The Fatima Message: A Final Chapter?

Somehow I missed hearing about the death of Fr. Nicholas Gruner (April 29), “The Fatima Priest,” whose controversial interpretations of the Fatima Message I have written about in TCT and elsewhere. May he rest in peace. He and other Marian-oriented priests have given me an incentive to investigate the 1917 apparitions at Fatima further, and make pilgrimages to that shrine.

A Pathway Under the Gaze of Mary, the recently published biography of Lucia, may bring further clarification to the Fatima message, and even help dispel some of the suspicions that troubled Fr. Gruner and others.

Sr. Lucia’s fellow nuns, the Sisters of Carmel of Coimbra in Portugal, compiled the biography. It offers an account of the events and apparitions in 1917, but is mostly concerned with the aftermath of the apparitions, Lucia’s entry into the Dorothean Order, then the Carmelites, and her final years. Included are Sr. Lucia’s notes and letters, and other documents and correspondences. The treatment is respectful, but not hagiographical. It brings out Lucia’s difficulties in trying to fulfill her mandate as the only one still living one of the three Fatima seers.

She was often challenged by superiors who had different agendas, spiritual advisors who did not agree with each other, a bishop making demands that seemed to conflict with orders from heaven, etc.

Initially, she was allowed to enter the Dorotheans incognito. Her superiors forbade discussion of Fatima in her presence, however, so it became clear to the other sisters that the new religious was the remaining seer. Eventually her superiors allowed people to question her and get advice, request autographs and photographs – all of which caused great discomfort for someone who simply wanted to pursue her religious life like other nuns. She spent many years wrestling with her desire to enter a Carmelite cloister, but encountered much friendly opposition from those who didn’t want to lose her, as well as obstacles from ill health, and life in wartime.

She prayed constantly in making decisions about her vocation, and about her mission of spreading the message of Fatima. But only occasionally after 1917 did she receive special revelations:

  •             December 10, 1925: Our Lady appeared, requesting the devotion of the Five First Saturdays, with Confession and Communion, to make reparation for sins against Her Immaculate Heart.
  •             February 15, 1926: The Child Jesus appeared, encouraging Lucia to make efforts to spread this devotion, in spite of reluctance of superiors. (Fatima in Lucia’s Own Words: Sister Lucia’s Memoirs mentions that Our Lord appeared again later and complained that many who start making First Saturdays do not finish them.)
  •             June 13, 1929: Our Lady appeared, asking specifically for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.
  •             May 1930: Our Lord explained to Lucia five types of offenses and blasphemies against Mary’s Immaculate Heart, and the proper fulfillment of the First Saturdays devotion.
Sister Lucia with St. John Paul II in 1982
  •             1936: Our Lord explained the necessity that the official consecration of Russia be carried out by the Holy Father and the whole Church; and that it will be done, although late.
  •             May 13, 1942: Our Lord appeared and clarified the nature of the sacrifice he was now requiring to make reparations for sin.
  •             In 1943, Lucia was seriously sick and in danger of death, the Bishop of Leiria visited and ordered her to write down the third part of the Secret. She protested that she had no order from heaven to do so, but the bishop said the responsibility was his and reminded her to be obedient. This caused great distress. She tried a number of times to obey the command, but her hand froze.
  • Finally, on Jan 3, 1944, Our Lady appeared, and said, “Do not be afraid, God wanted to prove your obedience, faith, and humility. Be at peace and write what they order you, but do not give your opinion of its meaning.” Lucia explained thereafter that she could only repeat the details of the vision, but not divulge Mary’s explanation.

Lucia made very few comments about the future, though a couple mentioned Portugal: “In Portugal the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved.” But: “If Portugal does not approve abortion then it is safe, but if approved it will have much to suffer.”

About the consecration of Russia, she encountered many difficulties, but was a stickler (like Fr. Gruner, in a way). In October 1942, she told Pius XII it was not done, “because it lacked the union with all of the bishops of the world.” Regarding Pope Paul VI’s consecration on May 13, 1967, “They asked me if it was done as Our Lady requested. I answered no, for the same reason.” In a letter, she writes: “When John Paul II made it on May 13, 1982, they asked me then if it was done. I said no. It lacked the union with all the bishops.” Finally, “this same Supreme Pontiff John Paul II wrote to all the bishops of the world asking them to unite with him. . .and on March 25, 1984 – publicly and in union with all the bishops of the world who wished to unite – made the Consecration as Our Lady requested. They asked me then if it was made as Our Lady had asked for it, and I said yes. Since then it is done.”

All in all, Lucia appears in the biography as a humble and nondescript shepherdess, entrusted by the Queen of Heaven with a mission to the world, and secrets, but for the most part dealing with day-to-day crosses, trying to be faithful to her vocation as a religious while escaping the limelight.

The initial Fatima message in 1917 is still of the utmost importance, and in great need of implementation: “Jesus. . .wants to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. To those who accept this, I promise them the salvation of their souls and they will be loved by God like flowers placed by me to adorn His throne.”


Howard Kainz

Howard Kainz

Howard Kainz, Emeritus Professor at Marquette University, is the author of twenty-five books on German philosophy, ethics, political philosophy, and religion, and over a hundred articles in scholarly journals, print magazines, online magazines, and op-eds. He was a recipient of an NEH fellowship for 1977-8, and Fulbright fellowships in Germany for 1980-1 and 1987-8. His website is at Marquette University.

  • Manfred

    The salient items from the Fatima apparitions were: Russia would become a great power and spread its errors, the Second World War would follow the First if not enough people amended their lives and strove for holiness, the children seeing a vision of Hell, and the Miracle of the Sun. A footnote: Lucia asked the Virgin if she and her female cousin (two of the three seers) would go to Heaven, the Virgin replied “Yes”. When she asked if Francisco would be saved (I believe he was seven), the Virgin replied “Yes, but he will have to say many Rosaies.” The Appareitions were deemed worthy of credence after a thorouigh investigation by the Vatrican in 1925(?) Obviously, these apparitions and their strong frightening messages .dominated the Pre-Conciliar Church leading to Its apogee in 1965.

    On June 6, 1981, the Virgin was alleged to have appeared in Medjugorje in the former Yudoslavia.
    These “apparitions” among the group of original seers are alleged tro have occurred every day since then. While the local Ordinary announced them to be false, the Varican has never made a decision on this subject in the last 34 years. Thousands (millions?) of pilgrims have been there with claims of their faith being renewed, miracles, etc. Apparently a decision is rto be delivered shortly by the CDF saying that piilgrimages may continuie as long as the pilgrims are informed that “nothing supernatural is occuring here.” .
    That statement could apply to the entire Post Conciliar Church which is at Its nadir, as Russell Shaw recently pointed out on these pages, due to low Mass attendance, Baptisms and Marriages.

    • Howard Kainz

      My hope is that the sensationalism of the 35,000+ “apparitions” connected with Medjugorje will be replaced with multitudes finally quietly fulfilling heaven’s request regarding the Five First Saturdays. Our Lord in May 1930 seemed to be quite serious about the necessity of reparation for the blasphemies and insults to his mother.

      • Catharine

        Howard, I agree totally with you on this point: the one thing we Catholics should be doing, and can do, is to fulfill Our Lady’s requests regarding: the devotion of the 5 First Saturdays in reparation to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Indeed, with all of the truly hideous reports in the mass media of desecrations of Our Lady’s images, etc. (too horrible to bear repeating here), I would urge the entire readership of this thread to go to confession as soon as possible, go to Mass this coming Saturday, July 04, receive Holy Eucharist in the state of sanctifying grace with the intent of rendering reparation and consolation to Our Lady’s Immacuate Heart. Follow up (or precede this) with 5 decades of the Rosary and 15 minutes of meditation on rosary mysteries, again, with the intent of keeping Our Lady company and of consoling her Immaculate Heart.
        In fact, this is something almost everyone can do, every single Saturday. If we add to it the intention of seeking the graces necessary for the conversion of Russia, and for the conversion of all sinners, we will be doing our part.

      • Peter Julian

        Fair point however you might find that the monthly apparitions are so voluminous and so lengthy (30+ years now) because of the times we live in. Previously such as at Fatima, La Salette these were much fewer as the imperative to repent was not as critical as it now is. This is not the end of the world but rather the end times and the Church as we know it will soon be eclipsed.

        The Medjugorje events represent the VERY last time the BVM will appear on earth. Her words.

        That should give people some pretty damn clear indication that the apocalyptic events now transpiring in the world and the Church are as serious as they will get. Time’s up in other words.

        It is also why the Pope has declared 2016 the Year of God’s Mercy because after that it will be the Year of God’s Justice. Coinciding incidentally with the centenary of the Fatima apparitions in 1917. Francis has stated that he will only be Pope for a couple more years – perhaps he knows more about the 3rd secret than we think.

    • Mel Collie Toronto

      I have been to Medjugorje with my wife and two very close friends about 15 years ago. The
      war had ravaged Mostar. Our pilgrimage started In England with about 30 persons from the
      UK. We flew to the Port of Split and boarded a coach which took 3 hour to reach the sight
      of the Apparitions. It was close to midnight and we were lined up for about 1/2 hour…it was
      cool and the starry night sky was beautiful. Looking around and taking in the surroundings
      I Noticed in the distance on a hill top a huge Cross lit up with sort of Christmas lights outlining the cross. It was quite magnificent. I pointed this out to the three people with me and they too
      admired the beautiful image.
      Next morning round the breakfast table I asked our tour guide about the lit up cross. He was amazed, in fact, astounded that all four of us had seen it….he explained that he had been conducting many many tours, and very few people had seen those very same lights we described. Our group saw those lights surrounding the cross every night for the 1st 3 nights….and never after that, for the week we were at Medjugorje.
      This event on Mt Krizevac has nothing to do with the alleged Hill of apparitions for the 6 seers, which has been finally decided by the the statement that “nothing supernatural is happening in Medjugorje.”

      Despite the Churches findings…..with which I have no difficulty, I do believe there is ample evidence in the lives of people visiting there, that all their Rosaries, Confessions, Communions, Prayers & Sacrifices had born fruit in their lives making the pilgrimage spiritually beneficial.

      “Intention” to draw closer to the Lord and His Mother, by making a pilgrimage, is not, to my way of thinking, ignored by God. Its the exact opposite….he yearns for us to have an intimate relationship with Him, so he gives us the graces to enable this to happen. …….Grace is a person whose name is “JESUS” So 34 years later we find out Medjugorje is a fake…….this doesn’t negate the profound blessings we received there……and are still receiving them, today & hopefully forever, till we make ti to the promised land…!!

      Of the original seers, perhaps only two of them saw our Lady, and told their siblings about it…..out of curiosity they went along with them, in the days to follow, to the alleged apparition sights…..and when they saw the attention that was coming their way (like all little children) they decided to be part of it, and claimed they too could see our Lady.
      So it became a phenomenon…..similar to Lourdes & Fatima .

      In due course Priests & Bishops drawn into the drama, no doubt sensed, an opportunity to fame, excitement and perhaps riches. The BBC hour long documentary on Medjugorje gives tremendous insight into the political/historical/ situational events taking place at that time and one can see more clearly now the background against which all this took place…..leaving plenty of us speculating how things evolved to where things are now.

      The early investigations by the two local bishops who carefully monitored the events for about 3 years came to the conclusion and reported to Rome their findings….none other than (Saint John Paul 2) which basically said to put every thing “ON HOLD”.

      Roman Catholic History has always been painfully slow to move in alleged supernatural matters such as this, and rightly so…..remember the Church wrongly burned a Saint at the Stake for having visions, hearing voices and having weird dreams…….her name was JOAN of Arch!!

      • Howard Kainz

        Medjugorje is indeed a mixed bag. For a fuller understanding of that phenomenon, I recommend Donal Foley’s book, Medjugorje Revisited: 30 years of Visions or Religious Fraud?

        • Chauffeur

          I believe his book is full of half-truths and misinformation. Please read “The Scientific and Medical Studies of the Apparitions at Medjugorje” by respected Mariologist Rene Laurentin.

      • Ronk

        a. We are Catholic, not “Roman Catholic”, a pejorative term invented by 17th century Anglicans and completely unknown in English speaking countries. “Roman Catholic History” would refer to the history of the Catholic Church in the city of Rome only. Joan was burned in Rouen, today part France and then part of the kingdom of England.

        b. The Church never burned anyone.

        c. Joan was burned after a rigged trial in acourt created by the English civil authorities, albeit including one tame collaborator bishop (Cauchon) during a war it was conducting against France.

        d. As soon as humanly possible, i.e. immediately the war ended, the Church conducted a proper investigation of the matter and quickly declared Joan innocent.

        e. The “crime” for which the English court condemned her to death was not the fact that she had visions, heard voices and had weird dreams, but for dressing as a man.
        f. Her name is not “Joan of Arch” but Joan of ARC (she was from the village named Arc), or as she spelt it, “Jehane d’Arc”.

        • ScottG

          “We are Catholic, not “Roman Catholic”, a pejorative term invented by 17th century Anglicans and completely unknown in English speaking countries.”

          Do you have further insight about this? If this statement is true, then why do many/most dioceses identify themselves as “Roman Catholic?” Certainly Rome could instruct them to do otherwise or, perhaps, Roman Catholic is their actual preference.

          • Peter Julian

            Actually Ronk is correct. The Catholic Church also comprises the Maronite, Greek, Melchite, Cyprian and other rites. The Anglicans invented it and unfortunately some Catholic dioceses adopted it out of deference (some Anglicans call themselves Anglican Catholics) so as not to offend. How bizarre. Even some Vatican publications sometimes use this term but it’s incorrect.

  • Patti Day

    The link provided for the biography takes one to Amazon, but the title is listed as unavaiable for purchase.

    • Howard Kainz

      The book is published by the World Apostolate of Fatima and is sold directly from their website bookstore.

  • Alicia

    In the 50s and early 60s, in my Catholic Schools, the Is and Ts were dotted and crossed. Homosexual sex was a sin against nature and God and it was a Mortal sin; sex before the sacrament of marriage was a Mortal sin; divorced Catholics could not remarry because that would be adultery and that was also a Mortal sin, etc. If you didn’t repent, and go to confession, you went to hell for the rest of eternity. Venial sins are also offenses to God and we were always told by the nuns and on Sundays by priests to go to confession. No excuses. No peer pressure, no victims. We had free will, we said yes to sin, it was our fault, we were guilty.
    We grew up with Fatima, Lourdes, with the first Fridays and first Saturdays and praying the rosary. We carried in our wallets a card that said (I still do) ” I am a Catholic. In case of an accident, please call a priest “.
    The horror !!! To be dying and not receive the Last Rites.
    Todays sermons are so bland. I don’t here the word ” sin ” anymore. Confessionals are empty. Priests and nuns were not afraid of ” offending ” anyone. The Faith and the teachings of the Church wereclear and simple.
    I wonder if our young people today even know what Fatima and Lourdes are, where they are located, and what the message was. I don’t think they even know the mysteries of the rosary. I see young “Catholics” on Facebook embracing the Yes to gay marriage because love is love, and Jesus was about love bla, bla, bla.
    Is it their fault or ours ? We blame Popes, bishops, priests, but the body of the Church includes all of us. We must have seen this coming . What’s done is done. Now we need to start emailing, writing, and talking to our priests, bishops, cardinals and everybody in the Church , schools and even to the Vatican until we jam their inboxes and mailboxes.
    I clearly see that our religious freedom and first amendment rights will suffer because of the gay marriage law. We need a strong, well-grounded faith and to take our young people, sit them down, dot and cross the Is and Ts of their faith and fill them with a great fear of hell, and awe for the beauty of our Catholic Church’s teachings, and God’s amazing love and grace.
    It was everybody’s fault, so let’s all fix it.
    Our lady will help us and God will provide the grace needed.

    • kathleen

      You have said it well. It’s up to all of us. I hope and pray I can do my part. Only with the help of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady’s prayers.

    • Jerry Gaddi

      I totally agree with you Alicia. It is partially our fault because we haven’t indoctrinated our children about our Catholic faith. Now the new generation do not even know about what love really is. The love that the world gives out is not love at all, it’s lust. This gay marriage isn’t about love, it’s all about lust, and that’s sinful.

    • Mainer

      written from the heart. If fear of hell is the only reason strong enough to keep someone on the “straight and narrow” then let it be. However,young children and innocent minds are likely very impressionable. Fear of going to hell forever for just one mortal sin just might be too traumatic for yet intellectually undeveloped minds. The reality of hell and knowing/believing that it exists is a different matter. Jesus said, “If you love me keep my commandments”. It is love of God that the Church should emphasize again and again in concert with the historical fact that Jesus Christ lived and walked on earth in Jerusalem and surrounding areas and, unlike two thousand years later in 2015, was seen and spoken to by His followers and non-followers eyewitnesses to His Divinity. Two thousand years later it is not so easy to relate to Jesus Christ as current events will testify. Out of sight out of mind . The world wants no Christian moral conscience but apparently prefers amorality having to answer to no God especially One who rose from the dead and is a Living God with authority and power to turn people out of Heaven contrary to that person’s possible strong desire to live in Heaven even after having lived a life of unrepentant sin. Souls who are in hell are there of their own free will not to love God but preferring love of self and when they leave this world they realize eternal separation from God is what they deserve for the life of unrepentant sin on earth. Just as there are levels of reward in Heaven there are levels of damnation in hell according to the life a person has lived on earth. The Church has a mission to “seek first the kingdom of God” but it is a mission not emphasized or lived enough during the past two thousand years.

      • Alicia

        Thank you. Very beautiful and true. I’m not saying these young people are inmoral, bad peope. They are not. They are hard working, loving, honest professionals who are wired differently- by modern universities, internet, movies, TV, the media ? Their Catholic Church is a salad bar where you can choose. God? Yes, with a distant, holy respect. Jesus? Yes, yes, yes, loooove him. John Paul II? Adore him. Why? ” Well, he was really a saint, the real thing ” , Why you ask- no idea!!! But that negative Church with so many NOs, and priests and bishops !! Please, don’t waste their time.
        It’s difficult. I pray daily rosaries for them. I know the graces are there from their Baptisms, Holy Communion, and Confirmation. I know God will bring them out. I hope it’s softly and not through painful tragedies. I do pray a lot.
        Thank you

  • Luke Paul

    The mistake in this article and in many others on the subject of Fatima is to keep to the principle that Sr Lucia confirms whether or not the consecration has been done. The Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart context has its own solution, that is that Russia will be converted and there will be peace in the world – the fruits of the Triumph of the immaculate Heart of Mary. Fr Gruner, whatever we judge him to be, was right in his judgment that Russia has not converted and there is no peace in the world. However, to satisfy those who wish for confirmation from Sr Lucia we can say that John Paul II’s consecration was a ‘partial’ consecration as Russia was not mentioned and therefore we have seen a partial response e.g. Berlin Wall coming down. Remember that the October 1917 Miracle of the Sun was only a partial miracle, it would have been greater had the Children not been kidnapped in the previous August. The Consecration using the word ‘Russia’ was kidnapped out of the mouth of Pope John Paul II by his advisors – apparently he did ask them whether he should mention Russia. The Triumph of the immaculate Heart of Mary has not been fully realized, but like all things that God Word sets out to do, He will fulfill the plan of the Immaculate for the sake of the Faithful. The Triumph will happen the hard way until the consecration proper is made and even then it will have been made late and so its efficacy will be in accord with our obedience. The Miracle of the Sun is connected to the decisive moment in human history, a moment spoken of at Akita as the ‘Fire that will fall from Heaven’ which will wipe out two thirds of humanity and will mirror what goes on in the Church, Cardinal against Cardinal. This scenario is being played out as I write, what goes on in the Church affects the world and Russia is on the move. By following the First Five Saturdays we can affect the outcome, if you started last month you will finish in October, the Family Synod where the Devil is trying to bite at the Five wounds of the Immaculate Heart – each of these five is in some way connected to Marriage and Family life, we are being taken back to Satan’s Original attack on Adam and Eve, albeit the second Eve. Fr Gruner’s urgency was very much true but too many confuse the person with the message and forget when he speaks the truth.

    • sam

      JPII had his doubts about the consecration of Russia, so much so that he called for the Assisi Peace gathering in 1986, soon after this alleged consecration in ’84 had taken place. He no doubt called for it because after all this Fatima hoopla, there was no world peace as a result of the ’84 event, and still none today, he had to have been mystified why it did not occur.

      • Catharine

        JPII admitted publicly almost immediately after the 1984 “consecration” that it had not been done precisely as Our Lady had requested, and openly admitted that it still needed to be done in the future. This was published in L’Osservatore Romano about 2 days afterwards.
        However, the consecration was accepted by Heaven (this is what Lucia actually said; she never said that it had been done as requested). As a result, in 1984, after we almost had a nuclear war with Russia, their nuclear arms suffered several catastrophic explosions in a row. The Communist empire collapsed. However, Sister Lucia and several other seers (not the $$ machine, traveling dog-and-pony private apparition crowd) have clearly indicated that at a time in the future when it appears that Communism is over and done with as a factor in world history, Russian will suddenly invade western Europe on 3 fronts (North Sea, overland, probably the Fulda gap, and Mediterranean). They will not only conquer and take over Europe, but from there the entire world.
        I suspect that the consecration will be done only after the Russians, having taken over Rome, will publicise Sister Lucia’s copious writings, apparently and erroneously taking it as proof positive that what they are about is not only prophesied in advance, but approved by Heaven. I suspect that only after this occurs will the Pope do a true consecration of Russia, by name, and not of the world or of any other country, together with all or most of the world’s bishops, doing the same in their home cathedrals.

        • sam

          Any consecration heaven would accept. How can It not. Just as Pius xii ’42 consecration was not done as Heaven decreed, it was accepted , as it shortened wwii. But it is painfully obvious that there is no world peace and it escapes me as to why it was pounded in by Vatican pundits that Fatima’s promise of the consecration, the conversion of Russia AND the era of peace (25 years) have occurred without blushing.

          Can I ask where you found this following quote from? ->> “However, Sister Lucia and several other…from there the entire world”. I am unfamiliar with this Lucy quote.

        • sam

          Can I ask where you found this following quote from? ->> “However, Sister Lucia and several other…from there the entire world”.
          I am unfamiliar with this Lucy quote. Can you provide this from your sources??

    • Howard Kainz

      2Peter 3:8: “With the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.” God can’t be rushed, especially since He respects human freedom. It took Moses and company 40 years to get to the Promised Land. It took 400 years for the prophecies of the Messiah to be fulfilled. Sr. Lucia was not mistaken. The consecration was done. Russia will be converted.

    • jdumon

      Luke Paul, you are perfectly right.
      Those who are saying that the Consecration was done by JPII in 1984 are misleading us.
      Sr Lucy was ordered by the Vatican to say that this consecration was “accepted by Heavens”. This is a bit ironic towards the Vatican, since Heavens never rejected any Consecration.
      “Accepted” doesn’t mean that the promised fruits by Our Lady have been granted. An indeed objectively they weren’t

  • Tim

    Luke Paul thought hard about your response below. Well reasoned and the facts you raise can be verified. Well done thank you for sharing this with us.

  • g

    Russia is not converted-as is clear by the neoCommunism, extremely dangerous militarism, rampant pornography, drug use/sales, and alcoholism, and sale of severe weapons to foreign terrorists, to name just a few. it has also NOT become a Catholic country-else why would Mary say she would Convert it? Russia is not converted because at has not been consecrated, By NAME, by the Pope, In Union With ALL the Bishops. Do not try to falsify the Fatima message.

  • tony delville

    There are several major problems with this article.
    First, I have read volumes and volumes about Fatima, including Sr. Lucy’s own memoirs (twice). Nowhere have I ever read the phrase, “If Portugal does not approve abortion then it is safe, but if approved it will have much to suffer.” This is the first time I have ever heard it, and it therefore seems to me to be an artifact, that is, an invention.
    The second major problem is the claim that JPII told all the bishops of the world who desired to do so to join him in the 1984 consecration. I have also never read this claim before. But that is a side issue. Our Lady said that God desired the consecration of RUSSIA, not the “World”. The 1984 consecration was of the world. Also, she said “in union with all the bishops of the world”, not just those who thought they might like to take the time to do so.
    The third major problem is the claim that Our Lady said to Sr. Lucia not to write down her, Our Lady’s, interpretation of the secret. I have read that absolutely nowhere, and of all the writings of those who oppose Fr. Gruner and his insistence on the consecration, not one of them has ever claimed that She said anything of the sort.
    Last, the clear objective of God in asking for the consecration is to: a. Convert Russia, b. bring peace to the world, and c. establish in the world devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. I challenge any human being from anywhere in the world to seriously argue that any of these three objectives have been achieved since 1984. In fact, we have the exact opposite of them. Just last week, same-sex marriage was legalized by five male and female lawyers in the United States. How does this constitute the triumph of the Immaculate Heart?
    For those who argue that any consecration that has been done up to June 2015 meets the request of heaven as revealed by the Fatima phenomenon, here is what you are saying:
    the omniscient God sent the Blessed Virgin Mary to ask Sr. Lucia to tell the pope to do something that God, since he knows the future, KNEW would not be done in the manner he asked. So why didn’t He ask for it to be done the way he knew it would be done? Having asked, why didn’t He send the Holy Spirit to inspire the pope and the bishops to do it? The only rational answer is that He knew it WOULD be done, and he IS going to send the Holy Spirit, but, in the words of Our Lord Himself, it will be late.
    I find it extremely convenient to all of a sudden see published a book about Fatima by the sisters of her convent (allegedly). Sr. Lucia was there for many decades. Why wait until she was ten years dead to publish a book that contradicts what Sr. Lucia wrote in her own memoirs? To say that I am skeptical is to understate the matter: I don’t believe a word of it.
    In the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph, there will be peace, and the entire world will be devoted to Mary’s Immaculate Heart because we all will have seen that our deliverance from catastrophe was due to her intercession. The Church will experience a new springtime, and nations all over the world will rewrite their laws to conform to God’s law as preached for 2,000 years by the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic church established by Jesus Christ. The, Fatima message will be fulfilled and Fr. Gruner will be justified and honoured, unfortunately posthumously.
    For proof, I offer the inscription that encircles the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica on the inside:
    Tu es Petrus, et super hanc petram aedificabo ecclesiam meam, et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversus eam.
    Now that’s a promise. Look up the translation.

  • Bea


    • samton909

      There is peace in this world.

      • Alfred E. Neuman

        Free therapy is available online. Just google it.

  • stephen ryan

    Russia’s spiritual revival is unrivaled in the modern world (Christopher Hitchens wrote about this just before his death) What will it take folks to see this. Nuclear submarines in Russia are named after Saints and they are outfitted with chapels. The conflict in Ukraine is literally a battle against Christian believing Eastern Ukraine (the soldiers carry flags with Virgin Mary imprints on them) and the Western Ukrainians whose allegiances are with the “godless” west. The period of peace? Take a look a the EU flag – it is blue with a crown of 12 stars – the twelve stars were inspired by the Virgin Mary according to the designer . Two years ago the Noble Peace Prize went to the EU. The period of peace is now over.
    These are decisive times. In the USA we have a secular elite society and Protestants who do not have Our Lady in their hearts. In Russia they venerate the Blessed Mother like no other. Our Lady’s heart will triumph. You just might be surprised at the outcome.

    • samton909

      One nuclear sub is named after a saint, and it has one chapel. Just one sub

      • stephen ryan

        There have been at least six naval vessels named after Russia Christian saints

        • tom bordeau

          And the Vatican named a telescope after Lucifer. And your point is?

          • URSULARICHES

            lucifer is the angel of light but then fell and became lucifer the deceiver and accuser…………. Claire is named after light. Jesus is the light to those in darkness, St Lucy is the ?
            light so what EXACTLY was the telescope named?.

    • jdumon

      Yes, but did the russian people convert to the catholic Faith?
      NO N. O.
      Was the promised period of peace given to the world?
      NO N. O.

      • stephen ryan

        The Vatican has explicitly said the conversion of the Russian people was not meant to be catholic only. A conversion of the heart is what matters – our lady’s heart. Russia is a very Marion country much more so than the USA.

        The period of peace has just ended. Take look at the E.U. flag- a blue flag with a crown of twelve stars – the designer said it was meant to be a reference to the Virgin Mary. The EU received the noble peace prize two years ago. With Greece the eu in falling apart. The period of peace was a reference to Europe – but now they have turned from God.

        • tom bordeau

          The Vatican?? Do you have proof ?

  • Quote: “About the consecration of Russia, she encountered many difficulties, but
    was a stickler (like Fr. Gruner, in a way). In October 1942, she told
    Pius XII it was not done, “because it lacked the union with all of the
    bishops of the world.” Regarding Pope Paul VI’s consecration on May 13,
    1967, “They asked me if it was done as Our Lady requested. I answered
    no, for the same reason.” In a letter, she writes: “When John Paul II
    made it on May 13, 1982, they asked me then if it was done. I said no.
    It lacked the union with all the bishops.” Finally, “this same Supreme
    Pontiff John Paul II wrote to all the bishops of the world asking them
    to unite with him. . .and on March 25, 1984 – publicly and in union with
    all the bishops of the world who wished to unite – made the
    Consecration as Our Lady requested. They asked me then if it was made as
    Our Lady had asked for it, and I said yes. Since then it is done.””

    Hopefully, this will convince the radical Fatimists that the Consecration to Russia was effected by Saint John Paul, but somehow, I doubt it.

    • tom bordeau

      You’re right to doubt about those radical “fatimists” because they are still correct. For 5 years post ’84 ‘consecration’ she said no , no, she ‘insisted’, that Russia was NOT consecrated until an Vatican envoy ‘talked’ her into it. She then changed her mind. But heaven would and did accept this one largely because heaven would accept ANY consecration, as did Pius xii’s in ’42, that shortened the war.
      So where is this world peace that Our Lady promised would be a result of this?

      • Howard Kainz

        I have heard these allegations from the conspiracy theorists who also think Lucy’s writings were forged, and even that there was a Lucy-imposter. Do you have any RELIABLE sources?

        • tom bordeau

          Which allegations?

          • Howard Kainz

            The allegations concerning Lucia’s comments on the ’84 consecration.

          • tom bordeau

            When did Lucy change her mind??? In ’89. Up to THAT year , she had declared the consecration was not accepted by heaven, was not what Our Lady had wanted … It is a matter of fact Howard.

        • Peter Julian

          Dear oh dear Howard. Try reading what Fathers Gobbi and Gruner have written about this forgery. You’ll soon get the idea. It does not help to call people fanatics when all they’re doing is pointing out the blindingly obvious to the wilfully ignorant.

          Please…let us not be childish or naive. Russia has not abandoned communism. The consecration in 1984 was a partial, less than 100% effective as it was not what the BVM ordered..This is quite clear!

          So there was a partial setback for communist forces – the fall of the Berlin Wall for one thing and eastern bloc governments. It was only a setback as you would have to be blind not to notice that there is a KGB Colonel now presiding as the Russian president and is slowly but surely progressing his nation towards war with Europe. ‘Russia will march on the nations of Europe.” He has now thrice subtly threatened the world with his huge nuclear arsenal as it was not destroyed at all. A major trickery over the West. Have you noticed anything going on in the Ukraine and Latvia lately??

          Jacinta, regardless of her initial vow of obedience, is not obliged to obey false and heretical superiors. This in itself would be a grave sin when such obedience contradicts the edicts of the BVM and Christ.

          There is illuminati corruption at the highest levels in the Vatican and we know that Cardinals Bertone and Sodano lied to the Catholic faithful. In short these men are satanists and have immense power in the Church – this also has been foretold and Paul VI said as much in 1976.

          They are not to be believed. Benedict XVI later contradicted these cardinals assertions that the 3rd secret was 1. All about the ‘attempted’ assassination of JP2 and 2. that there was no apocalyptic message. There most certainly was and ISIS has confirmed the nature of it with their threats to invade Rome circa 2015 and 2016. Wakey wakey.

          I predict that Francis will carry out the BVM’s wishes ‘to the letter’ which will unleash an unholy and vicious reaction from Putin. Francis will be assassinated (he has alluded to this already) as the “bishop in white” mentioned in the 3rd secret when the Islamists invade Rome with the help of the Russians.

          This in fact is already taking place if you have eyes to see with.

    • jdumon

      Sr Lucy didn’t said so. She didn’t said the Consecration was performed according to Our Lady’s wishes.
      She said only that it was “accepted by Heavens”, that’s very different.
      It was accepted like were accepted the Consecrations of Pius XII, Paul VI, or that of 1982 by JPII.
      Heavens never refuses a consecration request.
      Heavens accepted it but didn’t grant the promised fruits: The conversion of Russia and a “period of Peace”.

  • Midwester

    Howard, have you read that full text of the 1984 consecration that Pope John Paul II performed? If the consecration had been accomplished, why, in the text of the consecration do we find the words “enlighten especially the peoples of which You Yourself are awaiting our consecration and confiding.”? Why, later, was it reported that after the I have been studying Fatima for many, many years. Why did it take so long for our Holy Fathers to perform a simple act requested by Our Lady when they, themselves acknowledged the truth of the apparition? If one is in full command of the facts and have read the excellent work of Father Gruner and the Fatima apostolate, studied the references to the supporting material that Fr. Gruner cited, and kept an open mind concerning the possibility that those who do not believe the consecration was performed might be correct, then the concern that Pope John Paul II did not perform the consecration as requested will appear to be well founded.
    We are approaching the 100 year anniversary of the Fatima apparitions. Our Lord warned Sister Lucy at Rianjo, Spain, in 1931, “Make it known to My ministers that given they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command,that they will follow him into misfortune.” We know well what happened to Louis XVI during the French Revolution. On June 17, 1689, the King of France, Louis XIV, was commanded by Our Lord to consecrate France to His Sacred heart, and to place the image of His Heart on the King’s coat-of-arms. He did not do it, nor did Louis XV, nor did Louis XVI. On June 17, 1789, the Third Estate declared itself the National Assembly and stripped the King of his powers to rule. Urged by his wife, the Queen, to fulfill Our Lord’s request, he attempted it while under house arrest, but it was too late. As we approach the 100’th anniversary of Fatima, what awaits us?

  • jdumon

    I am convinced that the Consecration of 1984 by JPII was not done according to,our Lady’s wishes because:
    1/ Russia wasn’t named in the consecration act
    2/ Between 1984 and 1989 Sr Lucy said the Consecration was not made. There are many testimonies, statements and declarations of her in that way. She was obliged to change by an order from the Vatican which was conveyed by the local bishop of Leiria, Do Amaral (according to what he told to the late Abbé Georges de Nantes)
    3/ Where are the conversion of Russia to the catholic Faith and the “period of peace” as promised by Our Lady after the Consecration?

  • Elizabeth

    Read MARIAN MOVEMENT OF PRESTS FATHER GOBBI MARCH 25,1984. The concreation was not done according to The FATHERS and Our Ladies specifications. But because of J. P. great love special graces were given at that time but the total concentration would be done in the midst of BLOOD n CHAOS. read,believe n pray the rosary n wear brown scapular.

  • John C. Preiss

    Servant of God, Sister Lucia said that Our Lady had accepted the Consecration. Their is a timeline of some very significant events that took place after the 1984 Consecration that could only happen through divine intervention. Our Lady had Her hand in it.
    Do you not think that after several failed consecrations by different Popes that if the 1984 Consecration was invalid Sister Lucia would have again said that Our Lady Has not accepted it? You ask why not peace? We do not have peace because people are so caught up in the consecration conspiracy that they are not living the message set out by Our Lady of Fatima. Russia is the least of our problems. Russia is growing in Christianity. They are banning homosexual marriages. They are encouraging tax incentives for large families. Peace will come with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. We must live the message, not the controversy.
    I have researched Fatima for several years now and some of this that I read is not found anywhere in any text except from the websites of the late Father Gruner and the diamond brothers. Be careful who you follow and make sure you look at the facts or the black and white print.

    • Howard Kainz

      I agree. I think that many of us who became familiar with the Fatima message during the Cold War, placed the most importance on the consecration of Russia. Many seem to think that this will produce a massive miracle, where individual Russians are suddenly changed like St. Paul on his horse. We tend to hope God will make everything right miraculously; but God, who seems to have great confidence in human instruments, may be waiting for us to turn the tide by our rosaries and First Saturdays. We are talking about a world in which contraception and abortion are universal, the Virgin Mary encrusted with elephant dung is displayed in a New York art exhibit, and a portrait of Pope Benedict composed of 17,000 condoms is currently on display in a Milwaukee museum.

  • Howard Kainz

    St. Paul was just one person. It is not quite clear what conversion of a whole country might mean. I would welcome the “illumination of conscience” foretold by some visionaries. But in lieu of that, one indispensible step towards conversion of Russia would seem to be reunion with Rome. Some steps have been taken in that direction, awaiting an impetus from the Holy Spirit.

  • sam

    It’s mostly about Russia because if Russia is not consecrated , they will be the scourge of the world. For world peace , yes it is about Russia. If Russia was consecrated, they would convert and WORLD peace will result because of it. Our Lord and Our Lady have indicated that the Holy Father is to be joined in the act of consecration by all the Catholic bishops of the world on the same day and at the same time in their respective dioceses. Only Pope Pius XII’s consecration of the world in ’42 included substantial involvement of the bishops.

    The ’84 consecration of the world had its benefits, just as Pius xii’s consecration did. Lucy had written that this imperfect act of obedience, while not fulfilling Our Lady’s Fatima request, did hasten the end of the WWII, sparing the lives of tens of millions of souls. In response to Lucy’s question why He would not convert Russia without the Pope consecrating that nation to Her IH, Our Lord replied “Because I want My whole Church to acknowledge that consecration as a triumph of the IH of Mary so that it may extend its cult later and put the devotion of the IM beside the devotion to My Sacred Heart.”
    So far, nothing like this has arrived nor even close. No triumph of the IH of Mary either.

  • @Howard Kainz Thank you very much for this article. It is good to hear that consecration of Russia has been done.

  • samton909

    Well, Lucia ought to know, and she disagrees with you.

  • Howard Kainz

    I certainly did not want to offend. I just want to emphasize that the absolutely most important mandate from Fatima is reparation for offenses against the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which I specified and detailed in the earlier column referenced in the link in the first paragraph of this column. (The present column is a follow-up on that earlier column.)

  • Dhaniele

    On a completely different note, in the light of our current world situation, I think it is not irrelevant to note that the name of the place (Fatima) reminds us that it is named after a Muslim girl who later converted to Christianity. She bore the name of Mohammad’s famous daughter. This cannot just be a coincidence. If a time of peace is to be given to the world, clearly the Muslims must be part of the process. Though all of this seems quite impossible, so did the relatively peaceful collapse of the Russian empire (Soviet Union). I might be relevant to look at the history of Our Lady of Guadalupe: the Archbishop of Mexico feared an immanent uprising of the population against the Spanish. Then, after Mary’s apparition, there was a period of mass conversions that lead to anchoring Mexico firmly in Christianity.

    • Mary Jo McGee Anderson

      Mexico , as a country, may be “firm” in Christianity–those we see here in the USA, mostly, consider the faith as a social standing rather than a religion. Many, many that I have known or met do not attend Mass on Sunday because “no, no, I have to work” -they don’t seem to understand the importance of the teaching of the Church. Some make fun of the fact that me and mine attend Mass and practice our faith. Seems that now our church in USA will have to catechize a whole group of legal and illegal people who come across our boarders. Doesn’t seem right.

  • No sir. Those who allege that Sister Lucía lied under obedience, that in turn Cardinal Ratzinger lied, and so did St. John Paul II when the Third Secret was fully released and the Consecration took place, those denier who divide and confuse the People of God, those are the ones who should be ashamed. Not me. I stand with the Church. Which in turn poses the question to you, sir: where do you stand?

    • Jhonen Takeuchi

      Shame on you! You stand with the modernists,communists,freemasons and the ecumenical fatima lite movement taking up space in the Vatican. Don’t fool yourself you are doing Satan’s work. You do not stand with the Church you stand with those who have wrecked the Church. You stand with those who hate our Our Lady. Shame on you! You do not have any moral high ground by saying “I stand with the Church” Which in turn poses the question to you. Which Church? I stand with the Roman Catholic Church and the Popes of Tradition. You stand with new church the church of man the church with no dogma and a new mass created by a freemason. Do NOT push your neo catholic trash on me. You drink the poison that your father the devil has made up for you I DO NOT WANT IT. In a word get out of my face you soft spoken fraud! I see you.

      • Howard Kainz

        Keep in mind the ground rules for comments here: “The Catholic Thing welcomes comments relevant to columns that are civil, concise, and respectful of other contributors.”

  • jdumon


    I am sorry to say that I disagree.

    For 3 to 4 years after Pope JPII in 1984 made a Consecration of a country without daring even to name it, Sister Lucia has repeatedly said that the Consecration was not properly done according to our Lady’s requirements.

    When suddenly she changed and said that this Consecration was “accepted by Heavens”, it was under the duress of an express order to say so coming from the core of the Vatican..

    But saying “accepted” was not contradicting herself since we know that Heavens never rejected any Consecration so far as its aim was worthy and respectable.

    “Accepted” doesn’t mean “properly done” since Sr Lucy was strictly forbidden to say this by her hierrachy. ‘Accepted’ meant that it would bring some fruits but not those that Our Lady promised.

    Instead of Russia’s conversion to the catholic Faith we got the end of communism and of the communist USSR in the same time as the fall of the Iron Curtain. But we didn’t get the “period of peace.

    Therefore Our Lady is still waiting for the right Consecration by the Pope.

    Time is running short. Almost 100 years were spent since 1917. And Our Lady alluded Sr Lucy to the fate of the KIng Louis XVI exactly 100 years after himself and his ancestors failed to perform the Consecration of their Kingdom to the Sacred Heart of Jesus….

  • jdumon

    Sr Lucy was ORDERED to change her declarations under duress by an express order of the Vatican wich was directly conveyed to her by the local bishop of Leiria, Mgr Do Amaral.
    This bishop confided this to the late Abbé De Nantes who recalled it in his memories.

    • Peter Julian


  • Steve Graves

    Everyone seems to forget Our Lord’s response to the question of why He insisted on the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. In essence, it was to inculcate the establishment of devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary alongside devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. If there is no detectable or demonstrable connection before the eyes of the world of what took place in 1984 with the conversion of Russia; if there is no incontrovertible “cause and effect” between what one Pope did back in 1984, if the most gradual conversion of Russia can possibly be attributable to some other influence, it SURELY WILL BE and God’s hand will NOT BE SEEN in this affair. When God wants the world’s attention to make a point, he has Moses part the Red Sea in one day, not over the course of hundreds of years!
    What will all the naysayers be using as an excuse when the Pope actually performs the Consecration as GOD WANTS IT, and Russia is converted virtually overnight? How many souls might have been saved from Hell, how much human misery might have been avoided if people had trusted in God’s almighty power instead of the most suspect shenanigans of con artists who never allowed Sister Lucy to communicate “on the record” We’re supposed to give greater credibility to one Secretary of the State (of the Vatican) who has repeatedly corrected himself by force of evidence over the words of Our Blessed Mother? Unbelievable!

  • veritude

    Our Lady of Fatima warned that the errors of communism would spread across the world if her advice was not followed, including prayer and penance; a return to following her Son; and the consecration of Russia.

    Now, I ask a question: have the errors of communism spread around the world? What were the errors of communism? Effectively, in a nutshell, the errors of communism were its an anti-Christianity, and an anti-democratic system of governance by an elite. Has that form of government really disappeared or has it simply developed new guises and means of deception, largely through propaganda?

    Even under the old system of the Soviet Union the citizens of those territories were given the impression that they were voting for their president, even as today Putin holds elections. Is that the only country in the world where effectively ‘sham’ elections take place?

    Secondly, the essence of this erroneous type of government – anti-Christianity and anti-democracy, even though disguised – does not require a divorce from capitalism. We have seen that communist regimes such as China have been happy to adopt ‘crony’ or elite capitalism, whilst still maintaining its form of dictatorial elite government. Now, I ask you again: have the errors of communism spread around the world? I think if we are honest and not naive, we have to admit that they have.

    The second aspect which is disturbing is that Sister Lucia was kept as a virtual prisoner in her convent. Access to her was strictly controlled, presumably to keep the third secret of Fatima from being in plain sight. That is disturbing.

    Our Lord never has anything to hide. His ways are never esoteric or secretive. His Way is set out clearly in the bible and the gospels and is available through the sacraments of his Church. The Lord is transparent and I am sure that Our Lady intended the secrets to be transparently communicated at the right time. I am not 100% sure but it looks to me like the transparency of communication of the 3rd secret has been frustrated, and has still not been properly communicated by the Church.

    I do not think the the prophecy of Our Lady of Fatima has been fully worked out yet. I am also doubtful of the effective consecration of Russia, when I see events in Russia today and around the world. I don’t pretend to have all the answers by any stretch, but I think the errors of communism have spread around the world, and that the prayer, sacrifice and the return of people to following Christ required by Our Lady of Fatima are still very much in need today, as ever.

  • dagbat

    I doubt Sister Lucy ever said that the consecration of Russia was finally done by Pope John Paul II in 1984. Sister Lucy is on record as saying just the opposite – in 1985 (Sol de Fatima magazine) and in 1987 (interview with Enrico Romero), and the purported 1989 typed letters from Sister Lucy attesting to the consecration were found to be fake. Sister Lucy could not type according to her sister Carolina and she wrote everything by hand. Two more such letters appeared in 1990. Also apparently Pope John Paul II completely omitted Russia in his 1984 consecration and he also omitted Immaculate Heart of Mary.

  • DLink

    I find the article and the comments to be most interesting but in the Chinese sense. Only two people and God know the truth of the matter and it appears that it will not be found here. The condition of the world bespeaks of conditions today and, as a theologian once said, since all time is the present to God, anything in our time will be done at His pleasure.
    I do not see that this discussion is especially contributory to the understanding of this matter.

  • Marie Hendricks

    The consecration was not done because the pope did not mention Russia. He consecrated the world and that is not what the Blessed Mother requested, even if all the bishops participated. Our Lady promised a period of peace after the consecration, I don’t see it yet….