Neither dilettantes, nor partisans

There are some who say:  “We reject every partisan attitude and profess objectivity. That is the only decent attitude.”

There are others who say:  “We reject all dilettantism and profess commitment. That attitude alone is worthy of man.”

. . . And too often the former can believe in nothing and have not the courage to make any evaluation; they are condemned to perpetual neutrality and understand nothing thoroughly, because they are incapable of making a choice and self-giving.

Whilst the latter, even in their eager generosity and perhaps in the soundness of their choice, are forever making themselves unjust and sectarian by yielding to their passion. . . .

We must shun both dilettantism and the partisan spirit. We must both become thoroughly committed, and remain clearheaded, in the service of what is just and true. Complete success is very rare, but whoever tends in that direction, even from afar, already deserves praise.