What C.S. Lewis would have thought about abortion

I am convinced that if C.S. Lewis were alive today, he would think he had died and was living in Hell. And it’s our fault. If you presented Jack with a world in which 60 million children are murdered before they have a chance to be born, he would be absolutely horrified. If you presented Jack with a world which produces 10% more food than will feed every man woman and child on it, and yet 800,000 Sudanese are to die in a month’s time because they are not being fed, he would be aghast. If you showed Jack a world in which our young people are constantly fed on a diet of gratuitous sex and violence on television, video tapes, [and] advertisement hoardings, he would be absolutely horrified. And the reason I can say that with safety is that anyone who has committed his life to Christ must feel exactly the same way. I don’t like to think what Jack would feel about today’s world. And I think the apathy of many of us Christians would horrify him equally.

[Mr. Gresham is one of two children adopted by C.S. Lewis, sons of Lewis’s wife, Joy Gresham.]