Catholics and Mormons together

Americans are divided over whether Mormonism is a Christian religion. 73 percent see little or no similarity between the LDS belief-system and their own. It’s estimated that anti-Mormon sentiment cost Romney upwards of 3 million votes: not enough to tilt the 2012 election in his favour, but enough to give one pause. Why is this particular brand of bigotry never discussed in the American media?

In fact, there are striking parallels between the history of our two faiths. Like Catholics, Mormons faced violent opposition when they first appeared in the United States. Like Catholics, Mormons face widespread misunderstanding of their beliefs – whether it’s our “worshipping saints” or their “magic underwear”. Like Catholics, they have slowly worked their way into the mainstream by serving their communities. And yet, like Catholics, they remain the object of socially-acceptable bigotry, largely because of our traditional views on morality. — from Catholic Herald, January 4, 2018