. The situation has become grave and we,
    with guidance from bishops who now realize just how serious the administration
    is in its effort to remove all obstacles to a full blown secularist society,
    have to get involved in the fight for the soul of America.

    It is time to stop pretending we are powerless to defend ourselves from
    those who have abandoned piety in favor of personal power and prestige. If we
    the laity, the Church Militant, are to be the martyrs for the faith standing
    together against the forces of evil which are consuming our nation as it
    progresses on the administrations path into oblivion then so it must be. It has
    and always must be for true followers of Christ of every denomination a
    requirement to assist the Spirit of Pentecost within us in bringing forth upon
    our world the will of God to have life more abundant using the power of His
    Truth to make and keep men free. It is our duty, along with the message of hope
    and change within the church of Christ,
    to open the hearts of men to depend on the creators love to guide us to the
    place he is preparing for us not to succumb to the lure of an ever expanding
    totalitarian Marxist styled government promising to provide our every need in
    order to make us slaves to a godless political system.

  • Maria Tierney Koehn

    August 22, 2015 a day to stand up for those who can not in the U.S.A. – pray for us.
    #PPSellsBabyParts National Day of Protest. Unless indicated otherwise in the details for a location, all protests will take place Saturday, August 22 from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. local time at Planned Parenthoods.
    Protest against the heinous inhumane and barbarous actions of Planned Parenthood and the trafficking of baby parts.
    The little hearts need our hearts.

  • bender

    This is where the lay apostolate needs to step up and get in the game. Do you really need to have this bishop or that bishop speak out on this specifically? Really? They speak out — loudly — for the sanctity of life all the time. You really don’t know where they stand?

    I guess it would be more convenient if various bishops and cardinals were to issue specific denunciations and statements of outrage — as if this is any greater an evil than the 55 million dead babies they already speak against. If they were to do so, then that would relieve the pressure on YOU to do something.

    Rather than spending all this time and energy complaining about the bishops, getting people all riled up against them, why not get off your butt and act yourself?? This is a job for the laity, for the foot soldiers of the Church Militant. We have already been given our mission. We don’t need a bunch of bishops voicing outrage because that isn’t going to change much. Planned Parenthood and the other pro-abortion ghouls are not going to suddenly listen to them.

    It is up to YOU and to ME to bring about that change. So quit complaining about them and look in the mirror and do something yourself.

    • mizcebe

      I agree that we, the laity, must act and some will–as they have always done. But, open and strong encouragement and knowing that our ordinary “has our backs” might motivate more real action from those in the pews. We are the foot soldiers, but the bishop is our general and our parish priest is our platoon commander.

    • Sunrise

      Agree we the laity must act… but whatever we do will not compare with a sermon to at least thousands of people listening attentively to our priest on the issue, with a lively Diocese -Bishop on the reign for what is truly important. I have heard more and loudly about immigration and caring for the environment that about the issues of abortion, much less the chopping and dissecting and selling of pre-born babies. Also, whatever we (the laity) want to do, our priest asks “Is this coming from the Diocese?” so, even our priests are “waiting” to hear from their Bishops to do something.

  • bernie

    I hear and read seemingly endless words about the PP videos. They are justifiable as a first response, no doubt, but definitive action is absolutely incumbent on all our Bishops.
    If any one of them wants to really make a stand on this whole issue, he should publicly recognize that every politician posing as a Catholic who has voted in favor of any tolerating aspect of abortion.has excommunicated themselves and is no longer allowed to receive Communion in the Bishop’s Diocese. Collectively, the Bishops who are willing should publicly recognize the same thing about the four current self-identified ‘Catholic’ Justices on the Supreme Court who have been complicit in the degeneracy that is destroying our Country. There can be no more clear way to make our Countrymen face the reality of what they continue to allow to happen. In my opinion, regardless of the terrible toll that may befall the Church in terms of membership or cost or persecutions, anything less than a public recognition of self-inflicted excommunication and exclusion from the Sacraments cannot be justified. Anything less signals unequivocally that what is happening is negotiable and somehow compatible with salvation. Justice for these persons and all our fellow countrymen regardless of religious affiliation or humanistic opinion demands nothing less. Anything less betrays a lack of trust in God and the very words of Scripture. This action would not be vindictive or cruel or imprudent or bad judgment. How could following God’s Natural and Ecclesiastical law be such? Instead, it would be a great act of justice and love. In my opinion, those who bear the great burden of Divinely instituted leadership are clearly required, here and now, to face up to their dignity and unequivocally recognize the terrible consequence of continuing to cooperate in abortion. It is not just the death of a person in the womb, but the prospect of eternal damnation for the offenders who make it possible. The fact that we are on the verge of a National election of great consequence adds a dimension enormous gravity. There has never, perhaps, been a time when clarity of belief was more incumbent on the American Catholic Church. We must stand up for what we are or we will inevitably decay into the imitation religion of our European forebears where tax monies seem to have taken precedence over doctrine and membership is hardly more than a semblance of culture.

  • Michael Dowd

    This Pope is more concerned with the global warming hoax than the murder of innocents. That is why I will personally be leaving the Catholic Church. On a positive note, please read Psalm 82 for inspiration. This church is now completely corrupted and will face the judgement of the Almighty.