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Vigil of the Immaculate Conception

A sword of silver cuts the fields asunder
A silver sword tonight, a lake in June—
And plains of snow reflect, the maples under,
The silver arrows of a wintry noon.

The trees are white with moonlight and with ice-pearls
The trees are white, like ghosts we see in dreams
The air is still : there are no moaning wind-whirls
And one sees silence in the quivering ‘beams.

December night, December night, how warming
Is all thy coldness to the Christian soul
Thy very peace at each true heart is storming
In potent waves of love that surging roll.

December night, December night, how glowing
Thy frozen rains upon our warm hearts lie:
Our God upon this vigil is bestowing
A thousand graces from the silver sky.

O moon, O symbol of our Lady’s whiteness;
O snow, O symbol of our Lady’s heart
O night, chaste night, bejewelled with argent brightness,
How sweet, how bright, how loving, kind thou art.

O miracle: tomorrow and tomorrow,
In tender reverence shall no praise abate;
For from all seasons shall we new jewels borrow
To deck the Mother born Immaculate.