Give us Barabbas

It is time for the Church hierarchy to take a stand and cut out the cancer that is now infecting our American Catholic heritage. Bishop boycotts are not enough. It is time for the bishops to act on Pope John Paul II Apostolic Constitution, Ex Corde Ecclesiae (From the Heart of the Church) (1990), which instructs Catholic education facilities to respect the norms established by the local bishops. And, where this is not the case, that the designation “Catholic” be removed from them.

After so many years of shirking their responsibility to enforce Ex Corde Ecclesiae, this latest BC infraction should lead to action against these formerly Catholic institutions.

There is nothing short of the Catholic Faith and her pro-life stand at stake.To choose Prime Minister Enda Kenny over Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley is akin to the crowds during the Passion preferring the criminal Barabbas over Jesus.