A Deeper Vision

We are thrilled to announce the publication of Robert Royal’s newest book, A Deeper Vision.

Dr. Royal’s study is already ranked the #1 New Release in Modern Philosophy on Amazon. Professor Matthew Levering has said of it:

“This masterful book makes clear that the past century, for all its terrible horrors, was also a time of extraordinary Christian fruitfulness.  Royal is a cultural commentator with rare scholarly breadth and balance.  His judgments regarding major 20th century theologians and theological movements should be required reading for all graduate students and seminarians. Royal is even more in his element when he assesses the great Catholic poets, historians, and novelists who graced the past century.  This uplifting book comes as a much needed encouragement in the midst of the deepening storms of our own time.  For if the twentieth century shows that where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more, surely this too will be the ultimate story of our own century.”

And Francis Beckwith, a regular contributor to The Catholic Thing, has commented:

“There is no better expositor of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition than Robert Royal.  Intimately acquainted with its sources, history, and contours, Royal offers the reader a compelling account of the tradition and the role that it plays, and ought to play, in the Church’s encounter with the world.”

Finally, TCT‘s James V. Schall S.J. has written:

“No other book presents such a wide and carefully articulated understanding of 20th-century thought seen through the eyes of a Catholic tradition that is ordained to comprehend it. The book is a major intellectual achievement; an occasion of deep meditation and wide-ranging analysis of the modern mind, Catholic and otherwise.”

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