The Trisagaion Hymn

Holy God, You dwell among Your saints. You are praised by the Seraphim with
the thrice holy hymn and glorified by the Cherubim and worshiped by all the
heavenly powers. You have brought all things out of nothing into being. You
have created man and woman in Your image and likeness and adorned them with
all the gifts of Your grace. You give wisdom and understanding to the
supplicant and do not overlook the sinner but have established repentance
as the way of salvation. You have enabled us, Your lowly and unworthy
servants, to stand at this hour before the glory of Your holy altar and to
offer to You due worship and praise. Master, accept the thrice holy hymn
also from the lips of us sinners and visit us in Your goodness. Forgive our
voluntary and involuntary transgressions, sanctify our souls and bodies,
and grant that we may worship and serve You in holiness all the days of our
lives, by the intercessions of the holy Theotokos and of all the saints who
have pleased You throughout the ages.