Deciding about a state in life

In making decisions as to a state of life, friends, work, future plans, business ventures, etc. we must first arrive at some guidelines, use the mental faculties God has already given us and pray for guidance. We cannot expect Him to come down in some ecstatic vision and tell us exactly what to do.

Perhaps some guidelines would be—to see if the decision we need to make is for the greater honor and glory of God, how does it affect our relationship with Him and are we at peace with it. We can rest assured that if we make our decision in this light God will stand by us and bring good out of it even if we see later our decision was not the most perfect.

Failure is also used by God to bring us closer to Him. He never commanded us always to make the right decisions—only to be holy—and that entails a childlike confidence that He will make our crooked ways straight and our faltering steps firm.

When we have an occasion to choose friends, we already have criteria to go by. Jesus told us to judge by fruits. (Matt. 7:16) Our friends must be chosen, not only by the fruit they bear in their own lives, but by the fruit we bear in their company. We can arrive at some concept of God’s Will in relation to work, by the talents God has given us. What kind of work are we best suited for and happy doing? If we are not sure, then we need to experiment with various types of work until we arrive at that “at home” awareness that this is what we can do best.

It happens, however, that sometimes we live in a particular situation that is brought about by our own weakness, mistakes, wrong decisions and the evil intentions of our neighbor. Where is God’s Will in this? If we have prayed and no solution is at hand; if we have tried to change the matter at hand and things only got worse, then we can be sure that patient endurance is God’s Will, at least for the moment. Continuous prayer will bring fortitude and fortitude will bring perseverance, perseverance will bring Hope and that Hope will not be in vain.