On filming Mother Teresa’s hospice

[The Missionaries of Charity’s Calcutta] Home for the Dying is dimly lit by small windows high up in the walls, and Ken [Macmillan, the videographer] was adamant that filming was quite impossible in there. We had only one small light with us, and to get the place adequately lighted in the time at our disposal was quite impossible. It was decided that, nonetheless, Ken should have a go, but by way of insurance, he took, as well, some film in an outside courtyard where some of the inmates were sitting in the sun.

In the processed film, the part taken inside was bathed in a particularly beautiful soft light, whereas the part taken outside was rather dim and confused…. I myself am absolutely convinced that the technically unaccountable light is, in fact, the Kindly Light [Cardinal] Newman refers to in his well-known exquisite hymn. …[The love in the home is] luminous, like the halos artists have seen and made visible around the heads of saints. I find it not at all surprising that the luminosity should register on a photographic film. …I am personally persuaded that Ken recorded the first authentic photographic miracle. – from Something Beautiful for God