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On Luxuries

Luxury is a shower, when the hot water is working. I was just reflecting on this, yesterday morning.

There may be greater luxuries, but I am thinking now only of the High Doganate, where I live, and in which I am locked down. (It is a “low-rent” flat in Toronto; where there are no low rents.)

But it is not the only luxury. The chicken curry up here is another; and my lime pickle is to die for. Well, that last remark was hyperbolical.

That is another luxury: to speak with great freedom, even using cuss words sometimes. For no one is listening.

Or I think no one is. I have written before about toasters that are connected to the Internet. I try to take reasonable precautions. I do not own a toaster, and my other appliances are pre-Internet. There is one dangerous exception, however. I am typing on it now.

I have never been invited to Mar-a-Lago, but don’t resent people who are, or were, or will be, until the Nancypelosiacs take it away from him. But I bet the shower fixtures are better down there. Indeed, they may be better, all across Florida, for all I know.

If they let him rent a condo, he will probably be okay. If they send him to prison, and Melania to another prison for women and trans weightlifters, they’ll still probably be okay. Trump’s children are too old for a re-education camp; I suppose they’ll have to go to prison, too.

For being in receipt of 74 million votes from deplorables (plus any that happened to be misplaced), is currently a serious crime. They tried to impeach Trump last time, with only 63 million.  (I refer to another group of Nancypelosiacs.) And they’re running out of time. At this rate he could score 87 million in 2024. Imagine the punishment for that!

Trump gives populism a bad name, I hear. Why, many of his supporters walked into the Capitol the other day, along with miscellaneous others. This was in Washington, where all the riots are supposed to be by Antifa and the BLM. It was extremely rude of them.

And in this riot, six people were killed – all of them Trump supporters, incidentally, including the policeman. The vandals also trashed some of the furniture, and fixtures. (Did any take showers, I wonder?) Some were not even wearing their Batflu muzzles.

Trump did not ask them to do this at his rally; in fact, he specifically asked them to be peaceful, and obey the law. But as it was HIS rally, he is guilty of treason, sedition, insurrection, &c. Ask Nancy Pelosi.

No one seems to remember what she was impeaching him for, last year. I think there were two high crimes and misdemeanors. One of them was, perhaps, putting ketchup on his steak; and the other, taking a second scoop of ice cream. So he is a serial abuser.

Many of the Republican “Never Trumpers” from the past have now piled on. They can see that they don’t have to humor him anymore. It is their chance to take their party back, to the country club days, when defeat was more certain. I doubt even one lacks table manners, at least when he is sober.


That Trump is “like Hitler,” or worse, goes without saying. President Bush also was, according to his detractors, and his father was, and Reagan, too. Indeed, Reagan was trying to start a nuclear war, in the moments when he wasn’t oppressing the poor.

Who am I to deny this? For as I said, above, hyperbole is a luxury. And I am not against others indulging, if they don’t break any laws. In fact, it is none of my business. Who am I to deny this luxury, to the spittle-flecked nutters?

Smugness and condescension are currently de rigueur, when writing about this unusual politician in the more elevated papers. This provokes me, but my irritation is a luxury, too.

I liked it better when luxury was a private yacht; or truffles. To my taste, Trump has been only one of ten thousand politicians who have resorted to bluster; although many could only be detected if you thought about what they said. It is “a problem with democracy,” I fear. Although here my fear is also ironical, to the point of hyperbolical.

Trump has been overtly pro-life, and a champion of liberty, especially of religion. His economic policies favored prosperity. They were disproportionately beneficial to Blacks, Hispanics, and other minorities. He started no wars, and negotiated unprecedented peace treaties in the Middle East. He has been a flag-waving patriot, and whenever on the record, he has consistently vindicated the rule of law.

On the other hand, his wife may have overspent on Christmas decorations.

A majority of Catholics continued to vote Democrat. There are reasons for this, including habit and history, but try as I do to stretch my imagination, none of them are good.

Still, it is not my business how anyone votes, apparently, even when other people’s votes will cost me. At most, I can opine, publicly, for as long as Big Tech graciously allows it. (Their graciousness has been contracting, lately.)

If a majority – whether actual or “virtual” – decides that they’d be better off with, for instance, a shill for Red China; or worse, to cancel established American freedoms; who am I to object? I am, after all, “a foreign agent” myself, looking on from another country that has slid farther down the slippery slope to Hell.

But when Catholics look upon Trump’s accomplishments, then sneer at him – after he has endured the nastiest ride in at least the last century of American politics – I find that it annoys me. Especially Catholics I formerly read with attention. But this is a luxury, I know.

Free speech is a luxury.


*Image: The Rotting Donkey [1] (L’âne pourri) by Salvador Dalì, 1928 [Centre Pompidou, Paris]

David Warren is a former editor of the Idler magazine and columnist in Canadian newspapers. He has extensive experience in the Near and Far East. His blog, Essays in Idleness, is now to be found at: davidwarrenonline.com.