Song for a Birth or a Death

Last night I saw the savage world
And heard the blood beat up the stair;
The fox’s bark, the owl’s shrewd pounce,
The crying creatures – all were there,
And men in bed with love and fear.

The slit moon only emphasized
How blood must flow and teeth must grip.
What does the calm light understand,
The light which draws the tide and ship
And drags the owl upon its prey
And human creatures lip to lip?

Last night I watched how pleasure must
Leap from disaster with its will:
The fox’s fear, the watch-dog’s lust
Know that all matings mean a kill:
And human creatures kissed in trust
Feel the blood throb to death until

The seed is struck, the pleasure’s done,
The birds are thronging in the air;
The moon gives way to widespread sun.
Yes but the pain still crouches where
The young fox and the child are trapped
And cries of love are cries of fear.