Sex today

Sex today is no longer a mystery, inasmuch as it is currently reduced to a pure biological function. Because its mystery, which is a profound love for another person expressed in corporal unity, has been lost, the taboo on sex has disappeared. Sex in a human being is not the same as sex in a pig. Sex in a human is both a function and a communication. As a biological function, it is similar to that of animals. As a communication, it implies another person and is worlds apart.

Eros becomes meaningful when the purpose of the function is to become united with another person. Then it is quasi-divine. When that other person is seen as made in the image and likeness of God, the purpose of sex is the enrichment of personality, by and through another person. . . .

A man who marries a woman thinking he will divorce her when his mood changes is also capable of marrying her thinking that he might murder her. No other contract in the world is subject to alteration when the mood changes. No businessman can ever have dealings with another businessman with the proviso that everything will be off if a wrong mood, created by a tweed coat or a mauve necktie, intervenes. Nobody will ever get anything right if everybody’s mood is to be equally wrong. The multiplication table does not depend on taste, nor income taxes on our feelings, nor bank trusts on our moods. Then why should marriage, which is the root and ground of all human institutions, even the State, be based on moods?