Dante’s Purgatorio Course Registration

I am happy to announce that, on May 12, we will begin our next course – on Dante’s Purgatory and will meet (virtually) each Wednesday for 6 weeks (7-9 PM, ET). This course will have the same number of hours as the previous one on Inferno, but since we’ve covered some preliminaries and this part of the Divine Comedy is not as complex as Hell or Heaven (Heaven is very complicated – and glorious) we can easily cover it in the six weeks with two hours per session.

This year is the 700th anniversary of Dante’s death in 1321 and the date is being celebrated in various ways in Italy, America, and all over the world. If you’d like to know a little about why Dante is the greatest Christian poet, why he is so important to Christian culture, and why you should read him, please look at the brief column I wrote here.

In this course – on Purgatory – we’ll follow Dante – and his guide Virgil – climbing the mountain on which sins are straightened out and virtues are developed. (In Paradiso, our final course, we’ll see how the soul expands and become capable of the Beatific Vision. But that’s for the future.)

The cost is $120 which includes a copy of my book on Dante. Returning students who attended our previous course on Dante’s Inferno have the option to enroll for $100, which does not include a copy of my book. You will also need a copy of Dante’s Purgatorio – I recommend the translations by Anthony Esolen or Robert and Jean Hollander. I’ll be using the Hollander translation myself, but any good translation with notes will do. You can read the Hollander translation for free online at: But it’s better to have a paper copy in which you can make notes or raise questions.

I would like to note that you do not need to have taken the first course on Inferno to take this one and benefit from it. So please feel free to share this invitation with your friends and family. The more the merrier. But if you want that background, please write to Hannah Russo, who handles enrollments, will be able to help register you to take the first course on an individual basis.

Classes will meet live at 7:00 to 9:00 ET (approximately 2 hours) from May 12 – June 16, 2021.

Classes will be recorded and will be made available to enrolled students upon request.