The Sacristans of Carmel

Here below our sweet office
Is to prepare for the altar
The bread and wine of the Sacrifice
Which brings to earth—“Heaven!”

Heaven, O supreme mystery!
Hides itself under humble bread;
For Heaven is Jesus Himself,
Coming to us each morning.

There are no queens on earth
Who are happier than we.
Our office is a prayer
Which unites us to our Spouse.

The greatest honors of this world
Cannot compare
To the peace, profound and heavenly,
Which Jesus lets us savor.

We bring a holy envy
For the work of our hands,
For the little white host
Which is to veil our divine Lamb.

But His love has chosen us.
He is our Spouse, our Friend.
We are also hosts,
Which Jesus wants to change into Himself.

Sublime mission of the Priest,
You become our mission here below.
Transformed by the Divine Master,
It is He who guides our steps.

We must help the apostles
By our prayers, our love.
Their battlefields are ours.
For them we fight each day.

The hidden God of the tabernacle
Who also hides in our hearts,
O what a miracle! at our voice
Deigns to pardon sinners!

Our happiness and our glory
Is to work for Jesus.
His beautiful Heaven is the ciborium
We want to fill with souls!