Bishops Need Science, Not Gay Propaganda

Recent statements by the German and the Swiss Bishops’ conferences, in anticipation of the next Synod on the Family, show them going soft on same-sex unions. The Germans issued a statement for the upcoming Synod on the Family in October that asserted alleged discoveries: “in the human sciences (medicine, psychology), namely that sexual orientation is a disposition that is not selected by the individual and that it is unchangeable. It is therefore confusing for the questionnaire [for the upcoming Synod] to speak of ‘homosexual tendencies,’ and this is considered to be discriminatory.”

As the highly respected Vatican reporter Sandro Magister has described the situation: “Not only do the German bishops approve of giving absolution and communion to the divorced and remarried, but they also express the hope that civil second marriages be blessed in church, that Eucharistic communion also be given to non-Catholic spouses, that the goodness of homosexual relationships and same-sex unions be recognized.”

Such unions, the German bishops have explained, will now, except in extreme cases, not be an obstacle to employment by the Church in Germany. It’s not difficult to detect that pressures to fall into line with this new sexual ethic, subtle and not so subtle, are being exerted on the Church everywhere.

But the German bishops’ claims do not faithfully reflect psychological and medical science on the origins of same-sex attractions. Catholic bishops should not only resist pressures to conform, but should be promoting the benefits of treatment, as well as participation in the Church’s Courage apostolate. A 2006 statement from the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops recommended treatment and spiritual direction for those with same-sex attractions (SSA). Perhaps it’s time for an update: beginning with the scientific data about the serious medical and psychiatric risks to those in same-sex unions, and the severe dangers to the psychological development of youth who are deliberately deprived of a father or a mother as a result of being raised in same-sex household.

One of the most extensive studies of same-sex couples found that only seven of the 156 couples studied had a completely exclusive sexual relationship, and that the majority of relationships lasted less than five years. Couples whose relationship lasted longer incorporated some provision for outside sexual activity. The authors found that the “single most important factor that keeps couples together past the 10-year mark is the lack of possessiveness” – a rationalization to minimize the emotional pain of being victimized by repeated infidelity.

A 2011 Danish study found that the age-adjusted suicide risk for same-sex men in registered domestic partnerships was nearly eight times greater than the suicide risk for men in a heterosexual marriage.

Two systematic reviews were conducted of 47 studies examining interpersonal partner violence (IPV) among men in SSA relationships. As one concluded, “The emergent evidence reviewed here demonstrates that IPV – psychological, physical, and sexual – occurs in male-male partnerships at alarming rates.”

Cdl. Reinhard Marx, chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, chats with Cdl. Walter Kasper
Cdl. Reinhard Marx, chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, chats with Cdl. Walter Kasper

Two 2015 studies found that emotional problems were twice as prevalent in 512 children raised with same-sex parents. Another researcher found that, compared with traditional married households, children being raised by same-sex couples were 35 percent less likely to make normal progress through school.

A 2013 Canadian study analyzed data from a very large population-based sample. It discovered that children of gay and lesbian couples are only about 65 percent as likely to have graduated from high school as are the children of married, opposite-sex couples. The girls struggle more than the boys. Daughters of lesbian “parents” displayed dramatically lower graduation rates

Contrary to widespread propaganda, there have been reports for several decades, from both patients or clients and therapists, of professionally assisted change in unwanted SSA. The professionals used a wide variety of treatment protocols spanning the various schools of psychotherapy. Contrary to widespread assumptions, there is no scientific proof of harm from professionally assisted change of unwanted SSA.

Some clients receiving professional care for unwanted SSA have reported “complete” change, and others “no” change. Still, many clients have reported achieving sustained, satisfying, and meaningful shifts in the direction and intensity of their sexual attractions, fantasy, and arousal, as well as in their behavior and sexual orientation identity.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s 1986 Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons, asked the bishops throughout the world to “support, with the means at their disposal, the development of appropriate forms of pastoral care for homosexual persons.” Such care “would include the assistance of the psychological, sociological and medical sciences, in full accord with the teaching of the Church.” [emphasis added]

A doctoral research study of members of the Catholic spiritual support group Courage demonstrates its effectiveness in helping those with SSA. (SSA respondents have more mental health distress than does the general population.) Those SSA respondents who were more chaste had improvement in their overall mental health. Authentic spirituality is also correlated to increased mental health. Positive correlations are also found between chastity, religious participation, and self-reported measures of happiness.

In my professional experience of almost forty years working with priests, a major psychological and spiritual obstacle to embracing and preaching the Church’s truth about human sexuality and homosexuality has been their failure to teach the Church’s truth about contraception proclaimed in Humane Vitae. Ignoring God’s created order is bound to produce further problem areas.

The Synod Fathers and bishops’ conferences need to be brought up to date on the psychological and medical science related to homosexuality. The Catholic Medical Association of the United States and the Courage apostolate provide such much-needed education in association with other international Catholic medical associations.

One valuable resource that has been translated into a number of languages is the Catholic Medical Association’s publication, Homosexuality and Hope (second edition in press). But there is much more as well – if our Catholic leaders really want to know the truth about these matters.

Rick Fitzgibbons, M.D.

Rick Fitzgibbons, M.D.

Rick Fitzgibbons, M.D. is a psychiatrist in Conshohocken, PA who has treated youth and adults with gender dysphoria, and written on the topic. He is the co-author of Forgiveness Therapy: An Empirical Guide for Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope .

  • Aliquantillus

    This article is wrongheaded. It quotes all kinds of statistical sources to show that scientific results give support to the traditional biblical doctrine of the Church on sexual morality. The truth is that these scientific results are completely irrelevant. The traditional doctrine is what it is no matter what empirical science tells us. Even if gay couples showed greater fidelity and their adopted children did better than traditionally married couples and their children, this wouldn’t change one jota of the traditional doctrine, nor our obligation to follow it. The problem of the bishops isn’t with science. It is with philosophy and divine revelation. Only those who want to completely secularize the Church will ask the bishops to follow the ever fluctuating results of modern science which are based on a narrow-minded rationalism. What is lacking in the heads of today’s cardinals and bishops is good, consisent theology and philosophy. Clear-headed analysis on a sound scholastic philosophical and theological basis is what is needed. And another thing too is needed: the raw courage to call a spade a spade and call Kasper cum suis heretics and apostates from the faith, and to throw them out of the Church, with vehemence and without Francis’s damned “mercy”!

    • Tanyi Tanyi

      Thank you Aliquantillus, though I still think the scientific arguments are needed when debating with those who are outside the Church. But what you say is true: sound theology and philosophy is missing in many in the hierarchy. I don’t know from where John Paul II got all these men like Kasper and Marx. We also have to pray.

      • pupsncats

        The Conciliar church opened the door wide to allow every and all heretical and anti-Catholic opinions free reign. It discarded the notion that one could be a heretic or schismatic since its new doctrine that all religions or no religion are doors to salvation and the old covenant with the Jews is still valid could hardly object to any prelates views, whether they comported to what the Church has always taught or not, and its emphasis on ecumenism, condemned by the Church at all times prior to Vatican II, demands the truth be compromised to appease the “brethren” who have denied many of the teachings of God’s one, true, Catholic Church.

    • FreemenRtrue

      true but I think the author is punching holes in the pretense of “normalcy” – homosexuality is not normal in any sense.

    • gfazzari

      The article demonstrates that divine revelation is not a random set of rules, but rather a coherent guide toward our own happiness. The reason the Church holds the marital covenant to such a standard is because it is holy and the principle means to our happiness. It is also a measure of health of society. Deviating from this norm does not work and ANY valid scientific study will bear this out.

    • Michael Dowd

      Long ago, to get off the moral hook, many confessors relegated sexual self indulgence (sin) to the psychology profession where they had to know most everything was permissible.

    • Therese

      Actually, you are inversely noting the fact that the Church is and ALWAYS has been way ahead of science, simply because the church teaches the truth about natural law. Science is just a sub-category of knowledge, under the umbrella of theology.
      Science is just starting to catch up in its research regarding the many physical and emotional problems with contraception, sexuality and families.
      Years ago, I was assigned to teach health class to freshmen in a Catholic high school. I was very reluctant to teach birth control though it was expected. I could not reconcile in my heart that the Magisterium (in Jesus’ name) would teach that one thing was against the greater good, yet “science” would teach the polar opposite. I held out and, lo and behold, science provided me with all of the research needed to support the wisdom of the Church’s teachings. The same is happening with SSA and marriage.

  • Burger Fan

    Thank you Dr Fitzgibbons. I think the advice that bishops need science, not propaganda, can be echoed to all the faithful – especially parents of children who report experiencing SSA. What do you think of Dr Nicolosi’s book “A Parents Guide to Preventing Homosexuality”? They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and I think that applies to homosexuality since it is more difficult to deal with later. To me that book had basic common sense steps that parents can take, in simply affirming young children in their God-given gender identities, which I’m told goes hand in hand with preventing homosexuality in many cases. With the unbelievable speed with which “transgenderism” is being force-fed to youngsters (sometimes by their own duped parents!), and since that is known to often be connected with homosexuality, and if therapy is outlawed, God forbid, … well, perhaps Christian people can make do with some basic common sense guidelines based on the facts. This will help them live by the Bible. Faith + Reason. I know the facts are out there, as you have demonstrated in this article, but most people are confused about where to go for accurate information. Thank you for all that you do. It is very much needed. I hope the bishops are listening to voices of reason such as yours and will get their act together and stop having focus groups about immigration and get to work on their core job, teaching clearly about everyday obstacles to holiness like homosexuality and contraception and how people can live rightly in their own private lives and help their loved ones too. I know we have to give to the poor as well, and we do. But everybody knows how to do that, it’s just a matter of doing it. With these other issues, some people are so confused that they don’t even know how to deal with it and they want to do the right thing. They need clarity and the facts as you have said. Thanks!

  • Michael Paterson-Seymour

    “[A] major psychological and spiritual obstacle to embracing and preaching the Church’s truth about human sexuality and homosexuality has been their failure to teach the Church’s truth about contraception…”

    Indeed. As Miss Anscombe, probably the best Catholic philosopher of her generation, wrote in her 1972 paper, Contraception and Chastity, “If contraceptive intercourse is permissible, then what objection could there be after all to mutual masturbation, or copulation in vase indebito, sodomy, buggery (I should perhaps remark that I am using a legal term here – not indulging in bad language), when normal copulation is impossible or inadvisable (or in any case, according to taste)? It can’t be the mere pattern of bodily behaviour in which the stimulation is procured that makes all the difference! But if such things are all right, it becomes perfectly impossible to see anything wrong with homosexual intercourse, for example.”

    • Michael Dowd

      Excellent point. There is no difference. Masturbation is as legitimate as contraception, right Father Confessor?

    • gfazzari

      Well said!

  • Howard Kainz

    The most important scientific point is missing here. The German and Swiss bishops claim that homosexuality is genetic, something that one is born with, and irreversible — though there is no reliable scientific evidence for this. Sociological data about how the practices of homosexuals and their adopted children, etc. are not too relevant. If someone is born as a homosexual, we have a civil rights issue similar to the case where someone is of a certain race or ethnic group because of birth.

    • Patric

      It is important to note that homosexuality need not be 100% genetic — that is, within the GENES themselves — for homosexuality to be a permanent part of an individual. It’s not as if there is a “gay gene” that must be turned on or off; although, science may discover something like that. There are other aspects related to parts of the brain and prenatal hormones that studies have correlated with homosexuality. However, twin studies do show more likelihood for an identical twin to be gay over a fraternal twin or regular brother.

      • Veritas

        Give it up. The parts and pieces don’t match in a homosexual relationship. Basic 10th grade biology can teach you this.

      • Diane

        No matter how you try to spin it, the homosexual act will never be pleasing to God because it is against the laws of God and nature. He mad man and woman to complement each other and it is what it is. Hate the sin and love the sinner, all sinners.

  • GaryLockhart

    Those goofy Germans attempting to rationalize the refusal to control ones libido, yet again.

    Marx and Kasper; et al, makes one think that it is 1517 all over again

    • What is it with Germany? This isn’t even the first Marx that’s been problematic.

  • James Swetnam, S.J.

    To Aliquantillus: I agree with Tanyi Tanyi. In aguments in the Public Square it is not fair to non-Catholics to use arguments from the Catholic faith exclusively, for non-Catholics do not have the gift of faith which is precisely that–a gift from God. Arguments from philosophy are acceptable in such argumentation, for they are presumably based on reason alone, even though that reason may result from faith illumined by reason. Further, in the case of same-sex attraction details of successful change can be an encouragement to those who want it.

  • Alicia

    Gay marriage and homosexuality is not a civil rights issue because it is about a behavior and not an identity.
    We must pray to Saint Michael the Archangel to clean the German and Swiss Catholic churches.
    We must also pray for the 9 judges of our Supreme Court and ask the Holy Spirit to guide them in makibg the right decision in June.

    • monica

      I agree. I would also add having Masses offered for the outcome of the Synod.

    • Patric

      Okay. I want you to really think about what you just said. I’m assuming you are a girl and are heterosexual. Now imagine all of the ways you relate to men, how you identify yourself as a woman, and how you relate to your husband or boyfriend (or previous boyfriends), or your crushes, or your dates. It is not just about a sexual act. Is about how one is able to relate to and share love with another individual.

      • Diane

        Why not share that love with someone of the opposite sex, which is much more fulfilling and a lot less dangerous to your heath and well being.

  • Diane

    Why have we become an over-sexed secular society? As if sex is the only thing that can make anyone happy. I don’t get it. Was it always this overtaking, or was I in the dark? Sex is only beautiful and fulfilling between a married man and woman who are opened to life and in love and it is Blessed by God. If any one of these factors are missing, sex is ugly and meaningless! It becomes jealous, unkind and sinful.

  • laonglaan

    people can rationalize anything to justify anything.all these so called studies are only to justify and legitimize things they want to do.what this article is trying to do is make the Catholic church abandon the truth,the Gospel preached by apostles, and conforms to the new way of thinking and life.

  • pupsncats

    Clearly, the German bishops are apostates. Denying Scripture and claiming a falsity that it has been proven that homosexuals are born that way is a clear signal they are soldiers of the prince of darkness, enemies of God.

    • Patric

      So then if homosexual person is not “born that way,” then how are they gay? Explain what you mean by denying that.

      • Rick Fitzgibbons

        I recommend your reading the section on origins of SSA in my article, Same Sex Attractions in Youth and their Right to Informed Consent. A number of international studies demonstrate weaknesses in self-esteem in males with SSA often arising from weak attachment relationships with fathers and/or same sex peers in childhood.

      • Diane

        Patric, there is no proof that gays are born that way, however, there is proof that those who are sexually abused, when they are young, can become gay. The vast majority of individuals who are gay were sexually abused or lost identity with their parents and the roles they played to raise them. That is why they may be helped, if they choose.

        • Patric

          I have a wonderful relationship with both parents, and I have never been sexually abused.
          + Thanks +

      • pupsncats

        There is absolutely no proof by anyone that people are born homosexuals. So to have German bishops claim this lie as a truth, is scandalous at best and sinful at worst.
        The Old and New Testaments both reveal that God finds the act of sodomy abominable to Him because it is an act against the Nature of the human being first and foremost but also because it devalues the very dignity of the person God created as He created only male and female whose bodies were designed to bring forth new human life, which of course, sodomy cannot do.

      • Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons

        Several major research studies of adult and adolescent males with SSA have demonstrated low self-esteem as being a major conflict in their lives. The first study from the Netherlands of 7,076 adults demonstrated that lesser quality of life in men was predominantly explained by low self-esteem. The authors recommended the importance of finding out how lower sense of self-esteem comes about in homosexual men.

        In a 2010 Israeli study of ninety homosexual and 109 heterosexual men with mean age of 26 and with no significant differences with respect to country of birth, ethnic origin, education level, military service, or participation in psychotherapy, homosexual young adults scored lower on the self-esteem measure and higher on narcissism compared to their heterosexual counterparts.

        A 2011 UK study of 10,000 adolescents was notable for boys with some same-sex experience reporting less self-esteem and more experiences of forced sex.

  • Chuck Hammer

    The deep foundation of modern advocacy homosexual scholarship is found not in science but in law journal articles of many years ago written by lesbians. They started with a rights argument and then shifted to assertions that homosexuals and heterosexuals are “the same but different” and that homosexuals are superior in certain spheres especially lesbians as parents. I knew intelligent, professional people who swallowed this whole. If you can do that anything is possible. Appeals to reason and nature were greeted with scorn.

  • Helen

    How are we to follow these Cardinals, Bishops and possibly the Pope if they go along with inappropriate thinking. The Church has to wake up and go back to what it was before Vatican 11 which is becoming more and more Athiestic and Anti-God! They are lost sheep!!!

  • Tad

    I think it’s too late for any kind of explanation. We have been living in an extremely subjective world for a long time and giving even scientific data to support marriage the way should be is not going to work. People/individuals are going to do what they want to do, and they will fight for this as animals do. Sorry to say that but this is what my experience tells me(with family, friends,etc). In my humble opinion only meaningful prayer may help. We use too many words for nothing, proving our intelligence and it’s getting worse… We need to prove our love for Jesus Christ. There is a huge battle right know above us( Bad versus Good) and only our sincere prayers may help to win this battle. Nothing else. I am certain of this. Amen

    • Mark Millward

      Tad, since the article is referring to the needs of our shepherds for better information, I would hope that its not too late for such an explanation! The shepherds need to be well informed, then they can shepherd the sheep and know which are the lost sheep who need to be brought back to the fold.

    • Password9

      I understand what you are saying, many have no interest in the science or reason.
      Yet there are also plenty who are simply ignorant, having never heard these facts.
      They will not find any exploration of the cause and consequences in the mainstream media.
      Articles like this are a big help in equipping us for the conversations that inevitably come up.

  • monica

    Homosexual activity is especially wrong because it perverts the sanctity of life.

  • veritasetgratia

    Public “perceptions” about the Church are valued more than what the Church really is. The Church is being put forward publically as a human thing (by many Bishops and Priests). The Church’s voice (Christ speaks) can only be heard by people with a heart open to God. Were such Bishops to succeed, the Church would become a social group. It could not offer salvation. But in every case, salvation is only for people who remain open to God and who do not try to extinguish what God wants to say. The Natural Law can be helpful in getting around people’s conscious objections. But as the article points out, there is a great sadness evident in ssa people – even though it might come across as hostility. The idea is “if I can silence you I wont feel so bad”. Whilst there is so much to do in many apostolates, the real battle is spiritual and prayer acknowledging our total dependence on God and weakness in the battle, is the medicine.

  • Teej

    You point to a number of studies in your article but no citations or links as to where one might find them. Would you please provide them? Some of us–I hope most of us–follow the ethic of trust but verify.

    • RobertRoyal

      TCT does not allow posts with links, an unfortunate necessity, but a necessity. That’s why God gave us Google. – Robert Royal

      • Rick Fitzgibbons

        I recommend googling my article, Same Sex Attractions in Youth and their Right to Informed Consent, for references cited and more.

  • yorkshirebruce

    I would think that such pluralism of opinion would also require that an altar and statue of the Goddess be set up in German and Swiss churches for the many new age and feminist Catholics who hold that view of divinity. Oh wait…I bet there are already a few.

  • Frà Alexis Bugnolo

    Sexual disorders and addictions have a cure, which begins with truth.

    • Burger Fan


  • accelerator

    They don’t need science so much as they need good religion.

  • Patric

    It’s a bit amusing that this article is called “The Bishops Need Science, Not Gay Propaganda,” when the only kind of science the author wishes the bishops to see is that which will confirm traditional notions. Many people who are so concerned about upholding this traditional teaching hold a deaf ear to those whom this teaching affects daily. It’s a little striking and even amusing when conservative groups point to studies that suggest negative effects of homosexual relationships when its the very same conservative thought that has in fact encouraged the stigma, taboo, and “sin” surrounding homosexuality by not instead providing a meaningful or Christian outlet for those who are gay. “We cannot marry? My love for another person is sinful? I can’t have a family? Fine. This Christianity seems pretty bogus to me.” The line of thinking is natural. A Christian lifestyle seems pointless; the gay community is often the only welcoming home. The German bishops, quoted above, rightly said that sexual orientation is a disposition that is not selected — and not a mere tendency or temptation. So how will the Church answer those who want to *love* and be *loved* as much as everyone else, but whose love has been traditionally *damned?

    • ITBWTW

      Patric wheres your science??? Every Study that once purported a biological basis for SSA has been dis-proven as just Madison Avenue propaganda, which clearly you have bought. Its the same science and doctors that tout white bread “builds bodies 12 ways”. There is only 2 genders, male and female. Scientifically proven they are complementary and made for the other. Anything other than that is gravely disordered to the laws of nature. To believe otherwise is obstinate ignorance. And now you would have it that they have no way out of this disorder…who’s cruel here?

      • Anon.

        In pre-agricultural (ie pre-fall of man) societies there is often one member of the tribal unit (called a ‘berdache’ amongst the Lacota for example) who lived as a member of the opposite sex. While being attracted to either ‘men in general’ or ‘women in general’ would be impossible – this can only exist in the large numbers that emerge in civilizations – a significant minority of such feminine men would form a relationship with a man of the village. Such a man could just as easily form a relationship with an ‘ordinary’ woman. The function of the berdache would be the magical/religious element of the tribal unit. Ask any anthropologist. We are all fallen.

        • ITBWTW

          Yes, some cultures, when there is a scarcity of women, will assign , “woman work” to one of its boys and force him to behave like a woman, sometimes including sexual favors. It is seen as a necessity for the tribe to have feminine energy. But this only proves that everyone of us is able to adapt sexually to the stimulus(s) that arouse us. I.E. without seeing who is arousing you, how would you know?. Once arousal is associated with an object or person, whether same sex or the opposite sex , it becomes a “preference”. But for this obscure ritual the boy would probably develop normally to associate sexual pleasure with a woman. Becasue he is started so early, he learns to be aroused by males. It can be unlearned as well.

          • Anon.

            I do admit I am not an expert but I do believe there is no ‘force’ involved here. Femininity in a man AND masculinity in a woman are not affectations. In a sense heterosexuality and homosexuality (and even bisexuality) are. The life cycle of such natural transgendered persons, of both physical sexes, involved encounters with the spirit world… genuine encounters. Psycotic episodes in our fallen societies?? Jesus came to restore what was lost?? Perhaps it was this?? Of course there is much to be said for ‘fallen’ society but surely something or other got lost along the way…? I cannot accept that before the ‘fall’ there was nothing but savagery and superstition. Even if ‘God’ has only an hypothetical existance (I myself do believe in God) tribal societies live in a manner which nature designed humans to live… and Darwin is not the whole story here…

          • ITBWTW

            Anon, You are misinformed if you think Transgender is “natural”. It happens, and it causes are complex, but nature made us male and female, only. Only 2 genders. Nature made us that way, we can’t help that, and we made for each other by that order of nature. Anything, anything that deviates from that natural state of mankind, is a deviant behavior by definition…it deviates from nature. And behaviors are never persons. Their is no such thing as a homosexual person, there is only homosexual behavior(s). It called sodomy, and is one of four sins that the Church teaches cries out for vengeance from heaven. It is such a rebellious act against nature. That is why the Church can never condone Sodomy and lesbianism, bestiality, pedophilia, cross dressing, even solo self sex behaviors (porn, masturbation). They are all acts, stated scientifically, against nature and are not part of who we really are as humans. Again, sexual preference is no more a part of ‘who’ a person is than liking ice cream is “who’ we are. Otherwise a kleptomaniac would be entitled to steal because his attraction to theft is part of ‘who ‘ he is. Its ridiculous fallacious logic.

          • Anon.

            “Kicking Bird is a holy man not a chief”… see Dances with Wolves. Okay this is a fictional story but it makes the point. The shaman in unfallen societies was the link to the spirit world for the tribe. “Wounded healer”?? I would hold that all humans have the capacity to be a shaman but there would be only one per village. This would be a random trauma event whereby an individuals mind would be, yes, warped… but in a manner that was intended by nature/God. Humans are intelligent beings and need to have religious aspects of existance to be adressed. We can’t all be holy…

      • Patric

        I’m not a scientist. But I am gay, and have always been attracted to males for as long as I can remember, and that’s good enough evidence for me.
        How do you explain the greater liklihood for identical twins to be homosexual than for other siblings?

        • ITBWTW

          Patric, The stats on identical twins is that 7% of them share SSA. 93% do not! This is a scientific proof that there is no biological basis for SSA. Somewhere in the maturation process, you and others were oriented to the same gender as a sexual stimulant. Usually by some form of molestation, either by same age or older boys/men. But there are other means such as a rejection of ones masculinity. Nonetheless, you always have a choice as to whether you act out your sex fantasies. As the sexual revolution moves forward, we are seeing increases not only in SSA, but also Polygamy, bestiality, pedophilia, pornographic masturbation. All disoriented sexual practices, and destructive for everyone, and society. Mark my words, at the next census in 2020, you’ll see a jump in self described Sodomites go from 1.7% of the population in 2010, to 5, 6, 10 % as more and more people experiment, and find themselves turned on by same sex partners, animals, poly-partners…children, This will be another scientific proof there is no biological basis to any of the these sexual disorders, but simply proof of our fallen nature.

        • Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons

          If homosexuality were genetically determined, identical male twins would be 100% concordant for this condition. A study from the Australian twin registry found that only 11% of identical twins with SSA had a twin brother who also experienced SSA.

          Dr. Francis S. Collins, M.D, Ph.D., former director of The Human Genome Project, has written, “There is an inescapable component of heritability to many human behavioral traits. For virtually none of them is heredity ever close to predictive. An area of particularly strong public interest is the genetic basis of homosexuality. Evidence [indicates] that sexual orientation is genetically influenced but not hard wired by DNA, and that whatever genes are involved represent predispositions, not predeterminations.

    • gubllod

      An interesting commentary, Patric, but not scientifically or psychological valid. Certainly not religiously valid in Christian terms. There has long been the claim by homosexuals, especially men, that they have no choice in this, that they were born this way and, thus, genetically predisposed. Research done at more than one university has indicated this not to be biologically true at all. This seems to be true in Nature as well, that those animals of any given species which pretend to these features are eliminated by Nature itself as mistakes. This also seems to be true in plant life aberrations. This may seem harsh perhaps, but this is evidently Nature’s way of dealing with such a problem.

      It is true on the order of Nature’s way of dealing with alcoholism. A study was done some years ago on ants which found their way into nectar which had fermented in the course of time. More and more of the insects found their way to this fermented nectar and it was not too long before anteaters found this out, too, and had a feast on all of these ants who became helpless from the effects of the fermented nectar. It did not affect the anteaters at all, since their food was the ants themselves. The initial study was done on one of the Indonesian islands, but scientists soon began finding this in other areas of Oceania as well.

      Another side of this phenomenon is that homosexuals [men and women] are almost invariably in outright defiance of anything related to Christianity. Some may not express this openly and/or aggressively, but it is a part of the entire package. There are many cases where it is quite open and aggressive and those practicing this have no compunctions about their behavior as such. In other words there is no Christian salvation for these people so long as their attitude remains this way. God has made it quite clear that all animals were created male and female and that He created Eve from Adam, since He decreed that it was not good for Man to live alone. Beyond that He wanted Man to replenish the earth and to subdue it and so blessed the union of a man and woman together for this purpose. Anything outside of this is outside of the Lord’s plan. There is no more to it than that.

      Is there a Christian outlet for the LGBT group you ask? Not according to the commands which the Lord Himself has laid down. The cure requires a denial of all these actions on the part of the one practicing them and a sincere acceptance of Christ and what He has commanded. As St. Paul has so eloquently written in Romans 1: 16-32, this is the way things will work. I saw one homosexual on TV on a Christian telecast years ago who appeared because he had repented of his homosexuality and everything it represented. In his case the penalty for his acts was AIDS and he knew he was dying from it. This made his plea for adherence to Christ’s teaching the more sincere and heart wrenching because he knew he was dying from having participated in this way of life for at least seven years. As a public witness, it doesn’t come any better than that no matter what any bishops or cardinals may say or think.

    • Anthony Zarrella

      “We cannot marry? My love for another person is sinful? I can’t have a family? Fine. This Christianity seems pretty bogus to me.” The line of thinking is natural.

      Sure, it’s an entirely “natural” line of thinking – it’s entirely in keeping with Fallen human nature. The same exact reasoning could be used by King Henry VIII, or any other man married to a woman he doesn’t love, but who has another woman he wants to marry instead. The same reasoning could be used by a man who has one wife and wants a second one. Or an adult brother and sister who have incestuous desires.

      Throughout the ages, there have always been moral truths that people resist so strongly that they’d rather deny the authority of Christian morality altogether than accept that morality requires them to give up their own desires.

      Christianity is the religion of the cross. I use the lowercase because I’m not even referring to the Cross of Christ, but to the cross each of us is asked to carry, if we wish to follow Him. My cross is not the same as your cross, and not everyone has a cross of equal weight, but if we say, “It’s manifestly unfair to ask me to carry this cross,” then the only alternative is to be hung upon it, and die in our sins.

      Jesus never changed His teachings in order to avoid losing followers who lacked the faith to accept them. “On hearing it, many of his disciples said, ‘This is a hard teaching. Who can accept it?’ … From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” John 6:60,66

      Bear in mind also what Peter said, when Jesus asked the Apostles if they, too, wished to leave: he didn’t say, “Of course not – those guys just didn’t understand what you really meant, but I do.” He didn’t say, “Why, Lord? I don’t get what those guys were whining about – Your teachings are easy!”

      He said, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have words of eternal life. We have believed and have come to know that You are the Holy One of God.” John 6:68-69 He didn’t get it, and he didn’t think it was easy, but he knew that turning away was simply not an option, if he wanted to attain eternal life.

    • samton909

      When “love” includes demeaning the other through anal sex, or by going outside the “marriage” to have meaningless sex with others (as most gay partners do) , then you know you are not talking about love at all. You are talking about a disordered set of behaviors that in the end may cause serious emotional and physical harm. Don’t call that “love”. And the Catholic response to this is a loving, accepting one. It is called Courage.

  • Hart Ponder

    I would suggest new formation, let’s start with the “Primacy of Peter”.

    Jesus did not give the Keys to you, Cardinal Marx, he gave them to Peter. Follow Peter.

  • Spiritual Ronin

    I find it very hard to understand how anyone can ignore the sordid, physically and psychologically harmful reality of homosexual sex. However, ‘love’ is a handy smokescreen to obscure these inconvenient ‘details’.

    • samton909

      And “marriage equality” is another lie that they invite all to participate in. Obviously, there are drastic differences between heterosexual marriages and homosexual ones. As the article states, there is precious little monogamy in homosexual relationships. This alone makes the PR phrase “marriage equality” a complete lie. They don’t want equality; they want special privilege given to their kind of relationship where sex outside the marriage is normal.

      Therefore “gay marriage” is really a dagger aimed straight at the heart of real marriage. Already CNN is publishing articles telling us that heterosexual relationships will be “improved” by spouses having sex with others all the time. How sickening.

      • Spiritual Ronin

        This ‘marriage equality’ fantasy was created thanks to the completely arbitrary change of the definition of marriage (i.e., from the pragmatic stress on procreation to the sentimental stress on love). That was the moment when the battle was lost. Once cut loose from its natural law moorings, marriage is now whatever somebody thinks it is. Welcome to the age of mass delusion.

  • Jack

    If homosexual persons choose this orientation, then it follows that heterosexual persons do likewise. Why and when do they so choose? Have there been any studies on this?

    As far as saying that gay men in relationships are 8 times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexually married men (according to the admittedly massaged figures), any first year psych student can tell you that suicide is the LEAST predictable of psychological traumas.

    • Guest

      Heterosexuality is normal. One does not chose it. It would be like saying one chooses to have eye sight.

      Homosexuality is not normal.

    • annmarie

      One does not choose the attraction( misnamed orientation) which along with sexual activity reinforces the attraction. The choice lies in what one chooses to do. Don’t do it, it may pass. Do it, it likely won’t pass or won’t pass as easily or quickly.

      We become what we do

    • Veritas

      The study indicated a pattern of significantly higher rates of suicide based on empirical data. This is a valid means of prediction.

    • Anthony Zarrella

      There are two potential answers to your question (and I’ll be frank, they are answers “in the alternative” – meaning only one or the other can be true – but I think one of them is):

      1) What we’ve take to calling (only in the past 50 years or so) “heterosexual” is really just “normal.” In other words, heterosexual is the baseline, and no one has to choose it, because they simply are unless they choose otherwise.

      2) (I think this is the more likely answer) Homosexuality (as in, same-sex attraction) is not a choice, but same-sex acts are. This means that homosexuality is no different than a married man being attracted to another woman, or a priest attracted to any woman – he can’t simply choose not to be attracted (and shouldn’t be blamed for it), but he can absolutely choose not to act on that attraction (and should be blamed if he does act on it). You can’t simply choose not to feel SSA (whether it can be healed by therapy is a different, and open, question), and you shouldn’t be blamed for it, but you can choose to remain celibate. [By the way, I’m using the “general you” – I have no idea whether you, Jack, have same-sex attraction.]

  • Kim58

    We all have attractions we don’t choose. However, we ALL have choices in how we will behave as a result of those attractions. Heterosexuals and homosexuals can all CHOOSE to be CHASTE. Unfortunately, contraception has made it very easy for most heterosexuals to not be chaste, and so now it is impossible to explain why a married man and woman who choose to be sexually sterile via contraception should be given a marriage license but not a homosexual couple (who are also sexually sterile.) If priests wanted to help with this mess we are in, they should, as this article explains, get up to speed on the science on all the damage gay sex results in and they should also start teaching their flock what “chastity” means (just saying the word during a homily isn’t effective…you have to define and explain it for people because most Catholics have no clue what that word means.)

    • NDaniels

      Persons are not objects of sexual desire. The sexual objectification of the human person has led to the reordering of our beloved sons and daughters according to sexual desire/inclination/orientation.

  • Patrick Coffin

    I’m asking only out of curiosity: is there a format protocol at TCT that forbids adding “MD” when contributors have a medical degree? I notice Religious Order letters (eg. SJ) following other authors’ names. Again, not meaning to major on a minor, but the fact that Dr. Fitzgibbons has formal medical credentials as a psychiatrist would add to his credibility as a commentator, no?

    • ZolliStar

      I’m glad you let us know about Dr. Fitzgibbons’ credentials. I wondered; I also hesitated to forward this because of this omission.

  • winteryblackknight

    The German bishops in question reveal that they don’t understand sanctity. If one is sanctified through the process of the sacraments, sexual urges largely disappear. They certainly don’t become obsessions. The bishops have forgotten what innocence is, they are so far removed from their childhood. Christ said we must be like children. If one allows the mind to fester on the thoughts and engages in masturbation it will lead to an obsession. Why else did Christ say “if you look at a woman with lust you have committed adultery with your mind”. It would be no less for homosexuality. He didn’t need to refer to homosexuality in a society governed by the mosaic law. The Mosaic law was clear. But He raised the bar in terms of human sexuality with His ban against divorce and lustful thoughts.

  • Larry Wahnsiedler

    Henry the VIII started his own church. Guess there may be another one in Germany.

  • John Fisher

    Yes thank you for the intelligent and truthful article. Humans are fallen creatures. There is a connection between what we desire at any given moment and what is filtered and not acted on. For example I see $100 on a table. I want to steal it. My resaons could be many. The thought does not make me a thief. I don’t act on the urge. What lies behind my urge? Greed, opportunism, anarchism, deceit? If I acted on it them I would be a thief. If I didn’t but examined what lies deeper my motives I would not be a thief and be worthy of praise.
    I have never understood why in sexual matters this line of thought does not apply. There is a sexual instinct that may or may not be twisted and directed in all manner of strange and frustrating directions. My attractions are on one level an instinct but the object of my desire says more about a person’s inner world and ones deeper attitudes to one’s self and others. There is the faulty thinking that if acted out becomes a vice. A person who examines the origin of thoughts is praise worthy.
    Concerning the German bishops. Conforming is an unspoken German attitude and it holds true of the whole political and social spectrum. Imperial Germany, Nazi Germany, East Germany and now new permissive Germany. Catholic Germans are they Christians first? Many are not and so the living spirit of evil in the heart of Germany mutates into a new forms claiming to be “modern” so we must all salute it. The Concordat did not protect the Church in Nazi Germany. We have been here before! Appeasing and conforming seems to be the fatal German flaw.

  • Dr. Rick Fitzgibbons

    The German and Swiss Bishops would benefit from prayerfully reflecting upon the wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI. He wrote,

    “…if homosexual unions are perceived more and more as enjoying the same standing as marriage, then we are truly facing a dissolution of the image of humankind, bearing consequences that
    can only be extremely grave.”

    PopeBenedict XVI. (2006). Essay from Without Roots. Basic Books. First
    Things. January 2006.

  • Alice Shipman

    Leviticus 18:22 any Bible.