Francis Arinze offends Georgetown

In one paragraph of a brief speech, Cardinal Arinze noted . . . that the family has enemies and that the phenomena of abortion, homosexuality, contraception, infanticide, euthanasia, adultery, and pornography undermine its sacredness. At that, Georgetown’s roof caved in.
Seventy faculty members sent a letter to university officials protesting the cardinal’s “inappropriate remarks,” and one professor, a former Jesuit priest who now presents himself as a priest of “the American Catholic Church” and who blesses “gay marriages,” was especially offended. . . .
For years, religiously affiliated universities have routinely invited to campus speakers who are openly pro-abortion or otherwise at odds with traditional Christian moral teaching. The inevitable protests are met with a standard defense of “academic freedom,” the claim that a university is supposed to be a place where all questions can be discussed freely. But Georgetown was unable to affirm that principle in the case of Cardinal Arinze.
If academic freedom has any meaning, it cannot mean that people have a right not to have their feelings hurt by certain ideas. On the contrary, the usual argument is that controversial ideas are the only kind that need the guarantee of freedom. If Georgetown’s speaker had, for example, denounced the pro-life movement, liberals in the university would be praising the speech as an act of courage and honesty. . . .
Most of those offended by Cardinal Arinze’s remarks presumably reject Catholic teachings on the moral subjects he briefly cited. Usually, such people are called “dissenters,” sometimes even “heretics,” although the latter term has fallen into desuetude.
But such terms have long been misnomers. Dissent, properly understood, means recognizing that there is such a thing as orthodoxy but disagreeing with it. The dissenter is then someone who has chosen to occupy a rather marginal place in the religious community. Today’s theological dissenters, however, have set themselves up as definers of a new orthodoxy.

  • ThirstforTruth

    Georgetown University is ” offended” by Cardinal Arinze? I say…EXCELLENT! For years, Georgetown University has offended just about every practicing Catholic by allowing
    Catholic dissonance on their campus on a regular basis in the name of academic freedom.
    Ironically, it seems that allowing the truth of Catholicism on campus is the only offense
    worth noting to these academic wackos who are only showing their own shamefully narrow
    mindedness. Maybe like the students at Emory, they should be given counseling to reduce
    their fear of the truth when presented with the tough message of Arinze. The truth does hurt as noted through the years and Georgetown is certainly no exception. Especially by ignoring and
    relativizing it for many years. Three cheers for Cardinal Arinze! He has accomplished a major
    coup apparently at Georgetown by speaking, of all the things, the truth of Catholicism.

    • Nancy Lynne

      Hear, hear!!!

  • James Stagg


  • Dominic Lombardo

    Georgetown University is “offended” by Cardinal Arinze preaching, teaching, and defending the eternal truths of the Catholic Church, as outlined in the REAL Catechism of the Catholic Church (not the “Dutch Catechism” or in Kosnik et al.’s “Human Sexuality”) and in the Church’s Magisterial teachings? This, from the same university which recently allowed Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood (original name: American Birth Control League) to spew her pro-abortion, pro-contraception, anti-Catholic venom on campus?

  • elcer

    This is the same University that covered the crucifixes when Obama came to speak early in his administration. What a travesty!

  • im4truth4all

    A G.K. Chesterton quote “There are many ways to fall but only one way to stand.”

  • lwhite

    How is man influenced but through ideas spread through speech and later in human history, by the written word?

    Jesus taught His Gospel through speaking. Then the Holy Bible was written. Heretics spread their lies through speaking and through their writings. Dictators and despots rile up the masses through their speeches and their books. That is why the Church in the past had a List of Forbidden Books and rated movie and television shows so that Catholics would be aware of the ideas contrary to and attacking the Catholic faith. The priest used to teach the Catholic religion from both the pulpit and through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. All of these are gone. So is it any wonder that even Catholic colleges and universities have succumbed to the ideas of the world?

  • Steven Barrett

    Didn’t I read about another past “Arinze related incident at Georgetown” several years back? To borrow from the sports n’ entertainment worlds, you folks ain’t seen nuthin’ yet if Cardinal Robert Sarah pays a visit. Sigh, there’s no way to translate “Hot time in the old town, tonight.”