Singing of the Source and Course of Holy Church

“The Supreme Ultimate contains three–”
muddled words indeed!

In fact, they start with primal energy
to speak of original chaos.

From books of the past, we learned of old
of sincerity, wisdom and goodness;

the Mysterious meaning now we understand
of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Persons distinct: close at hand, consider
the flame within the mirror;

the Essence is whole: far off, please note
the wheel that graces the sky.

The Holy Name has been revealed,
His authority conferred;

throughout the world in this human realm
the sound of the teaching supreme!

*Wu Li (1632-1718) was a landscape painter, poet, and calligrapher from Jiang-su who lived during the Qing Dynasty and became a Jesuit priest at age 56.