The wrong way to treat gender dysphoria

The use of medical and surgical intervention for the purpose of “gender transition- ing procedures” harnesses technology to overwrite the body and its given sex. The available evidence shows that these procedures do not offer pathways to happiness or flourishing for those who utilize them as a means to deal with the pain of gender dysphoria. They use harsh chemical and surgical interventions to try to treat what is, at root, a psychological issue, leaving the deeper issues untreated and those persons with permanent damage to their bodies.

Moreover, using medical technology to satisfy demands that are not in the best interests of the patients themselves or conducive to their flourishing violates not only reason but also the basic aims and nature of medicine. In many ways, these procedures put medical technologies at the service of the currents of modern philosophy (e.g., existentialist, Marxist, or postmodern . . .. They promise the ability to overcome nature and God’s designs by allowing the individual to forge a new identity independent of his or her biology and concrete historical context. Older concepts such as human nature, biology, and sex are defeated by technical praxis, enabling the individual to create or write a personal gender of his or her own articulation. Yet, this modern Babel, like its ancient counterpart, only deepens confusion among those who subscribe to it.

Technology is not evil: It is a human tool that can extend human dominion over creation. This dominion is integral to the image of God (see Gn 1:26, 28), enabling human beings to act as God’s stewards within creation. Yet, this dominion is always subject to God who has designed creation and, in His loving providence, holds it in being. – from Unraveling Gender: The Battle Over Sexual Difference