We Celebrate a Decade

Well, we made it. Today marks exactly ten years of The Catholic Thing. There were days – especially early on, after the housing bubble burst (2008-9) with devastating economic consequences – when our survival looked to be very iffy indeed. Somehow we weathered all that (largely thanks to our writers, who were willing to work pro bono until I could find modest compensation for their work). Now, with 35,000 daily subscribers  – many of you also quite generous supporters – and millions of page-views yearly, we begin our second decade in good fiscal, intellectual, and even – I think – spiritual shape. Thank you all.

As I look back, I’m struck by how many deep changes occurred over the past ten years. Our country and our Church  – much as we love and hope to mend them both – are in greater turmoil than at any time since the years immediately after Vatican II. Both seem besieged by a post-Christian culture that talks about tolerance and inclusion, but practices a sharp intolerance and exclusion of views not ratified by our economic and academic elites.

Several people urged me to lay out a program today for combating all that over the next ten years. And I wrote one, but then decided we can do that any day. This is a day for celebration.

Brad Miner

Brad Miner, ever a wise counselor, urged that we let the readers speak for once. We yack at you every day. But other than the few Comments posted, you probably have no idea of the kind of words we receive from your fellow readers.

So here, with names redacted to protect the innocent, a brief selection from some of the messages – eloquent, humorous, prayerful – that I’ve received from readers during the fund drive that ends today:

         ♦ When we open our tablet in the morning, The Catholic Thing is the first article we read every day. You are part of our family life since 2012. We send articles to friends and family and we discuss many topics from TCT at home with our young adult sons. We got to appreciate all your writers and purchased many books recommended by TCT. Thank you for being a light in all the confusion of today’s spiritual life.

♦ I apologize for my delay in responding to the 10th-anniversary fund drive, but it has afforded me the opportunity to relate the following story. I support the work of the religious order XXXXXX, whose faithful priests are dedicated to the sanctification of the laity and travel across the country preaching the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. They worked with Servant of God Fr. John Hardon, and have a house here in YYYYYYY. I take spiritual direction from the superior. . .who told me that they saw your recent appearance on Fox News and thought your comments were “perfect”. High praise, and it reminded me that I had yet to lend my support to your continued efforts. Thank you for your work – it’s sorely needed right now. P.S. I never had time to enroll in your Dante class at Libertas U. If you ever teach another online, I’d be interested in attending!

Hannah Russo

         ♦ Your website is hands-down the “best one-stop shop” for intelligent and orthodox commentary on Catholic Tradition, culture, and Sacred Scripture, providing daily sustenance and sanity in a world gone mad. May God bless and sustain your efforts abundantly! Deo Gratias!

♦ Have you thought of offering donors free popcorn for the next conclave?

♦ I do so appreciate your perspective on the growing crisis in the Roman Catholic Church. We certainly don’t hear it from the pulpit. I am especially dismayed by the tepid leadership of much of the clergy in the battle against abortion, the SECOND Slaughter of the Innocents. And I’m so tired of their praise for so-called “social justice”, the mantra of Saul Alinsky. Keep up the good work of keeping us informed of the truth.

♦ Have been thinking about donating but made the decision after reading the recent article [by Brad Miner, 5/28] about the movie about the pope. Thank you very much it was spot on I plan to share it with every Catholic I know.

♦ Thank you for the important work you do. Please keep it up! Love your appearances on The World Over.

♦ The quality of writing on the blog is truly amazing, particularly considering how many contributors you have. As one of my friends says who is also a reader, we have to put on our thinking caps pretty often. Any chance of hearing from some more women? Love Mary Eberstadt. [Note from RR: as do we all. I’m still trying to recruit suitable women writers, but they keep escaping. I’ll persist.]

♦ [Prof. Randall] Smith left Polish food out of the list of foreign delicacies we enjoy here in the USA! (“Cultural Appropriation,” 5/26) How could he??? But that’s OK, because it leaves more for those of us who enjoy it. . . .Keep up the good work.

Emily Rowles

         ♦ Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! and May God bless & keep you close to His Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

♦ I no longer have cable TV and I miss EWTN. I appreciate The Catholic Thing on my phone every day. Thank you Mr. Royal, and all the contributors to this. [Note: You can also download the EWTN app to your phone and watch shows both live and from YouTube’s EWTN archives.] Have a happy and Blessed Anniversary!

♦ Thank you, to all at TCT. An indispensable part of my day.

♦ I faithfully read The Catholic Thing. You help to clear up and explain inconsistent and confusing statements that this pope says too often.

♦ Your input is greatly needed. I hope you keep receiving the support you need.

♦ If the “truth” be known, it is found at TCT. Thank You.

That Truth comes to you largely because of the daily exertions of three people: Senior Editor Brad Miner, Associate Editor/Business Manager Hannah Russo (who stays active despite having just delivered her fifth child), and Associate Managing Editor Emily Rolwes, also a busy mom who makes sure everything is uploaded each evening. Take a good look at their pictures. You see the writers, but without these faces nothing would faithfully appear.

So even as I thank you all again – readers, donors, and writers – I also thank these my colleagues for their long-time labors, which have brightened these past years, with more, much more, yet to come.

Fr. Gerald Murray. Robert Royal, Raymond Arroyo: the Papal Posse

Robert Royal is editor-in-chief of The Catholic Thing and president of the Faith & Reason Institute in Washington, D.C. His most recent books are Columbus and the Crisis of the West and A Deeper Vision: The Catholic Intellectual Tradition in the Twentieth Century.